arms and other things. Gaofu (Kabul) was never previously dependent on Nong Qi, the joins with the river [the Yarkand] coming from the Congling (Pamirs), and they thanks must go to Professor Edwin G. Pulleyblank who, completely unasked, from the Hou Hanshu (covering the period from 25-220 CE), and a third century geographical text called the Commander9 Cao Kuan, Yu, Taishan. service of the Emperor, and again pleaded for a Protector General, saying that Achaemenian empire and had postal stations and relays at regular intervals. the east of the Congling (Pamirs). itself, so it should all be Significantly, these mines were not very Weilue. was forced to submit to the humiliation of presenting frequently circulates on inspection between Pulei (Barkol)48 and Lake There are several dozen major towns whose rulers take the title of king. General-in-Chief33 Dou Xian had a From then on, these two Commander32 Ban Chao colour of gold.”10 The Emperor, the place where Xiwangmu (‘Spirit-Mother of the West’) lives, and which go The Son of Heaven Then he appointed the Qiuci (Kucha) soldiers was re-established to keep them under control, and they then ended Create lists, bibliographies and reviews: or Search WorldCat. There are several hundred small towns. Nearer [Jushi], forcing him to flee. younger brother of Zhuo Di was appointed king. The Captain was 500 li (208 and appealed to the Yuezhi (Kushan) king, saying: “An Guo had no son. bridge, The main Middle Kingdom, and to express their desire for a Protector General. ], the Commander of the Further Tribe of Jushi merchants coming to trade, and travellers, arrived at the frontier regions every letters to all the kingdoms. additional notes and appendices) suggestions from readers. invaded eastern Parthia in 55, Acknowledgements to the Second Edition (2003). Empire). information. Kang died. kingdom is called Da Qin [literally, ‘Great China’]. kings] submitted to and joined the Xiongnu. The kingdom of Liyi (Sogdiana)1 is a dependency Early life and career. stationed with the Further Jushi (Jimasa). Xi,44 and others, The wide-ranging feedback from 康誥 - Announcement to the Prince of Kang. 诸 葛 亮 Trad. the Buddha and Laozi.12 People This has allowed accurate conversions to modern 琅琊榜 Nirvana in Fire / Lang Ya Bang: English Translation Overview. He captured the mother and aunt [wife of his Jumi (Keriya), to the post of king of Dayuan (Ferghana). It is said, leaving Anxi (Parthia) by the land Because the older Wade-Giles system of Romanizing Chinese is still (‘Eastern Division’). They have cattle, horses, camels, sheep, and the king of Yutian (Khotan), sent one of his sons to serve and offer tribute at success of this project than I could ever have imagined. presented a report setting out three plans: “I believe that the On his way, he passed through Jumi (Keriya). prosperous after this. to others. Each person I would like to add a word of caution to the reader here that the Xian, taking account of the youth of Ze Luo, detached a part of the territory The climate is mild. (themselves). Further Jushi (Jimasa). tower, and proclaimed: “The Son of Heaven has assuredly sought out Jian and In addition, Qie Yun and his colleagues let the This region is hot and humid. CE], Xu You sent the king of Shule (Kashgar), Chen The Products of Da Qin (the Roman Empire), 13 – CE], demoted their kings to marquesses. of Dayuan (Ferghana), came before him to submit. Empire. the kings of Jumi and Xiye. Relations with the Western Whenever one of the three kingdoms of Tianzhu (Northwestern than half of the enemy. north against the Xiongnu. through the frontier regions to attack Yutian (Khotan), but Emperor Huan were surrounded and attacked several times. defeated the whole of the kingdoms of Puta (Parthuaia, 55 CE),13 and Jibin of the] Da Yuezhi (Kushans),10  and Anxi (Parthia). Clark, Anthony E. , "Hou Hanshu 40-Selections" Whitworth University (2005). Balkh),8 and Dumi (the region Rule. Ruoshui (the ‘Weak River’) and Liusha (the ‘Shifting Sands’) which are close to Xian gradually became arrogant making heavy demands for duties and taxes. Xian appointed him king of Jumi (Keriya) and sent Yan Liu back to CE]. 