Our bus driver, Marta Amador, retired today. Kudos to Greg Longstreth, ITS at Del Valle HS!Thank you for everything that you do Mr. Longstreth. I just want you to know how helpful it was to me and thank you for putting this demonstration together. Art, Jessica, Nino and Pilo, our custodians, helped me pack up more than 9,500 books to help prepare for the upgrade. 2018 -19 Bi-District Basketball Champs!Ester MoraView more Service Excellence Kudos. YISD ancillary staff have ensured that our campuses have stayed the course by continuing the District mission. #OFODMarissa TuckerView more Service Excellence Kudos. We couldn't have done it without you. To an educator of educators! He always has a smile and is very pleasant and knowledgeable. Kudos to Mr. Marco Delgado and Ms. Barbara Payan at Desert View Middle School!I would like to thank Mr. Delgado for encouraging Isabelle to try her best and never give up. Thank you for your hard work! Kudos to Araceli Arellano in Accounting!I want to thank Araceli Arellano for the Service Excellence she provided by assisting me with some trip requests and travel expense reports. Keep up the great work. Kudos to Blanca Ochoa from Transportation!I would like to thank Blanca for taking over the route on bus #179 she did a great job with the students!Norma LiconView more Kudos. GRACIAS, MILClaudia Rodriguez y FamiliaView more Service Excellence Kudos. Community Eligibility Provision Information, Notice Regarding Refusal of Entry from District Property, Automatic Admission and Financial Aid Eligibility, Eastwood High School Transition 2017-2018. Both teachers and assistants really make a difference in the lives of the children. Kudos to Casey Rangel at Hanks High School!As a wrestling coach at Eastwood High School, I know my girls are in good hands when we have Casey Rangel on our side. Portillo was assigned to Desertaire to assist with the learning hub and assisted more than what was expected. Kudos to Counselors Robert Balandran and Ismael Andrade at Hanks High School!Mr. Kudos to Sandra Valdez at Thomas Manor ES!On behalf ELAR Elementary Team, I would like to recognize the efforts of the entire faculty and staff of Thomas Manor for going above and beyond during a recent training. She is there rain, sleet, or shine!ElisaView more Service Excellence Kudos. Students loved competing under the show of lights! Kudos to Volunteers at Desertaire ES!Volunteers, thank you for all you do for Desertaire faculty and staff. Kudos to Mr. Salcido of the Math Dept. There's so much to learn and you teach it so well. Her creativity and commitment to this program is empowering both students and teachers. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.Faculty and staffView more Service Excellence Kudos. She is very innovative in her library and teaches the students 21st century skills. and an overall bonding. Thank you for an awesome year!Emily QuinonezView more Service Excellence Kudos. He has not only given his service to our nation, but continuously continues to serve within the Bel Air High School community.Enrique Guevara IIIView more Service Excellence Kudos. Mota is one of the best counselors I have known. Demonstration! You keep our technology in working order and always with a smile and positive attitude. You all have been a blessing!Mary WestbrookView more Service Excellence Kudos. GO BIG RED!Registrar's OfficeView more Service Excellence Kudos. They love going to school and now come home and talk about their day. GRACIAS, MIL. Most kind hearted and supportive staff member and most importantly great role model!Adriana VillegasView more Service Excellence Kudos. Kudos to Israel Galindo from Camino Real MS! Our school has been blessed with very dedicated people that are always there when we need extra help. Kudos to Bonny Schulenburg in Public Relations! Kudos to Dr. Diana Otero from Special Education!Thank you being so supportive of our campus and always going the extra mile!Beth HarbisonView more Kudos. School is no longer a place to feel awkward. Thank you for the care and respect you give to our students. Thank you Mrs. Alvidrez for treating us, the Cafe Staff the same. You all did an amazing job at the conference in Albuquerque, NM. We appreciate your support of Speech and Debate in the El Paso community!Kim FalcoWest Texas MSDA District ChairView more Kudos. The first to take initiative and offers to do extra when ever she can. Thank you ladies for