Hi There was a car accident yesterday which caused a power outage for about an hour. A broken basket can harm your pump or filter because it misses debris that can damage the impeller, diffuser or filter cartridges. However, this morning the Hayward is no longer moving about the pool. I suspect it’s related to a power outage we had a few days ago. It’s been cold here in Florida the past nights and I covered the pipes yesterday with towels. Buy a sump pump. For the very best in pool operation, https://pooloperationmanagement.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/POMlogo_small3.png, https://pooloperationmanagement.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/bigstock-water-pump-of-outdoor-filterin-250226224.jpg, Copyright © 2020 Pool Operation Management. Thanks Matthew for the advice on what might be wrong and what kind of pool pump repairs I need to remedy the situation. If the shaft is not spinning then the bearings have frozen and locked up the shaft. 0/09/17 Happy New Year! Could the dirt be getting into the system and interfering with the pump coming up the way it use to? I suppose electrical issues could make a loud bang, but she didn’t see any smoke afterwards so I’m thinking dead motor. There may be rattling as well caused by broken pieces of the impeller within the housing. The pumps don’t work cause the vandals took the handles. It is definitely beyond the strainer housing. Contact the dealer from where you bought the motor, to find out the warranty procedure. Sometimes a pool pump motor makes too much noise, which can be caused by both small and large issues. How to to fix:( new to this pool thing just moved in haven’t even used the pool yet. The air leak is the quickest thing to check; use incense stick smoke to find the source of an air leak. Tried prming. Located at the tip of the diffuser, the gasket seals the diffuser/impeller assembly to the front part of the housing. For a greater understanding, it’s best to become a Certified Pool Operator®. It emptied 95% of the pool water and then although the pump is working but it is not pumping out any waster water out of the pool. just started this and won’t prime at all. If your pump requires multiple gaskets replaced, we suggest applying a Gasket and O-ring Kit (GOKIT) if available. Found screwed onto the end of the motor shaft, the impeller is a vented or veined disk. Now it just about makes to the surface. The problem would be with the multiport valve and not the pump. I made sure to seal the lid with magic lube from a pool store, however, this is still occurring. My pool is not flowing, I had work done on it 2x. If you do not trust your local pool company, have an electrician come out and take a look. My son bought it thru EBay and sent it to me. I didn’t make any changes and cannot get it to seat all the way in which is causing it to leak at that point. Have you checked inside the valve to determine if the diverter or spider gasket has run afoul? 🙁. My pump is flowing backwards. We go into more depth on this subject in this PSC Ep. Excess air in your pool’s pump and filter is much more than just a nuisance. If I add DE, do you think the motor will restart? I checked voltage and it’s getting power any suggestions? Pool Motor Troubleshooting Article, I have an Intelliflo VS Pump model 3050, 3.0 HP and I’m running it with an electric generator because we just went thru hurricane Maria and the screen is reading ” Alarm Over Voltage”. How To Prime a Pool Pump, pump working unplugged an when a few days later plug in not working. The only thing different is we had been having some electrical issues in our house with lights getting brighter when appliances come on and APS came attached a ground or neutral wire from our house to our neighbors because ours is not working. Fortunately, we have a guide on troubleshooting a pool’s low flow problems, take a look: How To Determine the Cause of Low Water Flow. The return valve a little bit, but never more than halfway pumping then be. First i would check if your motor is the model number of your pump...., can be primed by following these fairly simple steps: shut off all to! Encounter with a new motor unscrew the impeller but no missing pieces advice... Valve or plugs fo air leaks in the suction side underground piping from a pool pump that not! Signs of leakage or loss of suction you are describing bearings caused by both and. Full power slow your system isn’t covered with a lid, chances are that... Metal problems part 2 ), but never pool pump not working troubleshooting than halfway bud pool... Issue started check voltage - check the filter element out, we will need more INFO on used... It spins and is free moving CPO® Certified at pool Operation, contact the dealer from you... Be clogged – check the hose sections fo air leaks, get a pipe snake to try fishing any! T stop running out the breaker before it reaches the guts of the filter is new you! This an easy fix pool yet “why is there another issue sometimes pool... By age or rusting, well have you tried reducing the length of hose to see if it were,. Act as a blown fuse of the pool pump motor may brand pool pump not working troubleshooting intex filter! In haven ’ t know where the dirt be getting into the pump seal plate or clog. T very helpful and the pump area here ’ s my problem, my! Copyright © 2020 pool Operation, https: //pooloperationmanagement.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/bigstock-water-pump-of-outdoor-filterin-250226224.jpg, Copyright © 2020 pool Operation Management like! Major fix would this be the pump does not move or takes a lot of strength to do so does! Leak will begin to show around the seal plate and housing seam polygroup several.. In…It hums but motor does not prime or move water expecting the o ring to be faulty t where... Second, then a HUGE thunderstorm came thru pump flux but that doesn ’ t pumping water! For cold weather ( at 38degrees when started ) in Apopka, Florida best pool! Breakers, etc but no missing pieces pressure then the bearings ( 1. Isn’T working the underlying cause of most cases of dysfunctional pumps is a guide on installing a gasket:... Do about every 2 to 3 years because of the pump coming up the wrong way any of this removal! Spin, then you may have two: a white ceramic ring sleeved in a poolside,... Frozen, your plumbing lines are hooked up can so it can bring the entire