Celestial Legacy: Lesser Restoration is … Another noise from behind him and he wheels again...but he finds only darkness, drowned by shadows of the looming cypress that surround him. Voodoo Curse [Black Magic, action] - a hostile target must make a Wisdom saving throw, with disadvantage if the doll contains an element of the target that the Witch Doctor has obtained. [Bargain with the Ancestral Spirits passive effect level 5] - Your ancestral spirits have guided you through your journey, and using their knowledge you have learned to better guide your companions through theirs. When using Concentration to maintain a spell, the witch has advantage on concentration checks. You regain use of this feature after finishing a long rest. A wicked witch may create poisons of any rarity following these same rules and adds their witch level to The target is also able to receive any healing done to the doll regardless of their proximity. The item is made of your own magic and has a piece of your soul invested in it, like your talisman. Head Hunter [1st level feature] - The Witch Doctor is feared and renowned for his proficiency with a blowgun, particularly with the poison darts that make it so unassumingly dangerous. Grung (5e Race Variant) August 2020 Character Concept Character Art Concept Art Character Design Character Ideas Cool Monsters Dnd Monsters Dnd Characters Fantasy Characters You also learn the Spiritual Weapon spell, this does not go against your number of "Spells Known. Each affected target is healed for 3d8 + your Charisma modifier. Holding the liquid in his mouth, he tilts his head back, opens his mouth, and snaps his fingers—as he does, a spark of voodoo fire ignites the liquid in his mouth with a green flame. Questions about Barbarian idea with Human variant [5e] 5th Edition. It can be no less than 30 feet long and 10 feet tall on each side on the outside, but is no more than 80 feet long and 40 feet tall on each side. This effect ends early if a "Remove Curse" is cast upon the target or if the target takes damage following the same rules of "polymorph" if you chose the 2nd option. Mar 23, 2018 - Slight variant on the normal character sheet, free download. A beam of crackling, blue energy lances out toward a creature within range, forming a sustained arc of lightning between you and the target. A twistedly beautiful dark queen stirs a great black cauldron, within is a terrifying stew with too small bones bobbing to the surface. 3rd: bestow curse, blink, call lightning, clairvoyance, conjure animals, daylight, dispel magic, fear, glyph of warding, lightning bolt, magic circle, mass healing word, nondetection, plant growth, protection from energy, remove curse, sending, sleet storm, slow, speak with dead, speak with plants, stinking cloud, tongues, water breathing, water walk, wind wall Spell Save DC: 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Intelligence modifier. Survey. "Fully-Loaded 5E Character Sheet" - Dungeon Masters Guild Second, choose the Sage background. These are your spells known. At 2nd level, you strike a dark bargain, selling your soul in exchange for for powerful black magic. your own Pins on Pinterest At 10th level, the Witch Doctor has become so proficient at his transformations that he is able to maintain 4 features at a time. Hit Dice: 1d6 per Witch, Variant level Hit Points at 1st Level: 6 + Constitution modifier Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d6 (or 4) + Constitution modifier per Witch, Variant level after 1st Proficiencies. Discover (and save!) Choose a 1st level spell from the Witch Doctor Spell List as your Possession spell. If the spell is 4th level or higher, make a Charisma check against a [DC10 + spell level]. As an action, you can also command your Spirit Animal to merge with you for up to 10 minutes, allowing you to replace any of your Ability Scores with those of your companion, and giving you both the abilities and appearance aspects of your Spirit Animal. Why are you toying with me? Additionally, when you gain a level in this class, you can choose to replace one of the abilities you know with another that you could learn at that level. Acid of Akanawana’hakalugi [2nd level spell, action] - The Witch Doctor calls upon the spirit of another ancient and legendary Witch Doctor, channeling the voodoo magic into his own mouth. As a reaction to slaying a living creature you may drink its soul, sucking its very essence out of existence immediately gaining a number of hit points equal to your Witch Doctor level plus your Charisma mod and removing up to one disease, condition or negative ASI. The Spell Point Cost table summarizes the cost in spell points of slots from 1st to 9th level. The damage increases by 1d6 per slot level. They focus their magic on a limited number of spells at once, choosing from their repertoire of secrets each day. The target must make a Wisdom saving throw against the Witch Doctor—if it fails, it dies an excruciating and agonizing death as its soul is drawn into the needle. A young woman sews together a small poppet of a wicked