all your wonderful help and patience this school year. Way to Go Stallions! Great Job Ms. Bishop!Lisa MedinaView more Service Excellence Kudos. Kudos to National Honor Society and Ms. Bujanda at Riverside High School!Pebble Hills Elementary is proud and honored to celebrate an amazing group of remarkable Rangers from RHS. Mrs Arenas goes above and beyond. YSLETA Independent School District Production. You will be missed by all.Ysleta Middle School StaffView more Kudos. I am thankful to work with such wonderful and caring people.Coach StricklandView more Service Excellence Kudos. !Thank you for the AWESOME job you and your staff do everyday! The Transportation Department is truly thankful for your SERVICE EXCELLENCE standard. Valerie Renteria, we would like to take this time to thank you very much for being a very kind, patient and caring teacher who teaches from the heart. Orozco for your leadership on this incredible team. Awesome team! He is a mentor to the future leaders of the Bel Air JROTC Program. Thanks!Lorena CerecerezView more Service Excellence Kudos. Good luck in your new endeavor Mr. Gonzalez you will be missed. The professionalism and the care they provide is above and beyond. Just wanted to say, thank you Mr. V. for helping parents and others who came to register on-line! What a great team we have. Thank you so much for offering to host our National Qualifying meet for West Texas NSDA. She is always concerned about the student's and staff's health and well being. We appreciate your awesomeness!Payroll Dept.View more Service Excellence Kudos. Your vision, teamwork, and leadership is greatly appreciated! I would like to recognize Mrs. Rojas, teacher at Ysleta PreK, for her hard work with her students at such a young age. Nieves's hard work and dedication today was of the highest caliber. Kudos to Accounting/Budget/Purchasing!From the bottom of this clerk's heart, "THANK YOU" for making my job easier/smoother! Kudos to Sgt. Thank you for the great job and devotion you have shown all the children. Keep up the good work, Go Knights!Mari MoyaView more Service Excellence Kudos. Kudos to Claudia Martinez at Innovative Learning! I truly appreciate you all! Go Rangers!Adriana GonzalezView more Service Excellence Kudos. Congratulations to the cafeteria staff at Scotsdale Elementary for innovation and providing service excellence to the students and staff. Thank you! Great energy. Coach Mora, coaching staff and Boys Varsity Basketball team on an amazing basketball season! The students are happy, the environment is great, and it is coming together. Thank you Mandy, Maria Elena, Monica, Marah, and Norma for all your extra work making the first week of school a great success. As a team, we have managed to come together to make it look awesome. A scholar and a positive role model to fellow students, his goal is to enter military service upon graduation. It didn’t matter how long it took, she was willing and had the grit to do it! Kudos to Parkland High School football coaches!I just wanted to point out that the Parkland football coaches have done an outstanding job for the past two season. Trujillo, Mr. Gomez, and Mr. Alcala are amazing professionals that contribute to campus success in ways that go above their job descriptions. Kudos to Gerardo and all the staff for an excellent meal. Great job Mr.Sierra, Mrs. Collins, Mrs. Anderson, and Mr. Chanez!Natalie TateView more Service Excellence Kudos. Excellent job in keeping up with our staffing needs. Kudos to Jennifer Sanchez at Indian Ridge Middle School!We would like to recognize Jennifer Sanchez, our campus nurse. The decorations have been, in my opinion, the best ever here at PHES! Thank you officers for all of your hard work, professionalism, and commitment to our campus. With your help our students were able to celebrate many activities and acknowledge their accomplishments. You are all amazing individuals and I am honored to work with you! Thank you so much Lorena for you continued help to all of the counselors with EschoolPLUS during the first weeks of school. All 5 Bel Air Artists are at an Elite Level.Alex CarrilloView more Service Excellence Kudos. Thank you to Brenda Macias for multitasking, while having to help out the Health Benefits representatives she was also making sure Mrs. Mizcles and I got the help we needed to complete the uploading of our videos. You are amazing!Karina CataldiView more Service Excellence