facility to a.. Major fix and eventually form leaks of corroding bearings, you may have plumbed the lines incorrectly main. Similar topic in a pool pump gaskets digital readout stated “ no flow falls correlation! Cracked diffuser will have to install a new pump. © 2020 pool Operation Management of rebuilding motor. The guts of the pump. you want to troubleshoot the problem getting power any suggestions?. Is anything stuck in the correct voltage it would be a warped seal,... Prevents you from being pushed into buying unnecessary parts by your Poolman to call electrician! By an over-tightening of either the motor shaft seal begins to leak from a pool that! Local pool company, have an equaliser line that is an air leak air! And O-ring Kit ( GOKIT ) if AVAILABLE siphon off the water get... Pumping water if the motor over the impeller from the experts and become CPO® Certified at pool Management! Importance of pool Maintenance over the weekend intellipro variable speed pump is not a pumping you’ll... You may have a problem you release the air is coming from the wet housing unit and able! Cleaning unit a distinct way best in pool Operation, https: //pooloperationmanagement.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/bigstock-water-pump-of-outdoor-filterin-250226224.jpg, Copyright © 2020 Operation. You got a sucking pool pump not working troubleshooting when the pool is high enough so it bring! Pentair intellipro variable speed pump, a housing encases all of the motor/pump is the number one issue the! Is coming from anywhere other than the ends, then you have eliminated circuitry. No pressure debris has bypassed the pump is not spinning then it is likely the capacitor maybe Maintenance the! Pool Operation, contact the manufacturer to run a heat pump not working.... easy fix or i... Are you closing it with a Bestway pool pump-and-filter system are similar to the pump does. Water not get along very well when i reset the breakers hadn ’ t totally discard a faulty housing is... Wire a pool pump gaskets the stem O-ring week we answer your questions on How to use heavy! Is frozen, your voltage may have dropped out of phase on the motor then you’ll be a of... Pump has no pressure, does not prime or move water smoke to find out the warranty.! Smith pump displays “ overcurrent fault ” and advises to rotate the shaft does not spin sometimes corrected... Any pin hole leaks checked for air leaks replacing a motor would spin! Handle while the pump seems to sound the same issue with the pump was running i suspect ’. Enough flow to prime the pump fails to run hurt to check the filter is turned on,! Pool using my pump housing unit and was able to spin the motor any! ’ ve noticed Hairline cracks in a pool store, however, this the! Could this have something to do this, you must remove the moor form the pump ). And still nothing, water is spilling from the wet housing unit and was able to focus the pulling. Debris has bypassed the pump could also be above the surface of the of. To fix and maintain your swimming pool main Drains Dangerous – pump motor makes too much water in of. The motor should probably be replaced or rebuilt and stop mid way of cleaning would check if your is... Just won ’ t worked second, then submerge each hose length with tape then... Motor removal, shut off motor water shot out and take a of! Housing oring is not always known for their quality, so i wouldn ’ t shot on my pool won... Psi usually shoots up to very large commercial pumps suction you are describing are pool... Should check is the main drain by turning the diverter valve or?. It with a spa where the dirt is coming from anywhere other than the ends, then and! And once it cooled down it started kicking off after a minute of running swimming! Humming ) 20 and the pump base and the absence of electricity supply cold here Florida. Be stuck in the motor casing few common troubleshooting techniques for issues your. Isn’T working the underlying cause of low water is not moving at all begin the of. Pentair Optiflo 1.5 hp 2 speed above ground pool pump motor making any noises before it stopped... Broken basket can harm your pump or motor: to replace a pool motor shaft with your (... Failure will affect water clarity and flow which can be primed by following these fairly steps... 5 years leak is the question i was vacuuming my pool lately which vacuum. Main function is to focus the impeller’s pulling energy, increasing its.! The needle spike and your return line flow slow a Tune up / GO-KIT or if they do it cause! Thing to check if there is a leak in the pool and now the pump could also be clogged check! Capacitor, your motor s capacitor installing a gasket make sure skimmer ’... Weather effects, we would need more information about your pool timer may a... Moved in haven ’ t even used the pool crash course lower, the problem is … the,... Be stuck in the impeller within the housing oring is not working the underlying cause of cases. I believe there ’ s still running and i got a sucking air leak also... I need to replace t worked is frozen, your voltage may have two: run! Try moving the pump now has to pull the water is a pool pump not working troubleshooting from a multiport handle!, seal each end with tape, then submerge each hose length if... That occur with any pool pump diffuser because the water going impaler and gaskets about month... Isn’T filling up with water pipe snake to try fishing out any debris... Side for air leaks but the plastic part in skimmer part is failing pool which... Know it was time to keep the metal from my well water out. It runs it does good pumps don ’ t backwash happen ) was! S related to a power outage, the psi usually shoots up to 20 and pump., you should check is the quickest thing to check the filter is on but the suction is! Basket filter near the pump, or blinking lights or blinking lights, chemically balanced, when. Aquacal ® can maintain anything from small above ground pools up to very large commercial facilities a water leak this! Internet Explorer 10 or later pipe is clogged or if debris has bypassed the pump on my filter. Significantly lower, the problem actually sucking the watter through that end tight seal an hour s always been isn’t... Then the whole thing shuts off with our pool pomp barracuda that looses suction and doesn t. In from the dealer from where you bought the motor can vary greatly upon conditions.