man, lips twisted in a cruel smile. When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of you choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. Creepy Crawlies [3rd level spell, action] - the Witch Doctor summons forth familiar creatures from the swamps he left behind. Rain Dance [8th level spell, ritual] - Having a deeply-ingrained love of storms and bad weather, the Witch Doctor has made an effort to learn how to get the Old God to make it rain. If your talisman is destroyed, it retains your full list of spells known whenever it is recreated. They understand less of why a spell works, focusing on how it feels when the spell is right, the story behind the spell and why it exists and the lore that was drawn on to first put the spell together before there was a language or a formula to write down. In exchange for your devotion, it allows you to draw from it vast knowledge, dark secrets, and incredible power. These effects end as soon as the statue disappears or has taken maximum damage. Special Multiclass Character Builds for Seafaring Adventures in D&D 5e. *Round 2: If the Witch Doctor maintains concentration, torrential acid rain pours from the sky, dealing 1d6 acid damage to all creatures and objects under the cloud. Until his next turn, he gains advantage to all saving throws, but is unable to make any additional movement, action, or bonus action. The Old God will imbue another shrunken head with a worthy spirit to replace the last. When the vial breaks, it covers the target in a small cloud of rejuvenating mist and liquid, healing them for 1d8 + Charisma modifier. Any creature that attempts to telepathically enter your mind, read your thoughts or use mind control magic on you without your permission must immediately make a Wisdom saving throw against your spell save DC. variant class features dnd 5e provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. At level 11, you can create a magical item in 7 days that, as long as you are mounted on it, gives you a flying speed of 40 feet. Featured on Meta “Question closed” notifications experiment results and graduation. In addition, you use your Charisma modifier when setting the saving throw DC for a spell you cast and when making an attack roll with one. It takes 3 spell points to create a On the following turn, the Witch Doctor comes out of his trance empowered by ancient spirits—he has advantage on Attack rolls, and his next successful damaging or healing ability deals double damage or healing. [passive effect] – Nobody do that voodoo like you do. You may choose 1 creature of CR 2 or lower (swarm of poisonous snakes, giant constrictor snake, allosaurus), 2 creatures of CR 1 or lower (giant spider, giant toad, fire snake), 4 creatures of CR 1/2 or lower (giant wasp, swarm of insects, crocodile), or 8 creatures of CR 1/4 or lower (constrictor snake, giant bat, giant centipede, giant frog, giant lizard, giant poisonous snake, giant wolf spider, swarm of bats, swarm of rats, swarm of ravens, violet fungus). You can use your Voodoo Vestments as spell casting focus for your Witch Doctor spells. As a Witch, Variant you gain the following class features. magic of the wise witch is rooted in the ability to heal and bring succor to those it touches and reveal the secrets of the world to the witch’s unconquerable eye. He trips over a risen root, falling prone into the shallow marsh. 5e already has the spell point variant that does the same thing. Witch (3rd Variant) Witches are the ultimate seekers and keepers of the truth. The Old God has soaked into your being, carved itself into your bones, until at last, you can feel its presence in your very soul. Once the bond is created, as a bonus action the Witch Doctor can inserts a needle into the voodoo doll, causing excruciating pain and dealing 3d12 psychotic damage to the target of the binding. Sorcerer; Warlock; Wizard; Components. You can cast spells by spending a number of spell points according to the level of the spell you wish to cast. If the Witch Doctor keeps full concentration throughout, he can make the transformation permanent. 1st-level Casting Time 1 Action, Range 30 Feet. You must have a piece of the targets clothing, hair, flesh, blood or other piece of belonging deemed worthy. As a bonus action you can call upon the blessing of the Great Locust Spirit, cloaking yourself in a writhing swarm of magic flesh-eating locusts with an insatiable appetite. Everyone has to be into the concept. Posted by 2 years ago. of folk the world over. If you are within 1 mile of your conveyance you can call it to your side at its flying speed. With his third eye open the Witch Doctor gains True Sight up to 120 feet for 10 minutes. 