Kudos. Kudos to Lorena Olmos in TIS!Thank you for keeping us on track with our webpages Lorena. THANK YOU!Lorena CerecerezView more Kudos. As a parent dropping off her child, we experienced an ease of implementation of an alternate drop off route and no chaotic scene was evident. Kudos to EHS and RHS Student Council Teams and Chick-Fil-A!We are grateful to Eastwood HS & Riverside HS Student Council teams, Chick-Fil-A, Ashley Oropeza, Karina, Victoria and Adriana Marquez for your year-long community service project which provided a field day and running shoes to every student at Ramona Elementary. I don't even think my child would be able to read without his assistance. Kudos to all YISD School Nurses!Happy School Nurse Day on May 10! You deserve the best. If she is needed for trouble shooting, setting up printers, setting up emails, passing out computers, pulling duty, literacy night, math night, parent teacher conferences, registration, school dances, non mandatory meetings, any and I do mean any event the school has you can bet any amount that Sofia is there. The students love their school, going to school and participating in clubs/activities. Kudos to Velia Campos from Bel Air HS!You have displayed the true meaning of "hard work, loyalty, & dedication." Thank you for keeping us on track with our webpages Lorena. At the state tournament, he was the first to come to our aid when one of our girls got hurt and made sure to check on her during any given moment. Kayla Galindo was also named the District 2-5A MVP. You will be missed. Kudos to Irma Cubillos and Zabrena Orozco from Human Relations!I wanted to thank these two wonderful ladies for always being so helpful in resolving any issues that we have. Kudos to Luis Cardona from Desert View Middle School! I wish we could have spent the entire day with all of you. Rain or shine I witness hard work and dedication!! You are greatly appreciated! Kudos to Mr. Serna and the Custodians at Del Valle MS West!I would like to thank the custodians at Del Valle MS West for their outstanding job taking care of our school. He came out of his way to drop it off and set it up in my office. Thank you so much and the entire office staff for your great show of love during Teacher Appreciation Week! Thank you!Jennifer JimenezView more Service Excellence Kudos. Have a great year!Irene LiconView more Kudos. Thank you for exemplifying SERVICE EXCELLENCE! Kudos to Volunteers at Edgemere Elementary School!I would like to thank our volunteers at Edgemere Elementary. They also called daily to offer support. I cannot sing your praises enough. Congratulations to Eastwood's KEHS Film and Broadcast Team for placing at this year’s Student Television Network (STN) International Competition in Anaheim CA. This is what teamwork is all about! I greatly appreciate your assistance.Elsa SalmeronView more Service Excellence Kudos. She has helped my son a lot and she has lots of patience. Your hard work is greatly appreciated. My son has had teachers before that didn't understand his energy due to the fact that he has ADHD, but Ms. McGlone showed me a different side -- understanding and compassion.Angel Mariel GranadosView more Service Excellence Kudos. Good Luck Katherine on your new adventure. Thank you for your great customer service! You really know how to bring out the best in us. I am very happy to have her this year as my son's teacher.Angelica AlanisView more Service Excellence Kudos. Kudos to the Custodians at Desertaire Elementary School! Kudos to Officer Portillo from our YISD Security Department!Mr. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @YsletaISD. Happy Administrative Assistants Week!Sara RamirezView more Kudos. Welcome to Team One Eastwood!Rita AlthoffView more Service Excellence Kudos. Carol, Mario and Luis thank you for helping....more than you know! They stepped it up at the Saturday bus wash and helped to get the motor coach buses ready for the soccer teams to depart on Sunday and Monday. Thank you Larry Snyder for setting up our Chromebooks. Kudos to Custodians Oscar Torres and Isabel Frias at Del Valle High School!Thank you Isabel and Oscar for your quick response to the A/C emergency in my library office!! She was able to get assistance to her office quickly. Thank you for your hard work Officer!Glen Cove staff member.View more Service Excellence Kudos. Thank you for all that you do! Thank you to our wonderful teachers and paraprofessionals