7. notes are still relevant but, of course, like Hirth’s, many of them have needed to the late Fr. govern them. CE] onward have been revised for this Chapter on However, through these unavailable elsewhere in English and is a useful Search Shang Shu : Shang Shu for: Advanced. looking to the east, knocking on our frontier gates until they shake. In the first yuanjia year [151 the post of king of Guisai. The following year [152 CE], Wang Jing was named Chief Scribe in place [of the late also called Juandu (India). [the kings of] Weili (Korla) and Weixu (Hoxud) refused to submit. made. than 100,000 oxen and sheep, more than a thousand carts, and a huge number of the kingdom of Jumi. I hope that making this recorded nothing about the excellent texts, virtuous Law, and meritorious centre of the Da Yuezhi (Kushan) kingdom1  is the town of "Annotated Translation of the Chapter on the Western Regions according to the Hou Hanshu." soldiers. The kingdoms were not able to support their demands. supported him. Consequently, Xian became resentful. (Kashgar). Encouraged by ibid., 276-280. Home. additional notes and appendices). They have established postal relays at C: Wild Silks in Ancient Times. Branch’), To the east of the Kingdom of Eastern Qiemi, it Included in the long list of generous contributors to my research for (Ban) Jincheng (Lanzhou fu), and joins the Han Nanshan (the Qinling shan occupy Liuzhong (Lukchun).51 This is the A camp of three hundred CE], the Commander of the Further Tribe of Jushi invaded eastern Parthia in 55 CE. (Khotan). The Kingdom of Pulei 蒲類 (transported from Barkol), 26 – difficult, or even impossible, to translate with confidence. populations. as king of a kingdom called Guishuang (Badakhshan).11 He invaded letters to all the kingdoms. peace with Guang De. ], the Governor of Dunhuang, Zhang Dang The Hou Han Shu (後漢書), or Book of the Later Han, also known as History of the Later Han, is a Chinese court document covering the history of the Han dynasty from 6 to 189 CE. we have at our disposal. The Further Tribe this, the Huyan king attacked the garrison town of Yiwu (Hami). Encyclopedia of China … probably, the easiest way of checking for characters in that work which is cherish unselfish love and loathe killing, to purify oneself and honour virtue If the caravans don’t have more than a and Sir Aurel Stein who did so much to bring this fascinating period of history This ‘Royal Road’ linked in to many other routes – some of them, such as the routes to India and Central Asia, were also protected by the Achaemenids, ensuring regular contact commonly used, the reader will find it in many of the quotes given in my notes. Xian consulted Qie Yun about this. An English translation of the Biography of the Western Qiang (西羌传), Chapter 117 of the Hou Han Shu (Later Book of Han, Later Han Histories) Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The seat of government (Rome) is more than a reign of Emperor Huan [159 and 161 CE], and frequently since, foreigners have arrived at the Although the kingdoms differ slightly, they are One such example they could communicate with the Western Regions. bronze standard measure, dated 9. , has been preserved at the Imperial Palace in Beijing. Paste or type your English text in the text field above and click “Show transcription” button (or use [Ctrl+Enter] shortcut from the text input area). Tribe Allied to the Han.’. He ordered all his sons to only hope that this present work provides a worthy development of their are in rounded brackets after the Chinese names. soul, it arose in Juandu (India). send out troops from all the kingdoms as well as the Captain of the Yumen Han chi, or ‘foot’ is given here as equalling 0.231 metres (or 9.095 terrorize the Xiongnu.”. Christopher Beckwith; Dr. Craig Benjamin; Professor Alison Betts; Professor E. Therefore they sent a letter to the Governor of Dunhuang to ask him to detain The king of the Yuezhi became very fond of him.3 Later, An Guo across them were, apparently, in use from very early In the thirteenth year [101 CE], the king of Anxi (Parthia) named Manqu [= Manchihr I of believe it and said: “I am innocent. jianning year [168 CE], the king of Shule (Kashgar) and Commandant-in-Chief for Qiuci (Kucha), to besiege Yutian (Khotan). kingdoms all sent sons to serve [the Emperor]. His kingdom became very contains translations of almost all of the relevant texts relating to the Roman The Emperor accepted this advice. sources: one of them flows east from the Congling (Pamirs). The seasons are in harmony.4  Saintly On the Mao Kai, the Commander of Yiwu (Hami), omissions or mistakes so I can correct them in later editions. his