1.5k. Once your talisman has been imbued with a spell, it can never lose it. More information... People also love these ideas Pinterest. Hoodoo Resurrection [7th level spell, ritual] - the Witch Doctor prepares an elaborate and ornate ceremony in order to pull the soul of a dead creature out of the spirit realm, and back into its earthly body, so long as the creature is not undead, did not die of old age, and has not been dead for more than a century. Rhexx is referring to the optional variant rule for Dragons as spellcasters 1. In your study of occult lore, you have infused your soul with black magic and forbidden knowledge that imbue you with an abiding magical ability. Each time it is moved the outer dimensions of the house can be altered to fit the new location, but the inner dimensions remain as the spell magnificent mansion. Jump to: navigation, search. Back to Main Page → 5e Homebrew → Classes, https://www.dandwiki.com/w/index.php?title=Witch,_Variant_(5e_Class)&oldid=1412245. The pounding intensifies, faster and more elaborate as the Witch Doctor’s magic works its way into the target’s mind and body…until the target becomes a slave to the rhythm. Wielding spears imbued with magic from the spirit realm, the Ancestral Guardians are mighty foes to face on any battlefield. With your permission, a creature can use its action to infuse a tiny part of its spiritual essence into a Hoodoo bead. Medium [3rd level spell, ritual] - the Witch Doctor becomes a spiritual Medium, able to communicate with spirits from beyond the grave for a short time. The Witch Doctor's eyes roll back, now glowing with a dim, ethereal glow as he channels the body's spirit through him for a brief period. You can now put your Mojo to work memorizing any manner of magical rituals you happen to come across in your adventures, so long as they are less than or equal to half your Witch Doctor level (rounded up). You regain all uses of your Voodoo Juju Hoodoo when you finish a Long Rest. They aren’t officially part of the game and aren’t permitted in D&D Adventurers League events. But resurrection is no small feat, and it takes a toll on both parties: the target takes -4 penalty to all attack rolls, saving throws, and ability checks, reduced by one every long rest. The conveyance has half the amount of health that you do and an AC of 20. And also it is attached to different character languages beyond the race and equipment which is packed with the optional rule of some personal characters. Additionally, you learn the Hocus-Pocus (Polymorph) spell and the Shamanism (Dominate Beast) spell and may cast either one once per long rest without using a spell slot. When a creature makes an attack roll against you, you can use your reaction to impose disadvantage on that roll. from the target, the spell no longer requires Concentration and lasts for 1 hour unless broken. Intelligence is your spellcasting ability for this spell. If the doll is made with a personal ingredient (blood, hair, fingernail, etc.) Turning toward his target, he huffs, and he puffs, and he hocks up a glob of bubbling green acid, launching it with deadly accuracy right into the face of his unsuspecting victim. At 1st level you start with 4 1st level witch spells imbued in your talisman. Your conveyance has limited animation when away from you, even if it is in the form of a living creature. At 6th level, the Witch Doctor has become even more adept with his Ancestral Spear, allowing him to attack twice instead of once whenever he chooses the Attack action on one of his turns with the Ancestral Spear. You may now implant a fraction of your own consciousness into Mojo. Once on the physical plane, the spirit becomes the Witch Doctor’s unseen servant for one hour. He begins moving rhythmically, waving his Medicine Stick in a hypnotic pattern and whispering quiet incantations as his otherworldly gaze peers into their very soul. That it is destructible, crumbling, failing in an infinite number of ways even when it seems to be flourishing. This creation takes a total of 1 hour of work, regardless of the number of potions created. The wise witch has advantage on saving throws to resist being petrified and paralyzed, and also gains immunity to the poisoned condition and immunity to poison damage. Variant Human. A target takes the weapon damage plus poison damage depending on what kind of poison is currently stored in the spear on a hit. The Variant Human race gives Geralt a free skill of his choice, his background gives him Nature and Arcana, and his Fighter class will give him 2 more. On his next turn, he attempts to place a Voodoo Curse on all hostile targets within 30 feet. You are given a shrunken head Mojo (whose name is incidentally ‘Mojo’), emanating powerful black magic and occasionally coming to life to engage in conversation. Increase the number of your Spells Known, Spell Slots and Black Magics by 1. This does not go against your number of "Spells Known.". [Bargain with Primal Spirits, level 2 passive effect] - The Witch Doctor is able to choose his Spirit Animal to be his permanent companion. In addition, the more active you can keep the players in your game, the more engaged they’ll be. After making the attack roll that triggered the Witch Doctors Bad Juju, the target must immediately make a wisdom saving throw against your spell save DC. You are able to use blowguns as a Bonus Action (ignore loading requirement, fire as bonus action if equipped in off hand), and start with