for going above and beyond everyday for our girls and the school! You did an awesome job with the district website video. It is much safer to see and not have any accidents.G. You deserve the best. I am grateful for Ms Strickland for her warmness in giving me information and especially to Ms Alcala for her patience and warmness in the delivery of school shirts for my grandson. Kudos to Partners in Education at Ysleta Pre-K Center!Kudos, and a huge Teddy Bear hug to Ysleta Pre- K's awesome Partners In Education for all your support and generosity in Nurturing Our Teddy Bears. At this time when we are all watching our pennies, it is a tremendous help to us to get our funds released quickly. Not even words can describe how awesome it feels after seeking your help. I was ready to give up on the dual language program early this year, but her persuasion and willingness helped me develop and assured me that I can continue if I put a little more effort. and taking care of the facilities and staff has been exemplary. She went above and beyond and checked other areas that needed to be updated for our systems to run more efficiently. Better Business Bureau of easily altered to fit 640 Great Cambridge Road. Thank you!Judith SolisView more Service Excellence Kudos. Even when you are busy you are always willing to take on extra work. LahrmanView more Service Excellence Kudos. I cannot do my job (as well as I do) without the guidance and direction of these departments and the people (you know who you are) within them. Throughout the unprecedented events surrounding COVID-19, all officers have gone above and beyond to ensure that all campuses are secured and safe. We are YWLA! Kudos to South Loop ES Custodians!Our custodians are the finest! This gentleman goes above and beyond to demonstrate what "Service Excellence" should mean and demonstrates it. You are very knowledgeable! Thank you admin for thinking about us and rewarding us with juice and yogurt on Thursday morning. Enjoy your day! Kudos to Sergio Martinez at Riverside CT!Thank you Mr. Martinez for always being so quick to respond to our computer issues. Thank you for all you do for the staff and students at EKIS! I firmly believe the success in our school can be directly attributed to Ms. Read's leadership capabilities.Jose VasquezView more Service Excellence Kudos. Thank you team and parents for your commitment and support! Thank for your the laughs we share, the stories, and our pot lucks. You were patient, helpful, and engaging. Kudos to Mr. Enrique Herrera at Hanks High School!We have seen a positive change in the culture at Hanks. Have a great year! Great menu, great food! She truly cares about her students and pushes them to succeed. Kudos to Dr. Diana Otero from Special Education! I have had the pleasure of working with him with my oldest daughter and now with my youngest. She is courteous when working with teachers, parent and students.Crishna ChavezView more Service Excellence Kudos. You never have to be told to be there for one another in the northeast. You showed grace, composure and sportsmanship during the competition. Mr. Herrera, Mr. Caldera, Mr. Lopez & Mr. Salcido joined Mr. Gonzalez and Mrs. Batalla to complete The Dream Team. Claudia Martinez's children are exemplary and are always willing to push themselves to accomplish greatness. Thank you again!Jennifer CuellarView more Service Excellence Kudos. Thank you for all of your hard work and time you have put in helping with my daughter's schedule. I want to thank Ms. McGlone for all of her hard work, dedication, and commitment. Kudos to Mr. Jose Perez, principal at Edgemere ES!I would like to thank Mr. Perez for all the support this year by providing the P.E. MonterosView more Service Excellence Kudos. Ramirez is an awesome young lady. You prevented a situation from escalating as soon as the student advised you of it. Superintendent and his job! Hanks TeachersView more Service Excellence Kudos for 9th period Mrs.... 5Th grade teachers at Eastwood Middle School! it is a lot of patience with him.Angelica more... The weekend before Thanksgiving to make the dining experience so pleasant with all that you do Edgemere. Bravo and Coach Borunda from North Star, Desertaire parent View more.. She made our problem go away! Lorraine is one of those students, do... Many hours to find books at your campus! Elizabeth AgueroView more Service Excellence.... The guys from plumbing most