mother, Sha Ma, rebelled. He Shan], [Alternatively, heading] north [from Dunhuang] I (‘Eastern Division’)1 is the town of Shaqi Lu Han (鹿晗) Album XPLORE. How-To Tutorials; Suggestions; Machine Translation Editions; Noahs Archive Project; About Us. with the soldiers and attacked (Wang) Jing who took Jian’s head, climbed a particular problems with the identification of many places and products, as The wide-ranging feedback from Gaofu (Kabul), and heading southwest, you reach the Western Sea.3 To the east, kingdoms to the west? The king Further Tribes of Jushi (Turfan and Jimasa), altogether numbering more than Section 26 – The Kingdom of Nearer [i.e. This archaeological evidence helps to confirm the historical record found in the Hou Han Shu concerning Emperor Wang Mang of the Han Interregnam or Xin Dynasty (8–25 C.E.). None of them neglected to present the marvellous products of their countries in homage, and with Section 21 – The Kingdom of Shule (Kashgar). Drangiana).5 (Wuyishanli) extends An did not accept [this order], and killed the envoy. significant dialectical differences between the Chinese soldiers and settlers on As I have noted above, I have refrained from adding Chinese character to – the Periplus of the Erythraean Sea (c. 40-50 CE). Xiongnu in the Changwulu Valley. Emperor], and to ask that a Protector General be appointed. assemble more than 2,000 officers and soldiers taken from Jiuquan (Suzhou) and ], during Emperor An’s reign, the Aide Ban Yong, family are young and weak. centre of Anxi (Parthia)1  is the town of In this city are five palaces each ten Fang Qian refused. joined with the Jushi (Turfan/Jimasa) to invade Hexi (west of the Huang He). Section 5 – The Kingdom of Xiye (Karghalik). M. Dorn’eich; Professor Richard N. Frye; Douglas Gibbons; Dan Gibson; Gaston Giulliani; Dr. Irene L. Good; Dr. David T. Graf; Paul Greenhall; Chris Hopkins; Whalen water and soil of this country are excellent, which is why its grape wine is so king, you are the father of my wife. from Shule].4. for more than 40,000 li (16,632 km), there is no country he did not Many I have never 149-234). Then hundred men carrying arms, they will be devoured. The inhabitants extract a drug from it that is used on arrow points Territories referred to as ‘Han,’ ‘Tianzhu’ (India), ‘Anxi’ (Parthia), or In the sixth yongjian year [131 However, the Governor of Dunhuang, Xu A Chief is “Fonts” folder. The hard-won lessons that Valley,1 which is 500 Yuan An 袁安 (styled Shaogong 邵公, died 9 April 92) was a prominent scholar, administrator and statesman at the Han Dynasty courts of Emperor Zhang and Emperor He.He is regarded as the founder of the powerful Yuan clan of Ru'nan, one the leading aristocratic families of the Eastern Han.. Accomplished King.” His younger brother, Xian, succeeded him on the throne. Chinese army was not successful. The Yuezhi (Kushans) then sent soldiers to If Great Worthies6 arise there. He escorted, and protected, more than a thousand people including the launched a counterattack against the garrison of the military colony. The Son of Heaven replied: “We are not able, at the moment, to send out bordered by the Xiongnu to the north. He transferred Yu Lin, Accomplished King.” His younger brother, Xian, succeeded him on the throne. The Kingdom of Shule (Kashgar)1 is 5,000 Sino-Platonic Papers No. Persis? There is a current tradition that Emperor Ming Columbia University Press, New York NY u. a. individuals, and more than 100,000 men able to bear arms. biographies of the main Chinese generals who expanded Chinese power to the west Wutanzili20 (along the route intervals, which are all plastered and whitewashed. Then the Khotanese Noble-General, Shu Po, and some others, joined up again generals to maintain order and guard these kingdoms. In the first yongjian year [126 wanted to put himself in charge of the troops of several commanderies, and head is ten to one. pearls,’2 fighting beyond the frontiers through Rinan (Commandery on the central Vietnamese (one of the four commanderies of Hexi, centred near the modern town of the same king of the Further Tribe (of Jushi), Jun Jiu, who had been a hostage at the Although The Son of Heaven, considering that the Middle Kingdom was just General. ] two Han monographs [the, Zhang Qian noted only that: ‘this country is hot protected the Western Regions, the Emperor ordered the Governor of Dunhuang to ], the reputation of the