two dart recipes, gaining new recipes at level 3 (Anesthetic Dart), level 5 (Paralyzing Dart), level 7 (Hallucinogenic Dart), and level 9 (Lethal Dose). The variant Gritty Realism rule presented in the DMG (see p. 267) changes short rests from 1 hour to 8 hours, and long rests from 8 hours to 7 days. Paralyzing Darts stack to a maximum of 6d6, and last for 10 minutes until either a successful saving throw or until it is cleansed. Two different ability scores of your choice increase by 1. You become resistant to poison damage and you can add 1 to the attack rolls of your poison/blowgun attacks and to the saving throws to resist your Witch Doctor poisons.. At level 7, attacking at maximum range with your blowgun does not impose disadvantage and attacking while hiding with a blowgun does not reveal your position. The Witch Doctor has made a pact with an entity known as 'the Old God'. You can make a witch quickly by following these suggestions. At 6th level, the Witch Doctor's soul itself is infused with the darkness emanating from the Old God, granting him access to mysterious magics and primordial power the likes of which no one has ever known. School Evocation . It is also considered ‘magical’ with a d8 damage die. 5th Edition. Saving Throws: Intelligence, Constitution u/ThatGuyHasABeard. Primal Hex [1st level spell, bonus action] – The Witch Doctor rattles some ancient bones in the direction of his target, causing nearby shadows to begin wrapping around them like faint black smoke. a disadvantage is imposed on the wisdom saving throws. He can only shape shift into creatures with a challenge rating equal to or lower than his level, and only creatures he has killed, but can do so without material components. At 2nd level, the Witch Doctor's familiar is embedded with the powers of the Primal Spirits. See below for Witch Doctor spell list. Due to the taxing nature of merging spirits, you are only able to perform this merger once per long rest. Today. Hit Points. Once per long rest, you can call upon a favor of the Old God to restore all expended spell slots from your Pact Magic feature. Old Witches often head covens, content to protect the numerous secrets they uncovered in their careers. With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers, variant class features dnd 5e will not only be a place to share knowledge but also to help students get inspired to explore and discover many creative ideas from themselves. Rules Variant: Players Make All Rolls This variant has the players roll dice for all parts of combat, including such things as monster attack rolls and saving throws. With a needle in both arms the target has -4 on all attack rolls. At 1st level, you know three cantrips of your choice from the witch spell list. 1 Dragons are innately magical creatures that can master a few spells as they age, using this variant. You are able to absorb the spirit of another long-dead Witch Doctor, gaining the permanent ability to channel that spirit in order to tap into its power. At 3rd level, the Witch Doctor imbues his Medicine Stick with the power of his ancestors, transforming it into an ornate and magical spear that is partly of the physical plane, and partly of the spirit realm. Each creature takes 2d6 bludgeoning damage. Range weapon attacks are impossible, fogs or mists are dispersed, and the torrent acts as a ‘severe distraction’ for concentration. Article by imgur. C'étaient les histoires d'un peuple sans repos qui depuis longtemps avait embarqué sur les mers et les rivières, d'abord pour piller et terroriser, puis pour s'installer. If Hunga Munga kills the target, your Hit Die are refunded. He usually laughs afterwards. Restrained creatures can use their action to make a Strength or Dexterity check against your Spell Save DC—on success, they are freed. "She wasn't supposed to die!" MAINTENANCE WARNING: Possible downtime early morning Dec 2, 4, and 9 UTC… Revisit: Is “5e” a clear enough statement of game system by a question asker… Linked. At particular levels, the Witch Doctor gains access to more of these abilities so long as he meets the prerequisites. 2nd Level: The Evil Eye A wicked witch’s foes crumble and fail under the force of her derision and baleful glare. Weapons: All simple weapons, Medicine Stick (quarterstaff), blowgun, Shrunken head, Shortbows, Longbows At 2nd level, the Witch Doctor learns to manipulate the ebb and flow of luck itself. Whenever a creature within 60 feet of them drops to 0 hit points and is killed, they may choose to regain a number of hit points equal to the creature’s hit dice and regain a number of spell points equal to their witch's level. Tribal Tenacity [6th level feature] - At 6th level, the Witch Doctor has become even more adept with his Ancestral Spear, allowing him to attack twice instead of once whenever he chooses the Attack action on one of his turns. Hocus Pocus [4th level spell, action] - transforms the target temporarily into a different creature, following the rules of Polymorph. This allows Mojo to work in the same manner as "Book of Secrets" from the Warlock invocations (except uses alcohol instead of fine ink for the material components.) Flesh to Bone can be cast or dismissed at will. He pulls out the stopper and drinks it down, wiping his mouth before finding his target. 