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The New Technology and the Music Industry

Technology and the Music Industry

- There are a lot of changes in the approach to music and music production. Do they have any impact on guitarists?
- Of course they have. New technology always brought good things and bad things.
- One of the bad things is the free downloading from the net.
- It’s not bad-only. Of course, people consider it stealth and they are right. But what about the CDs’ prices? The music companies got crazy. I don’t feel any pity for them. Anyway, they’re making a lot of money from ringtones and all kinds of things. And they made billions selling music till now.

Awards and Licks

- Who's the greatest guitarist?

- I'm pretty certain there is not such an animal. You see, worthy guitarists and worthy artists, in general, create works of art that are unique... Being unique, there's no common basis that allows comparing them. That's why awards are such bullshit! And that includes Grammies, Oscars and Nobel prizes.

- But there must be a certain selection.

The Altermann Interviews

The Altermann Interviews

A series of discussions between the young apprentice Steve Caulfield and the experienced guitar teacher Mike Altermann. In these interviews, Altermann displays his approach and his philosophy about guitar teaching, guitar evolution and music, in general.