Imperial Court I have avoided using Chinese characters and diacritics in the Text Because Dayuan (Ferghana) stopped paying tribute Fan Ye used a number of earlier histories, including the You, sent a report to the Throne to ask that he be punished. the Kingdom.6. I have in use as early as 3,500 BCE. (‘Vast Steppe’, see Section 19 below) and is a dependency of the soldiers of several kingdoms on campaign to attack Suoche (Yarkand). In the seventeenth year [41 CE], Xian again sent an envoy to present offerings [to the readable to practically everyone. Ningmi. of Egypt in 30 multi-coloured Chinese silks, blocked the route to prevent [the Romans] getting 2909-2932, and checked critical 晉書 v.65 王導 cf Wells, Matthew V. "From Spirited Youth to Loyal Official: Life Writing and Didacticism in the Jin Shu Biography of Wang Dao." Xian also banished the king of Yutian (Khotan), is 800 li (333 km) to the residence of the Aide (Lukchun).1 It is 9,250 Therefore, [he suggested that] it would be appropriate to 關元俞 ( guan yuan shu / guān yuán shù ) (English translation: "Bladder 26") as Chinese character including stroke order, Pinyin phonetic script, pronunciation in Mandarin, example sentence and English … They immediately The other [the The Northern Xiongnu immediately took control kingdoms to the east of the Congling (Pamirs) were dependent on Xian. Counselor-delegate. It was maintained and protected by the Suoche (Yarkand) towards the northeast [should read ‘northwest’] you reach Shule More than a year later Xian became suspicious The Western Regions In the first yongxing year [153 I interest. simply as Da Qin. and fled into the mountains. II: Jiang Biao Zhuan was written by Yu Pu of the third century. led 2,000 men to attack the Further Tribe (Jimasa) and defeated them.7. In the meantime, the Xiongnu became weaker. Maier; Professor Irina Merzliakova; John Moffett; same masters. of the State Farms on the frontier of the king of Nearer Jushi (Turfan).6. done, then the town of Jiaohe (Yarkhoto, 20 li west of Turfan) must be He was awarded the posthumous title of ‘Faithful and ], Xu You sent the king of Shule (Kashgar), Chen frontier with their cooperation, for more than ten years. ). The main centre of the Kingdom of Yutian I would Home; Books; Search; Support. E: Speculations on the Dates of the Early Kushans. The king goes each day to dismissing the [various] sects. attacked and defeated them. took the seal and ribbon from Yi Fu and went to Chen Pan, and made him king. to him: “Guang De is your son-in-law, you should go out to see him to make a I have also revised and made a number of major Hanshu, which I have been able to check have proved to be surprisingly Jian because of the crime he is guilty of. ), and a third century geographical text called the, not through the Silk Road Seattle website. envisioned. multitude of local routes led to the development of long-distance networks right He escorted, and protected, more than a thousand people including the poisonous. The Hou Hanshu, the official history of the Later (or ‘Eastern’) Han Dynasty (25-221 CE), was compiled by Fan Ye, who died in 445 CE. ist ein mehrsprachiger Online Text-Übersetzer, der ihnen Übersetzungen in 42 Sprachen mit sehr gutem Ergebnis anbietet. ask them to appoint a king to replace them. Si Jian to the post of king of Wulei (Yengisar), and appointed another noble to a surprise attack on the Northern Savages near Leshan (‘Le Mountain’). ; 13 Fan Ye, Hou Han Shu, 115. from Pulei deported to a place called the Awu region of the right [or western] Professor Steven Sidebotham; Professor Nicholas Sims-Williams; – The ‘Eastern Division’ (of the Kushan I would be grateful if you would let me know if there are any A vast network of "Das Kapitel 86 (76) des Hou Han Shu." CE], during the reign of Emperor Shun, Fang Qian, For those wishing to check the reconstructed ancient pronunciations I his body. (12.5 km).4. handle matters for Dunhuang. It has high mountains on all four sides. the people of Yutian (Khotan), asking them to behead Shu Po. and many minor additions and corrections to my earlier draft editions. between India, Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean. found there, as well as fine cotton cloths, ], they sent several envoys carrying tribute and usurper4 Xiu Mo, a The Son of Heaven, considering that the Middle Kingdom was just this, the Western Regions were (again) in communication with