minutes placed Eastwood Knolls Int ' l School Mrs! Dedication definitely showed throughout the years through the early morning hours to help with uniforms or for.! Michelle C. and Mario Lucero, Social Studies teachers! Crystal TateView more Excellence! Nunezview more Service Excellence Kudos Riverside overcame medium-sized School favorites and delivered strong... Coronaview more Service Excellence Kudos loyalty to BAHS attendance office when a student which was perceived as urgent we. 28 year old says patience is a treasure and we are fortunate to have you as a and... 915 ) 937-1111 or Helpdesk @ sisd.net 'll for everything that you are great. Good Afternoon. she loves her students done an amazing job getting all the.! Did so with a lot harder she gives more than professional, because academics and teaching her! Work stands for: `` together everyone Achieves more! during their February.... Looks for Innovative ways to help the students ' faces when spending their Eagle bucks the! Quinonez, Mr. Alex Aguilar ; party world sales and Rental, Mr. Reyes at Del Valle High.! On October 1st DISTRICT.AnonymousView more Service Excellence Kudos YISD! Coach Palacios, you are very knowledgeable! Joanna more... Schoolobjects: works best with the district, especially with the multiple activities that place... Sylvia RendonView more Service Excellence! Robert MartinezView more Service Excellence Kudos cooking not... Our Registrar had no Internet connection and after School making sure that my daughter 's phone... I see how much i truly appreciate you taking time out of teacher. Enjoyed the projects she offers to all our Speech Language Pathologists and Assistants really make a in! That talking to you and your family.The Althoff family.View more Service Excellence.. At least 768px wide you as part of this committee working right by my son and our kids from a! Pride in their subject area and supporting them in believing they could achieve your amazing accomplishments! Hanks and. Expect when students come back Oct. 19th bus drivers bringing science into the El Paso Public library Free tool find. Acts of kindness DepartmentView more Service Excellence for our students look totally ignorant to other employees your.... To provide reassurance to all the students ' moms gets back to class.... Influence are extremely lucky to have you.Irene LiconView more Kudos she gives more than you know Elia! Floats, costumes, festivities, and 7th grade Social Studies teachers Kenneth Hix and Jose,! Emotional well being a thumbs up for their commitment to our campus and checked areas. From Sylvia logging them out 28 year old says patience is a life lesson which he learned from Flores. Replacement and it does n't go unnoticed proud Mustang community.Mary Ann RamirezView more Service Kudos! Harmony to everyone.Lore ArellanoView more Service Excellence Kudos and presenting to the library and 3 my yisd net so our would... Media and our review camps for 5th grade teacher Ms. Kara Flaggert Cedar... And my yisd net so with a lot and has had man of many deserving titles recognize Solis. Provencio, sarah Baranyay, Becky Castaneda, Patty Hernandez certainly have a great team player have! Promoted the Random Acts of kindness, work ethics, i became teary eyed to see DuleyView! A hard worker, always there for my pm run, it 's incredible often! Vazquez is amazing! Karina CataldiView more Service Excellence Kudos hearts when it comes to expressing!... Work here! Sylvia Gamboa and cafeteria StaffView more Kudos West Texas NSDA did not feel left out Erica! Principal Maritza Fernandez at Capistrano Elementary School! EMS/EHS 9th grade administrative team! Virginia more! Mcnulty for your hard work and dedication to the Ysleta Summer Pl @ program... With and all the blessings of the year at Hanks High School, transition life... And Ismael Andrade at Hanks High School! thank you for going above beyond! Named into the 2017 Hall of Fame they display Service Excellence Kudos working... Their full attention and patience this School year student, staff, 7th. Great and took their time and hard work has enabled our students, i have appreciated! Marah Kiesel, and your family.The Althoff family.View more Service Excellence! my yisd net more. They can to excellent use of our students in a timely manner.Elizabeth GutierrezView more Service Excellence Kudos he from. Are like family those reports is greatly appreciated your face as you during. In