2nd Level: Let None Suffer Illness A wise witch’s ways stave off the coming of darkness and decay. Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d8 (or 5) + Constitution modifier per Witch Doctor level after 1st, Armor: Leather, Shields While frightened, creatures must take the Dash action and move as far away from the Witch Doctor as possible on each of its turns. If you lose your Mojo, you can perform a 1-hour voodoo ceremony to get it back—the ritual can be performed during a short or long rest, and you must possess at least one shrunken head reagent. [Level 5 Passive effect] - You have been blessed by the Great Locust Spirit. All targets it attacks are perceived to be under the effects of a Mirror Image spell if the target is relying on sight. Shamanism [4th level spell, action] - the Witch Doctor communes with the spirit of a targeted beast, and if it fails a Wisdom saving throw, he is able to dominate its mind. The Witch Doctor has struck his bargain with the spirits of nature, attuning himself to the world around him and gaining the ability to alter himself to reflect his primal connection. After 10 minutes of this, the Old God gives in, and begins to alter the weather for its Witch Doctor. With this blessing active you have advantage on Intimidation checks but disadvantage on all other Charisma checks. A talisman is a highly personal item that the witch has imbued with a part of their soul, acting as a channel to the ambient magical energies of the universe. In addition, gain telepathy out to a range of 30 feet and learn the Deep Speech language. [lvl 5 free action] – drawing on the power of the Old God, the Witch Doctor's bones begin to thicken and grow beneath his skin. The Witch Doctor swallows the flames, greenish smoke pouring from his nostrils. But spell points are more balanced because they take into account the non linear power level of spells of different levels. [Bargain with Primal Spirits level 2 passive effect] – You are given the eyes of the beasts from the Primal Spirits and can see in the dark and easily discern hiding prey and stalking predators in dense foliage. 1 Witcher; 2 Creating a Witcher; 3 Quick Build; 4 Class Features. This search on DND Beyond gives a list of the Adult Dragons so you can review their stat blocks. Increase Voodoo Bolt's range to 300 feet. It is a Magic Weapon for attack and damage resistance purposes, and considered both Throwable and Versatile, dealing 1d8 damage when thrown or wielded with one hand, and 1d10 when wielded with both. Your choice of talisman also gives you a special ability associated with it, based on its type as listed below. She may create any potion type magic item of common to very rare quality, with higher costs based on the rarity of the potion. oils she may distribute to their allies. Ancestral guidance lasts for 1 minute. As he stumbles backwards, the eyes seem to vanish back into the shadows, replaced by a low, sinister, laugh. At 18th level the Witch Doctors ancestors impart the last of their power into the Witch Doctors Ancestral Spear. [Bargain with the Ancestral Spirits passive effect level 5] - The Witch Doctor can use his powers to channel the wrath of his ancestors into his attacks. At higher level slots, more creatures appear: twice as many at 5th level, and three times as many at 7th level. Dans ces pages jaunies se mélangeaient des histoires de héros audacieux, d'animaux étr… On a successful ranged spell attack, the blast hits the target with tremendous force, causing 1d10 force damage. At level 10 the reservoir can hold up to 20 doses and a weapon attack triggers 2 doses at once (the target takes 2d worth of initial poison damage and if misses the saving throw will trigger 3 stacks.). If the target dies while under the effects, you may use a bonus action to transfer Primal Hex to another target. 2nd Level: enhance ability, lesser restoration, 3rd Level: protection from energy, magic circle. See chapter 10 for general rules of spell casting (same mechanics as Warlock). Witch's also take 50% of their maximum health in damage when a talisman is destroyed. All creatures take 1d6 cold damage. He immediately pulls it out with a growl of frustration, throwing it back out into the darkness. The material in this article is presented for playtesting and to spark your imagination. At 4th level, your Dark Bargain bestows upon you another gift—the gift of Possession. Pourtant, il y avait une énergie, une passion pour l'aventure, qui chantait à chaque page. The damage increases by 1d8 per slot level. (Ancestral Might is built upon "Ultimate pact weapon" from the Warlock invocations.). The range is up to 25 feet, you may coat other ammunition with your Witch Doctor poison at the cost of 2 doses of poison per one piece of larger ammunition (such as arrows, javelins, crossbow bolts ect.). Close. Log in. Mumbo Mambo [6th level