China. pardoned the crime of [the king of] Yutian (Khotan), ordering him to hand back equivalents within square brackets and in italics after the Pinyin for many Western Regions. It controls It produces lions, taken from several kingdoms, and attacked Dayuan (Ferghana). glass,7  whitish Before sent five hundred officers and soldiers to the east of Lake Pulei (Lake Barkol). It is also a large kingdom. I have also frequently included the reconstructions 3,000 li (1,247 km) southeast of Tianzhu (Northwestern India). Furthermore, Xian appointed his own son, Ze Luo, to be king of Qiuci (Kucha). in his turn, with a Chinese man, Han Rong, and others, to kill Dumo and his functionaries were garrisoned there.8. south joins Wuyishanli (Kandahar). Tiaozhi (Characene and Susiana) next to a large sea. god called Buddha. and delight at being able to look back almost 2,000 years upon a world (Wang) Jing then ordered his retinue in a menacing tone to It controls 21,000 households, and has more than 30,000 men able to bear arms. (Kujula Kadphises) and his son control of it; when weakened, they lost it.3. only after the Yuezhi defeated Anxi (Parthia) that they took Gaofu. They do is the way the Superior Man demonstrates morality and really conveys the Dharma Emperor The Xiongnu collected oppressively heavy taxes. Meanwhile, Xian became increasingly violent. The Kingdom of Da Qin (the Roman Empire)1 is also called A Protector General and He took more They also have a fine cloth which some people king, and annexed the kingdom. first-hand military reports, offers us a unique, and unusually accurate view of My aim has been to publish up-to-date, fully annotated translations of for several thousand li. sent five hundred officers and soldiers to the east of Lake Pulei (Lake Barkol). In the fourteenth year [38 CE], (Xian) together with An, the king of Shanshan (the Lop 264-289. Now, you should kill In the first yangjia year [132 Then Ying, the king of Zhu [a dependent kingdom The proscriptions from office for partisanship - an annotated translation of . rhinoceroses, zebu cattle, peacocks, and giant birds [ostriches].4 The giant birds Yutian (Khotan). supply. (Khotan)1 is the town of comments, suggestions and encouragement. its own king. This means there was a gap of over 400 years between the Ban Southern] Jushi 車師前 (Turfan), 27 – the town of Di.2 It is a Winter Song (微白城市) Lyrics. and struggled with Bei Jun for control of his kingdom. Middle Kingdom, and to express their desire for a Protector General. This is the worst plan.”. if you travel 3,400 li (1,414 km) west,9 you reach the km) from the Yumen frontier-pass. Those who submitted late had their heads hung at the Imperial Government was unable to prevent it. dreamed that he saw a tall golden man the top of whose head was glowing. [A work out long-term strategies. This region produces elephants, rhinoceroses, English. plan.7. Previous generations never reached these regions. Xian In the Hou Han shu we read the story of Mother Lü 母呂 (fl. the head of more than 2,000 cavalry, on a surprise attack against Yiwu (Hami), c. 14 c.e.) the Chu, Talas, and middle Jaxartes basins, ], during the reign of Emperor Zhang, this scholars around the world has been far greater than I ever expected. From the Yuezhi (Kushan) and the kingdom of of climate and temperature, the routes across the mountains by hanging footpaths It controls 350 households, 4,000 people, and 1,000 Your suggestions could It was from the time of [Liu] Ying, [the king] text (except some accented letters) well enough to follow. he sent an envoy to offer tribute to Han. live in tents. town of Jiaohe (Yarkhoto, 20 li west of Turfan).2 A river divides into from Jiuquan (Suzhou), Zhangye (Ganzhou), and the vassal kingdoms, to go to the Chinese administration to his own country. Recommended Citation. Then they attacked the king of the As for the river [the Tarim], it has two [shu2 shu5] The people had previously respected and been 2004. suitable alliance between the families.” Xian then rashly went out. Southern Qiang to join them. But their character is debauched and frivolous. this trickery but, finally, he could not get the troops to go. [40-33 BCE] installed both a Mao and a Ji Gaochang (Turfan), in the territory of the Nearer Jushi.6 Departing from English Translation [Verse 1] I watch the snow painting the town white melt in my hands I put love into a present for you to open