Vanessa says. My husband uses the instant tea for making use Russian Tea and now I will use it for this Chai recipe. To tell the truth though, it can be expensive and hard to find. Dec 17, 2011. can't find unsweetened instant tea--can anyone help? It's so easy to make your own chai spice mix at home. This blog generates income via ads #sponsoredpost. on med speed. Nutrition. Watch out Starbucks, you'll be out of business in no time. Also, I've been playing around with the amount of sugar, I like the sweetness with just 1/2 cup sugar, some suggest no sugar at all. One without lemon. Two Chai Preparations. I just tried this recipe and I absolutely loved it! Enjoying the taste of this chai tea mix with almond milk. You may choose to omit the French vanilla creamer, and use 2 teaspoons vanilla extract instead. Go with a solid, strong loose-leaf black tea for the richest chai. Or if you're simply looking for a healthy chicken dinner, you'll find that, too. Chai Tea Mix: Recipe - Ingredients for this Chai Tea Mix: include nonfat dry milk powder, powdered non-dairy creamer, french vanilla flavored non-dairy creamer, white sugar, instant tea, ground ginger, ground cinnamon, ground cloves. Grinding the spices increases the flavor and aroma of the spices. Add cold water to bring down temp and make 1 1/4 cups of tea. April 12, 2019 at 11:49 am. teachems2002. At any rate it is a staple in our house especially during the fall and winter months! This chai latte recipe is perfect for the cold winter days or when you need a comforting drink. sstetzel. Simmer 2 tablespoons of the chai spices with milk, water, and sugar for 25 minutes. After you've tried it, you'll never look back! This recipe makes about 3/4 cup of chai spice mix. Learn how to mix up your own chai spices to create the tastiest chai tea lattes, apple chai oatmeal cups, or chocolate chai overnight oats! Can’t break the black tea and milk habit though so this recipe serves as the “sugar” portion of my drink. Masala chai is a special and traditional tea from India containing different aromatic spices blend into a powder, combined with milk and black tea Each spice brings a unique flavour to the chai making it one of the most popular beverages worldwide. To do so, mix the vanilla into the sugar, let it dry, then break the sugar into small lumps. I used Taj Mahal brand orange pekoe, which is affordable and has only a slight acidity even when brewed for a long time. Masala chai tea made with a special spice mix is a mixture of aromatic Indian spices used to prepare authentic Indian tea “Masala Chai”. 2) Place tea bags in a heat proof 2 cup measuring cup and add boiling water, let steep 3-5 minutes. Click To Email This Masala Chai (Tea) Spice Mix/Blend Recipe To Yourself –> Making Masala Chai (Tea) Masala Chai is often not Paleo, so here’s a Paleo coconut masala chai tea recipe you can make with this masala chai spice blend. Homemade spice mix recipes are so simple to make. Chai latte: Make a frothy chai latte like at your favorite coffee house, or vegan chai … Add these chai spices to your cabinet for easy access to chai spices all year round. This post may contain affiliate links to Amazon and other sides. Chai Tea Mix Recipe - Ingredients for this Chai Tea Mix include ground ginger, ground cinnamon, ground cloves, ground cardamom (optional), ground allspice, ground nutmeg, black pepper, Unsweetened instant or decaffeinated instant tea, sugar, nonfat dry milk powder, powdered non-dairy creamer. Follow the same procedure as above.