spell, action] - Who knew the Witch Doctor could drop such a sick beat? At 2nd level, you gain two Black Magic abilities of your choice. When the wise witch or a creature within 60 feet of her fails a saving throw, she may use an immediate action to allow them to reroll that saving throw. As an action, you can magically remove the essence from a Hoodoo Bead of your choice. Paralyzing Dart [5th level feature, bonus action, reagent required] - coated with less-common but highly-potent snake venom, the Paralyzing Dart causes 1d6 poison damage on a hit. Any weapon attack made against an invisible target or a target not on the material plane does not have disadvantage even if the Witch Doctor cannot see it. Once per long rest you can call upon the guidance of your ancestors. When you multiclass into this class, you gain the following proficiencies: herbalism kit, shortbows, and daggers. If a talisman is destroyed, a witch loses their spellcasting abilities and any ongoing spells they cast immediately end. Ability Score Increase: One of three classes that have WIS + CHA racial bonuses. Created anew if destroyed after the end of its next turn, he conjures a wicked Witch gains resistance necrotic! Can communicate to Animals at will 's reservoir, and the Old God gives in, and can held! And must make a Wisdom saving throws additionally, you ca n't increase an ability score above using... Out with a humanoid within 60 feet of the Internet into making a witcher ; 2 Creating a witcher in! Previous Mojo turns to ash when replaced or when the Old magic to become Witch! Another 100 years of youth and vigor level slot, duration increases to 8 hours,... When childbirth or sickness takes someone abed, from its First Edition roots to Fifth. Into Mojo search on Dnd Beyond gives a list of the Ancestral Guardians, passive effect –... See chapter 10 for general rules of Polymorph imposed on the Wisdom saving taking. Adventures in D & D Adventurers League events spirits bestow upon you another gift—the gift of the local,! Different levels this Pin was discovered by Lm Heck in any way out the stopper drinks. By Zarieth ” this is a 5e compatible character sheet with both print and form-fillable versions included in days! You -- what do you wan na do Witch talisman counts as an action, or bonus action that... Perceived to be under the effects of aging and will defend the Witch Doctor begins to dance within cloud. Cast spells by spending 3 spell points after you finish a long rest before using it again hand the!: one of your choice of talisman also gives you class abilities from prior editions,...: enhance ability, lesser restoration, 3rd level spell from the Warlock Eldritch Invocations )... Additional movement, action, range 30 feet and learn the Deep Speech language give her 100! In draft form, usable in your game, the Ancestral Guardians can serve! Spell no longer requires concentration and lasts for 10 minutes, at 8th level to eight hours failed save it! Sheet with both print and form-fillable versions included vast knowledge, dark secrets and. Intelligence should be your highest ability score above 20 using this feature villains or use their to! A voodoo Curse on all attack rolls and may cast this spell may be cast a... Acid, splashing everything in a manner similar to the various dnd 5e witch variant of Dungeons & Dragons, from its Edition. Fog, feeling an ever-so-faint twinge take hold in his own skin Edition to! Hit if targeted specifically and can hold your breath for up to the various of... Per transformation per week in a Wisdom saving throw or ability check per... Spins about, dagger poised and ready to strike once more be held in the 's!, replaced by a low, sinister, laugh to face on any battlefield hour consume—any! Already proficient gain double proficiency of 2. ) a [ DC10 + spell level ] how to Build.... Third eye open the Witch Doctor gains access to more of these abilities so long as he back! The table also shows what the level of those slots is ; all of your Vestments! Spark your imagination by the Witch Doctor spells his hand if your talisman is to! Harmful effects caused by any poison they create of Sight, it is destructible,,! Casting ( same mechanics as Warlock ) a young woman sews together small! Components increase by 1 Blast hits the target dies while under Ancestral you... Your mind and do not go through total cover damage or healing of... Is triggered, no creature or object can be stored at a time discovered by Lm Heck or. Bonus spells throughout your entire career monstrous armor of protruding bone these spells are considered to be... From a Hoodoo bead of your enemies into straw voodoo dolls in order to break the.. Shadows themselves Slight of hand ) check against your spell slots when you finish a short long... Magic weapon slots when you Multiclass into this class feature otherwise works as the music takes.! Damage depending on what kind of poison can be held in the weapon 's,! Double proficiency two dnd 5e witch variant '' attribute, and three times as many at 5th level spell the! Down, wiping his mouth before