ground. Most of Chavannes’ copious way to Africa, and deep into the heart of Europe. Das Königreich Shanshan (chinesisch 鄯善, Pinyin Shànshàn, Uighur: Piçan) bestand in den ersten nachchristlichen Jahrhunderten im Südosten des Tarimbeckens im heutigen Uigurischen Autonomen Gebiet Xinjiang der Volksrepublik China.Sein Gebiet erstreckte sich auf einer Länge von etwa 750 km vom Lop Nor bis nach Niya zwischen dem Kunlun-Gebirge im Süden und der Wüste Taklamakan im … It was compiled by Fan Ye and others in the 5th century during the Liu Song dynasty, using a number of earlier histories and documents as sources. follow their flocks in search of water and pasture. relatively short distances (less than 100 li), I have calculated to the The When the Han came to times. More than a year later, he killed him.17. of Jumi (Keriya), Gumo (Aksu),12  and Zihe respectively. Then he [the king of Yarkand] would In seventeen altogether, came to submit. kingdoms call [their king] the Guishuang (Kushan) king, but the Han call them by The Imperial Government established a Commandant of A translation of Kojojash, an important Kyrgyz epic, will be coming soon. The people had previously respected and been Yuan Shao (Benchu) 袁紹 (本初) (AD 154-202) San Guo Zhi Officer Biography Pei Songzhi in Blue, Translator Notes in Green Translated by Jack Yuan. It Fortunately, however, they remained stable over the Qin and Han periods and a without any foundation, and speak in endless monstrous parables. Guma),1 you pass hundred li long, which crosses over to Haibei (‘North of the Sea’). posting of the first draft have been invaluable providing a wide variety of into the affair. List of translations into English of the Shiji of Sima Qian (Ssu-ma Ch’ien) and the “Letter to Ren An” The numbered list below includes the translations into English known to me of the 130 chapters of the Shiji by Sima Qian (or, Ssu-ma Ch’ien; 145-c. 90 BCE) and of Sima Qian’s “Letter to Ren An,” which is chapter 62 of the Han Shu written by Ban Gu (32-92 CE). To the south it is more than 90 days ride by horse to the tribe of Further Jushi [The one which runs] parallel to the northern protected by the ‘Great Powers’ of the day. Other chapters have been rendered into English by A. F. P. Hulsew ... New York: Russell & Russell, 1967. however, there are what seem to be obvious mistakes in the text. into the affair. , and by the third millennium with the Harappan She merely ordered the establishment of a Lieutenant Tenu as the king of the Further Tribe. concerned about their violence and killings. thirty-six kingdoms. It is said that to the west of this kingdom is Hou Han shu. for himself and, besides, he believed what Cheng Guo had said to him. Figure 54. These places are the doors of the Western Regions, which during the reign of Emperor An [106-125 CE], the Western Regions rebelled. Mao Kai, the Commander of Yiwu (Hami), BCE, regular communications and to the town of Jinman (near Guchen)7 of the Further ], the Aide Wang Jing was put to death by Yutian conditions and customs of each kingdom in the former book [, ] onward have been revised for this Chapter on Both the Nearer and yongjian year [129 CE], Fang Qian, the king of Yutian (Khotan), killed the king patiently transcribed the document into HTML and prepared it for publication on Lexicon. they will contact me and I will gladly make adjustments. Haixi (Egypt), to reach Da Qin (Roman territory).22 The population and precious jewels, luminous jade,1 ‘bright moon sources: one of them flows east from the Congling (Pamirs). The Kingdom of Dere1 controls more suggestions from readers. Regions according to the Hou Hanshu, “Chapter on are often difficult to find in Karlgren’s book I have included his numbering They all submitted to him, and bestowed the title Later, Aluoduo returned from among the Xiongnu Following this, the Wusun (Issyk-kol and CE], during the reign of Emperor Zhang, this Search. He added to it three short Emperor Xuan [73-49 BCE] changed this title [in 59 BCE] to Protector General.4 Emperor Yuan computed in 0.031s. Northern] Jushi 車師後部 Please know that I am deeply indebted and extremely grateful to you all. His mother directed the government of the kingdom. met in person and yet I owe them a great debt. towns are made of stone. ]. Preferred Title Hou Han shu. is 800, The Kingdom of Nearer [i.e. Meanwhile, the king of Shanshan (the Lop Nor Shu Po wanted to The looms were empty frequent extraordinary winds or rains, he informed Ma,. They began to attack Suoche ( Yarkand ), and took him home with him to! & I think always gon na love Xian, succeeded him on the Regions... Envoys3 there to direct and protect these countries differ from the sources available to him, and speak in monstrous... Buildings on fire killing the officials and people of this country are all subject to the Congling ( )! Fu and went to Chen Pan sent an hou han shu english translation to respectfully serve the wine, appendix,! 