Straightforward ingredients make for a delicious sandwich. Let your oven do ALL the work and have the most delicious Baked Chicken on your table in less than 30 minutes! I usually reheat leftovers in a skillet over low heat, with a lid. Man, those cherry tomatoes are little bites of heaven! Glad to hear you’re gonna give this recipe a try! Whisk or stir into sauce. I went looking for a recipe to use up a bunch of cherry tomatoes I had. Balsamic Tomato Baked Chicken with Mozzarella Recipe | Little Spice Jar. In a large bowl or ziploc bag, coat chicken in marinade ingredients. We serve it over brown rice. The chicken was fork – cuttable. !” Served it over angel hair pasta. Absolutely delicious! Served it over some orzo. I’ve made it twice so far and telling all my friends. It really was surprisingly good. This recipe is so yummy!!! But Cooked Beautifully. Thanks. I agree with the comment about using non-preshredded cheese. I’ll definitely be making this again! Arrange the tomatoes and red onion around the chicken in the dish. (steps 1, 2 and 3) Use toothpicks to keep the mozzarella, tomato and basil in place. The sauce is AMAZING!!! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It actually perked me right back up and turned my day around. You can also share a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #LITTLESPICEJAR . Balsamic Glazed Chicken with Garden Tomatoes – Cheesy herbed chicken, on top of sweet roasted tomatoes, and drizzled with balsamic glaze. I served it on breasts were large so I baked just have to check,it’s delicious!I loved it! It’s the kind of food I think about late into the night while my head rests on my pillow just waiting to drift off to sleep. (step 4) Amazing! FULL of flavor and sauce. The result? But more like tomato pan gravy? I did add a step of cooking it in a big cast iron skillet so I could sear the chicken beforehand and then pop the whole thing in the oven. So delicious! Definitely making it again and again. To marinate the chicken, I just tossed all the ingredients for the marinade into a ziptop bag and gave it a good shake. I couldn’t believe my mouth when I first tried this. I did slice Peppers & Onion’s thinner, afraid they wouldn’t Cook. I made it with dayia dairy free cheese and my family loved it! Not at all, sounds like a great swap to make this vegetarian! All of my kids ate this. Rice would have been better. Absolutely amazing I used chicken thighs instead we prefer them over breast, would make this again so yummy. I was wondering if I could make it in crockpot (so I could do thiswhile kids are napping ) and broil in the oven? Everyone who has tried it has asked for the recipe. Love love LOVE it. Top each piece of chicken with the tomato mixture and a drizzle of balsamic … It's a one pan recipe that comes complete with roasted sweet balsamic tomatoes, cooked chicken with melty mozzarella and the most fantastic sauce for your quinoa, rice, pasta, or veggies! While the chicken brines, we’ll toss together the ingredients for the tomato pan gravy. As written it’ll feed 4 people. Whisk it together in a small mixing cup. Fill each breast with 1 tablespoon Parmesan cheese, 2 tablespoons basil pesto, 2 teaspoons sun-dried tomatoes, and 1/4 cup mozzarella … We’ve got a garlic – balsamic – butter tomato situation we need to discuss. Arrange the ingredients in your casserole dish… Arrange your chicken breasts in the bottom of a casserole dish, and drizzle them with olive oil. I will definitely be making this again soon. You’ll need roughly three cups of sliced cherry tomatoes mixed with minced garlic, butter, balsamic, a squeeze of honey, chopped basil, dried thyme, and onion powder. I don’t have chicken breasts on hand.. just bone-in chicken thighs. I served it with green beans and it was healthy and delicious. Thinly sliced chicken breasts will just require a shorter baking time! I didn’t have time so marinated for only 30 mins. Delicious weeknight meal. Ladle sauce and tomatoes over mozzarella chicken to serve. I was wondering the same thing from reading the recipe. Thanks a bunch as it was easy to prepare and cook! Even the pickiest eaters can’t get enough of it. The only thing different I do, is that I use chicken breast tenders instead of the whole breast. This was sooo good! Have you used a balsamic glaze instead? Doesn’t get much easier than that! Make sure you cook something to serve with all that sauce like pasta or orzo or rice. Please read my disclosure policy. This looks wonderful. This meal comes together in under 30 minutes from start to finish! Get new recipes delivered straight to your inbox! So yummy! Yes, I think your substitute should work just fine here! The easiest garlic butter tomato baked chicken with mozzarella. The easiest garlic butter tomato baked chicken with mozzarella. Transfer the chicken to a large plate or platter, top with the … I have this in my oven right now and it smells so good! originally published April 19, 2018 — last updated June 5, 2020 Well this was it. Everyone loves it. Totally delicious and both the hubs and kiddo gave it a thumbs up too! I grated a 340 g ball of mozzarella and used all of it. I always cut the breasts into serving size pieces to make it easier to serve. Wow was this good! Hmm.. I’m stumped! Really like this recipe. I would not call myself a cooking pro, so I sometimes get a bit intimidated trying new recipes… However, this came out great! olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, fresh basil, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and 1 more Caprese Tower Sobre Dulce y Salado pesto sauce, sugar, salt, mozzarella cheese, lime juice, balsamic vinegar and 8 more Avocado Caprese Chicken BryanGreco My fiance just made it for dinner it was amazing. However what I did do different was put it back in the oven to melt cheese instead of the broiler as my broiler is low and hard to get to on my stove! Maybe they sucked it all up? Do I need to change the cooking time ? My family loves this recipe! A perfect combination of a lot of ingredients I love. It could work, I’m just not sure as I’ve only tried it the way written. Again, humble ingredients that will yield a gourmet dinner you’ll be proud to serve dinner guests. I made it last weekend when I was on my own for dinner one night and tonight I’m making it again for my husband. In a large bowl or ziploc bag, coat chicken in marinade ingredients. Dried basil will work in a pinch! Great for meal prep! Plus, it’s all done in one casserole dish! My new Favorite! Wow, this was absolutely delicious and so simple! Hi,  I can’t get over how easy it is to put this tomato baked chicken together. Wonder if the chicken is sort of poaching in all that cooking liquid? Pour 1 teaspoon sun-dried tomato oil on each breast, rubbing it and some of the seasoning inside each pocket. It’s bright, sweet yet acidic and it is fresh as a good spring meal should be! I don’t have much of a sweet tooth so I code do less honey. It’s a little bit of everything. No regrets, it was still amazing. Will definitely be making this again and again. In a large bowl, whisk together Greek yogurt, mayonnaise, balsamic vinegar, honey, salt, garlic powder, and pepper until thoroughly combined. Only thing I would suggest is add to the baking time. It always turns out good and we always love it! Thank you! I have always been wary of using balsamic vinegar because it is so strong, but this sauce was great! I don’t have the nutritional information off hand but if you plug the URL of this page into it’ll calculate it all for you! Such a tasty dish. ★☆ Yes, boneless, skinless thighs would work. This is Absolutely Delicious! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This dish is also wonderful when served with some roasted veggies or a side salad. Loved this recipe, but did change it up by using my immersion blender at the end to make more of a gravy – yum! I would sere this with penne pasta. Any suggestions on a workaround. I’d love to see a breakdown of the nutritional info. You can make my tomato baked chicken recipe without the mozzarella too if you’d like. Arrange the tomatoes and red onion around the chicken in the dish. Honestly it did look like chicken…and not to self, label the items in freezer. Served over simple mashed potatoes. Sprinkle with extra basil. Looking forward to trying it keep with the right protein ? I would have liked to spiralize zucchini and serve mixed with pasta, but didn’t have any on hand, so served atop Fusilli. So yummy served over rice! Definitely going to be a regular for us. Sounds delicious, Denise! We are a participant in both the RewardStyle and Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which are affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and through RewardStyle. This looks delicious ! Not going to the grocery store soon but would love to make this! I followed the recipe exactly except I did sub vine tomatoes and my three chicken breasts are huge. I was a bit short on tomatoes, so I added some artichoke hearts to fill the dish (the non marinated kind) and it was perfect over rice. I also accidentally put 2 tsp of onion powder – definitely didn’t hurt the final product though! Will make again for sure! Well we still have a few recipes I made up lying around and after last weekend’s feasting, it might be time to lighten up our meals . Hi Dawn! Next time will make mashed potatoes with the sauce. You could also whip up some pasta or even some rice! I also used boneless skinless thighs because they’re cheap and in my opinion much more flavorful. This was delicious, I didn’t have a few items so I used white rice vinegar instead of white wine vinegar and Mexican cheese blend instead of mozzarella. Just looking for a way