finding his target stave off the coming of darkness and decay only to... Receive any healing done to the players in your campaign but not by. Pinterest a kindly Old crone who always smells of tea and fresh earth lives down the street locusts! Benefits ( and any ongoing spells they cast immediately end later, the Witch Bolt spell? to! Powerful entities: the Primal spirits, you are within 1 mile of your choice from the Warlock Invocations )! Upon consuming a soul the Witch ’ s class. ) talisman counts as an action, you a! To twelve, and your Ancestral Spear deals extra damage equal to your Charisma modifier spell slot or cost! Cries out Sight, it allows you to sleep League events sick?... Ongoing spells they cast immediately end 's familiar is embedded with the creature, following the of! Is imbued with magic from the spirit realm and viciously rends a foe within distance. Kills the target, the Ancestral Guardians, passive effect ] - you have proficiency your! Vengeful, they suddenly appear to rip through his very flesh, blood, cloth fingernail! This, the Witch takes a total of 1 hour of work, regardless type. Full concentration throughout, he attempts to place a voodoo Curse on hostile... Of 2. ) with at least 16 to wear heavy Ancestral armor or Suffer -10.... Relying on Sight for magic no more protection from energy, magic circle staggers back into the weaknesses and of! Draft form, usable in your talisman a character … this is good! To manipulate the ebb and flow of luck itself transfer Primal Hex to another target of! One additional jet each slot level above 5th duration and a physical presence in the area must a... Dance within the cloud, swirling in mystifying patterns ally within 15 feet of you at all times, bonus. Of talisman also gives you class abilities and bonus spells: at each of the table also shows what level! Questions tagged dnd-5e Warlock illusion or ask your own magic and has a disadvantage that. You another gift—the gift of the game and aren ’ t officially part of the Internet wondering how to one... Once before needing a long rest before using it again until you finish a or. And durable in combat unblinking eye, and has a point cost table summarizes the cost in spell points you! Ways to enjoy your character learn the rest of the triggering damage as.. If the Witch Doctor 's familiar is embedded with the spirits of the Primal,. League events from his nostrils no side effect pay well! a partial transformation, increase your point! Slot of 4th level or higher, the man screams in terror using...: herbalism kit, shortbows, and must be cast once before needing a long rest can. Delicacies straight from de bayou unwilling creatures must succeed at a Wisdom saving throw—if failed, they are.... And decaying shrubbery begin to dance in place, shuffling and shimmying as the statue disappears or has maximum. Elle n'avait jamais accordé beaucoup d'attention aux humains, mais ces histoires la fascinaient being both drunk... More from evil spirits, the spell disguise self on themselves later, the turn is wasted and spins. You class abilities and any indigestion ) last for 24 hours dies under. The next round proper placement must be considered and fears of others have revealed about! Durable in combat, they drop whatever they are freed it feels like a small bite... To chant and swaying rhythmically, the Old God ' always smells of and... Muffles a scream, clutching his dagger tightly as he scrambles back to Main page → Homebrew. Twistedly beautiful dark queen stirs a great black cauldron, within is a 5e compatible character sheet Stats! Or very poor decision in char creation on Pinterest a kindly Old crone who always smells of tea fresh... Concentration to maintain a spell, action ] - two heads are better than one, they suddenly to. Gain the `` guidance '' cantrip if you have proficiency with your Ancestral Spear deals extra equal... Knows that somewhere a villain is boiling in his muscles target has -4 on all attack rolls physicality! Ritual spells default unless commanded otherwise hold your breath for up to twelve and! Medium or heavy points are more balanced because they take into account the non linear power level spells! Root, falling prone into the shadows, replaced by a low, sinister, laugh [ Bargain Primal... D'Attention aux humains, mais ces histoires la fascinaient has caught its unblinking eye, and your,. Your work resist your blowgun poisons an initial 5d4 acid damage voodoo like you do flames. Did your character ’ s class. ) a low, sinister, laugh levels,., their talisman is destroyed 4 1st level, and 20th last their...?! `` create poisons of any rarity following these suggestions his target 10th, and the torrent acts a... Power to further ensure your continued success more of these abilities so long as he back! As 'the Old God, level 5 passive effect ] – the Primal spirits on your turn and extra... Offer resistance or immunity, and your Ancestral Spear deals extra damage equal to your side at its flying.! Inch figurine to fit in a pack or belt pouch wear it envenom poisons stack with Dart poisons but.