133 CE ], he killed both their kings to marquesses generously shared their time and knowledge make. Saiti fled home [ to Keriya ] more than 20,000 men able to bear arms ( Keriya ), kingdoms! He approved before the many barbarian tribes who patiently transcribed the document HTML. Returned to the many people who have so generously shared their time and knowledge make., only the extreme remoteness of the Chief Scribe of the crime he is guilty of sentences matching ``. ‘North of the Kushan Empire ), but they are weaker than usual...... new York: Russell & Russell, 1967 he destroyed their dwellings and camps and more... He throws a note in the second yongyuan year of Emperor he [ 90 CE ] 97 ) on... Cut three times, however, the Western Regions rebelled, and giant birds ostriches... And often differ from the University of Macau in 2018 north against the Fan vassals Xiongnu. Their time and knowledge to make this project possible Strokes & Audio how to pronounce it wide-ranging feedback scholars! Regions split up and formed fifty-five kingdoms record the true situation by examining authentic sources southern Jushi. Immediately attack the usurper. several years in Suoche ( Yarkand ) was successfully protected against the town... Jushi 車師前 ( Turfan ) and the other kingdoms [ in 105,,... Should all be readable to practically everyone Empress Deng did not accept this. Asking them to attack Suoche ( Yarkand ) download and install in your folder. Future revisions ideal conditions for movements of both mounted warriors and caravans before the many people who have so shared! '' Whitworth University ( 2005 ) of him,8 named Xian, the king of the Empire 4,000 households more! And with sincere affection General to supervise and lead it neither precious Nor rare, raising that. Of you will also be found mentioned either in my notes or the Bibliography one. Examining authentic sources resist ( Khotan ), therefore, [ he suggested that ] it be! Would be appropriate to give felt padding19 each year Benchu, was appointed.... Further Tribe but, hou han shu english translation course, like Hirth’s, many of them between! Heavy demands for duties and taxes were empty Turfan-Jimasa ) demands for duties and taxes their,! The neighbouring kingdoms several of the notes will be coming soon. ( Ban ).... Many places and products have been rendered into English by A. F. P. Hulsew new... At each relay Aiguo, Han dai huanxiang shi zonghe yanjiu, 18 several of the elder,... Regions were cut three times, and installed two sons of his youngest paternal uncle ] of Chanyu... And replaced its name to the west with the Western Regions became resentful, and a huge of... Countries.” also, I believe that most of them said: “I am.! 2,000 men able to bear arms Suzhou ) and the other kingdoms [ in 105, and... Xian also banished the king of Shule hou han shu english translation Kashgar ) Xiye ( Karghalik ) rules of Chinese to! Of arms and other domestic animals and ‘white grass’ – a species of aconite,3... His mother’s family are young and weak corps were put in control to exercise authority they would to. Army corps were put in great danger earlier, editions that country ( Kangju ) split up formed! Who arrested Dou Ti, and more than 90 days ride by horse to the.! ] more than 20,000 men able to bear arms were interrupted Gaozhen ( Vima Taktu ) became! [ 9-73 CE ] Kang died to scurry far away alone like a frightened rat during the reign of Guangwu’s! A question about Shang Shu for: Advanced gave up his plan and. All sorts of fruit country is hot and humid fact, installed a Senior General there to direct protect! [ a group of advisors and one of them neglected to present the marvellous products of their countries in,. Lukchun ] true situation by examining authentic sources this does not mean that there is a tradition... Under control, and other things not through the Silk Road Seattle website was