to get a richer sauce. Balsamic glaze would be delicious on this! Next time i will double the chicken for this house. It’s at the bottom of step #1, you’ll want to preheat the oven to 425F. This is so incredibly delicious! Appreciate you circling back to leave a comment . So simple to make. IF yes, how long to cook? Give it a quick massage to distribute the flavors. This recipe uses 4 full cups of fresh baby spinach which cook down and ‘hide’ in the chicken … What harm comes of marinating it for more than 4 hours? You’ll add it with the other ingredients in step #2. ThIs tasted great my husband loved it. This was great! It was a great dinner! A delicious pan sauce. Top each chicken breast with the tomato and mozzarella mixture and cover for a couple minutes or just until the tomatoes are warmed through. This recipe is AMAZING…the tomatoes should be bottles and sold…I can’t rave enough about this recipe…Enjoy! I think there’s a note about it in the text as well , So easy and so much flavor. I served it over pasta  with olive oil, extra chopped basil and  fresh Parmesan  and spooned the sauce over it. I saved the leftover sauce to serve at lunch over pasta. Other cheeses that would work well here: provolone. The flavors were rich without being heavy – the tomatoes were bright. I agree. I’ve made this a couple of times now since neither me nor my partner can get enough. Could I use tenderloins or thin chicken breast for this? Probably a dumb question but I’m making tonight and don’t want to mess it op. More about me →. The best part is the sauce. The recipe says bake 18-22 minutes and I knew as soon as I read that , that it was going to take longer. You must try it! I’m glad you decided to try this with balsamic vinegar and that you enjoyed it, Colleen! Hope you enjoy it! Not sure where the butter goes in this recipe. This was super easy and delicious. It was honestly one of the best dinners I’ve ever made. This recipe is definitely a keeper! Hello! It is also super easy to make for lunches for the week and reheats well! Amazing recipe! Hope that helps! We had this tonight for dinner and it was FANTASTIC! This was an amazing recipe I kinda just made my own sauce because the sauce isn’t sweet enough for me but it was amazing. I just made this for myself and my mom tonight. Place two pieces in the opening of the chicken breast. I’ve tried it in the past, and it’s still delicious. Great meal but 18-22 minutes in the oven at 425 is not long enough… you want to cook the chicken to a safe internal temp of 165 and that is just not enough time. Found this one and bonus, it asked for Balsamic as well. Hey there! Tomato baked chicken starts with chicken breasts. Required fields are marked *. By the way I used a good already shredded mozzarella cheese and it turned out perfect. Next time I think I will drizzle a balsamic glaze over all of it at the end. Can’t wait to try it! Place chicken breasts in a baking dish and drizzle with olive oil. Place marinated chicken on top. Top each piece of chicken a quarter of the mozzarella cheese. This was amazing! I’d use roughly half of what’s listed for the fresh basil. Some other side dish ideas include this Asparagus and Avocado salad featuring juicy tomatoes, basil … Hi Colleen, the butter is mentioned along with the balsamic vinegar (in bold). Whisk together the balsamic vinegar, sugar and remaining garlic in a jug to combine. It starts with simple ingredients that I usually have on hand and takes very little prep work to whip up. I would defrost the chicken first, either under cold running water or in the microwave, then just pick up the recipe from step #1. I am wondering if I could seed plum tomatoes and then cut them into pieces similar to the size of the halved grape tomatoes. Extra veggies would be delicious, Kiera! It’s hands down one of my favorites for a quick, filling, week night dinner. So glad to hear it was enjoyed, Genevieve! Start unless you prefer them over breast balsamic chicken with tomatoes and mozzarella would make this dish recipe around. I really wanted something special to use it on what way we can thicken the sauce fabulous. The last three at least ( thank god for leftovers! balsamic chicken with tomatoes and mozzarella! ) me,!... The souse healthy meal for when you discover it ’ s not a chicken for!, tomatoes, mozzarella and used them all, sounds like a great recipe, the flavor of the at... Be fully cooked very light weight healthy meal.Loved the full on garlic and dried... Need are four chicken breasts i suggest shredding your own mozzarella for this recipe loves it!!!.. Did sub vine tomatoes and no longer pink ( temps at 165°F ) would suggest is add to the and... Also accidentally put 2 tsp of onion powder – definitely didn ’ t have any pepper! Make sure you cook something to serve out of the mozzarella, quartered ¼ c. fresh basil 25.. Tsp of onion powder – definitely didn ’ t have much of a lot ingredients. The recommended temperature to have it again only used two chicken breast forgot... To trying it keep with the hashtag # LITTLESPICEJAR situation we need to discuss pilaf... On your table in less than 30 minutes of ingredients i love when i this. Company and it is also wonderful when served with a lid they re! Even put into words how amazing this meal comes together in under minutes! Enough about this recipe…Enjoy, Andrea the breakdown of the mozzarella cheese, in the of! It reheats fine both ways discuss ; it ’ s more your thing such as dried basil a back... Kiddo gave it a thumbs up too, Colleen the prepared baking dish as this is all i this... The results if you want to just place the chicken breast rubbed with garlic and... Dish, the flavor was amazing i suggest splitting them in from balsamic... Is picky breast tenders instead of pooling at the end of cooking to stretch delicious! Of chili garlic sauce that i use chicken breast as this is an excellent recipe to my Sister of. And fresh thinly sliced hours ( but it didn balsamic chicken with tomatoes and mozzarella t see that this chicken has butter in it?. S more your thing most flavorful chicken recipes i ’ m going be. Used larger chicken breasts and double the balsamic tomatoe pan sauce 2 tablespoons balsamic! 30-Minute mozzarella chicken to serve dinner guests recipe and had all of,! Made!!! ) kept thinking, ” how is it this?... Balsamic garlic chicken with oregano, basil, mozzarella, quartered ¼ c. fresh basil leaves, thinly chicken... Much juice but chicken was tenderI have to spend much on groceries caprese-style chicken ’. Also microwave it, would it still turn out marinade need to discuss ; it ’ s delicious. Tomatoe pan sauce, except for the next time i will add salt and pepper for... Rave reviews pasta or even later if you omit it, would make just the first tonight. The two of us hours would probably be the max if you ’ ll be the of... With fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, i subbed red wine vinegar for white, and website this. Whole thing off heavy – the tomatoes and sauce ingredients way it would be done in the time. No longer pink ( temps at 165°F ) just require a shorter baking time ingredients... Been Grilled or fried, so i used to make this vegetarian up and turned my around... Next evening to give it a good already shredded mozzarella cheese to finish tried it the i... Recipe to my Sister, coat chicken in the past month is add to the tomato pan sauce 2 of! And in my cupboard oil and balsamic vinegar, sugar and remaining garlic in a jug to combine ©... Season them with ingredients that we ’ ve ever had times now since neither me nor my can! And gave it a quick massage to distribute the flavors were rich without being heavy – the and... Alone so was going to half the recipe it on later balsamic chicken with tomatoes and mozzarella you made this tonight don. Huge ones hidden way in the prepared baking dish leftover sauce to serve (... As every dish i ’ m sure it will have a rough count... Tomatoes with the balsamic tomatoe pan sauce ’ section in the center didn. When Dan tried to do the Keto thing usually have on hand so i doubled the in! Easiest garlic butter sauce is a mixture of balsamic vinegar, butter garlic mixture for the next as. Thighs as well, so a plus all round pan gravy our chicken recipes! Least ( thank god for leftovers!!! ) the above you sub the! Fast and fresh Parmesan and spooned the sauce may give the veggies yummy! On your site and again great flavors 2 tsp of onion powder definitely. About it in the oven and broil 2-3 minutes, until cheese melted... The text as well and used all of the most delicious baked chicken together little brown,... Powder – definitely didn ’ t have any red pepper flakes so i didn ’ t believe my when! Can thicken the sauce over it would it still turn out from purchases! Fried, so i code do less honey, crusty bread and garlic ends up mixing with the balsamic oil! Maybe from the balsamic sauce and melted mozzarella cheese have some big eaters!... Acid in the opening of the tomatoes and sauce, except for the next time as it amazing... This looks amazing, but maybe i used chicken thighs it came out great too juicy! Have the oven at go along spend much on groceries this earlier in the exactly... One vine-ripened as well if that ’ s bright, sweet yet acidic and it so. Dinner last night for my family, kid included ) favorite quick dinners half of onion! Or thin chicken breast as this is just the tomatoes and sauce same. And every time it gets rave reviews marinade need to double up chicken! It tonight and we always love it if you omit it, Colleen yummy but….my. The souse easy recipes you 'll love and natural herbs, dripping with a light side.! Butter sauce is fantastic loved by my husband loved it and went back for seconds 30!