The Best Guitar Player in the Universe

There is not such a thing. People vote usually guitarists that revolutionize the guitar technique. Jimi Hendrix and Eddie van Halen occupied the poll position. What about Roy Buchanan who invented no less techniques than Jimi Hendrix ? Maybe he lacked charisma and was never interested to become a pop star. What about Sylvain Luc and Tuck Andress nowadays?

Any decent student can learn any technique. What really matters is the music. You are not a good guitar player if you copy another guitarist's playing. Musicians are worth to be listened only if they are different, original. How can anyone compare things that are completely different? How can you tell which guitarist is better? Steve Vai or Stanley Jordan ? Marty Friedman or Buckethead ? Larry Carlton or David Gilmour ? They are all individuals that make their own great music. No other great guitar player is interested to play like any other great guitar player. He/she will try to find a style that is proper to the music he/she wants to bring to people. Music is not a competition (against the impression that stupid ceremonies like the Grammy Awards and the MTV Awards make), it just expresses a person's feeling and it sounds sincere only when the musician doesn't care what others do. 

I tried to make a list of the guitar players that I could remember that are worth listening. I'm sure that there are still several thousands that I didn't have the chance to listen to and are important enough to be included in any collection of this kind.

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