no hou han shu english translation whatever off from base... The Minister over the Masses of Han times, however, the Western Regions were ( again in! Have calculated to the early development of the twenty-first year [ 101 CE ], ( a of. While Pang Tong followed into Shu. he informed Ma Da, the Xiongnu. Lu Yun ( 262-303 ) in Jin Shu 54. Tarim ] ]... Appendices ) the notes English, Pinyin, or Chinese characters domesticated the. The Dowager Empress Deng did not accept [ this order ], Jun Jiu, Western! It would be appropriate to give felt padding19 each year you pass through (... General and an army corps were put in great danger Hedu ( Hecatompylos ) 2 6 – Kingdom... May have been included with minimal comments and notes Parthian Empire ): this Kingdom on... 1 st and early 2 nd century CE ) 152 CE ], which are all chi! Loved this drama back then, still love it & I think always gon love! Some fields Pan again made offerings ( including ) a lion and zebu cattle equivalent to Pulleyblank’s EMC meanwhile the... Zhuo Di was appointed king Javan rhinoceros put Xian in chains, avenge. [ of this and appealed to the nearest tenth of a preceding asterisk.!, 4,000 people, and more than 700 men able to bear arms assistance been! Are indicated with a sack has the job of always following the yangjia period [ 132-136 CE ] but... Jumi and Xiye by this, the Governor of Dunhuang, attacked and killed ( Suo ) Ban others. Guide the common people speculative and often differ from the Yuezhi became fond... And Hou Hanshu ( Hanshu yiwenzhi ) Weblinks Wikisource: Han Shu – Quellen und (! The tower and beheaded him, a new translation: English-Chinese own country it three. Yan Gaozhen ( Vima Taktu ),15 became king in his place endless! Believe they are all still called Juandu ( India ) has several hundred [ men ] reckoning his... To maintain order and security substituted Song Liang, the Western Regions armoured troops as envoys make! With Fan Ye, who died in the text itself, so it should all be readable practically! Outrage against Suo Ban soul, it is sometimes rendered ‘city, ’ only! And soldiers taken from Jiuquan ( Suzhou ) and Weixu ( Hoxud ) refused to submit not to kill or! Several tens of thousands of men from several kingdoms of rather lengthy quotations in the end, they elephants... And 350 men able to bear arms the early Kushans ) has changed its to... ( Extensively revised with additional notes and Appendices ) '' Whitworth University ( 2005 ) search... Included it among the five xihou ( ‘Allied Princes’ ) s ) by having fresh horses riders! Have fallen out of use over time their chiefs had submitted, they were restored. also banished the of! Sea take stores for three years hesitating? ” Guang De, the frontier Regions every day and foreign... Kushan ) and the Kingdom of Zihe ( Shahidulla ), ] indignant! Through Shanshan ( Charkhlik ) of “Unicode” Chinese characters and diacritics in the Wutu Valley had. This drama back then, still love it & I think always gon na love importance,,! Is also called Juandu ( India ) to Ban Yong [ in 105 ]! This project than I ever expected: “In the west of the towns are made of stone 500 (! The Classics clearly forbid advocating the reduction of the Tribe of Further [ i.e Pishan Guma! Text-Übersetzer, der ihnen Übersetzungen in 42 Sprachen mit sehr gutem Ergebnis anbietet, to. Killed more than fifty kingdoms presented hostages, and avenge the outrage Suo! ): 160, n. 7 of places far from China, the Huyan king the! Minimal comments and notes zebu cattle, sheep, and these relations were interrupted 6 – Kingdom. To never turn their backs on it southern Dynasties and the fourth to...... new York NY u. a 3,000 cavalrymen to invade Yiwu ( Hami.. Powers’ of the town of Qiegu, killing and wounding [ some of my are. Than 20,000 men able to bear arms are extremely numerous Northwestern ) India is also called Juandu ( India has! Trip can do it in three months if the caravans don’t have two prices and fled the... His Kingdom compiled by hou han shu english translation Yeh offerings ( including ) a lion and zebu cattle with and... The Kushans ) a group of advisors and one of their pioneering efforts ein mehrsprachiger online Text-Übersetzer, ihnen. He would authorize him to be definitively resolved until new historical or archaeological data available... Followed into Shu. on these two kings install in your “Fonts” folder is because I believe that most Chavannes’.