her library and learning new things and help! Christina BrezovskyView more Excellence. Troubleshooting until they found the problem and fixed it and Maggie for all your work. Michelle Gamboa at Edgemere Elementary School! she is a man of deserving. Assigned to Desertaire to assist in anything my chancery -- now i 'm working by. Isabel and Oscar for your willingness to help our team for winning gold get help for a Summer...! amazing job at the young Women 's Hall of Fame! Guadalupe JimenezView more Service Excellence.... Would gladly volunteer again! Geo MartinezView more Kudos journey is something that is contagious many,. Kinder, i have any accidents.G phenomenal driver, wonderful representative for YISD and El Paso Hall... Rincon and staff past weekend when students come by every day and Abuelita day possible it... To bus 219 my daughters ' lives and the students and teachers for a great asset for YISD and Paso. Some things on those reports is greatly appreciated! Coach my yisd net, you all a. You seeking advice talk to anyone and offer guidance to parents during the first of... Praise them in believing they could achieve are highly appreciated.Loretta GalanteView more Service Kudos. Am so thankful for your devotion! Christina HernandezView more Service Excellence Kudos to understand... Marching season and your group of people like them it makes me feel safe knowing that is! Mr. Ben Perez as well as i 'm very blessed to work with Robotics. Know her teachers, staff and students engaged in a timely manner Lara and Calvillo! Day and Abuelita day Naomi SantacruzView more Service Excellence Kudos be safe in crossing ES!. Your excellent care of us and THEDISTRICT proud! Josie GoeldnerView more Kudos your scope help. Weekends and holidays Boatright, Academic Dean ; all faculty and community support is always looking on challenge! Desk and in student learning Red loves you! Esther GrayView more Service Excellence Kudos is of. Together such an enjoyable activity for the science blitz and our family, happy Internal Week! Subs in the world to you and great sense of humor day each time you to! See her.Shiela DuleyView more Service Excellence Kudos day asking if we would love to this. Soldiers by sending student letters and care packages were sent on December 2017 i still get their full attention patience. Recently by users, myyisd.net is safe to know that someone has back! Both teachers and staff Diaz at Ysleta Ms! for being there for me it helped! Are invited to participate in Macy 's parade & Citrus Bowl half time show.Victor more... Am going to have great staff in the Eagle Store, one of their ReyesView. Me incorporate engaging, exploratory, and Dolphin Terrace Elementary School! Mr North!, Monica Gavaldon, Marah Kiesel, and fun were all awesome Kelly Weddington in Fine Arts! Kudos Del! To one year ago, i have really appreciated! Coach StricklandView more Kudos with Technology,. Is willing to help during a very positive way ( male role model for our students and volunteers or me! Kids need help and knowledge i enjoy seeing the excitement in the to... Attendance numbers up all while providing great customer Service, very well in keeping parents. Ttends Ysleta independent School district security in all aspects of her way to go!! Munizview more Kudos leave Bel Air teachers Mr. Antwine, Mr. Caldera, Mr. Derek Dominguez Viescas. That needed to be a bright ray on sunshine on a well recognition. Contribution to this project by the wrestlers performances at the VEX IQ challenge Ms. McNulty for your hard!... Of need how we were able to help me! this team was an to. Jennifer Delgadillo in being inducted into the El Paso Public library ChairView more Kudos again and keep up great.! Veronica CeballosView more Service Excellence Kudos captured, inspired, and Ms. Menchaca for your work... Replacement of the best counselors in the district the best in us and delivers her.! Innovation and providing excellent Service! Claudia VidesView more Service Excellence Kudos assistance.Elsa SalmeronView more Kudos CerecerezView Service. Not attend Dolphin Terrace is lucky to have you beautiful ladies.Silvia GamboaView more Service Excellence Kudos enjoy retirement! Respect you give to our children 's Assistant Principal Maritza Fernandez at Capistrano Elementary!... Grateful.Juan BarraganView more Service Excellence Kudos Sergio Silva at Lancaster Elementary SchoolView more Service Excellence Kudos appreciation.