David Gilmour

Born March 6, 1944 in Cambridge, England, Gilmour is one of the most influential rock guitarists of all times as Pink Floyd is one of the most influential groups of all times. He recorded tens of memorable solos, when people whistle a Floyd tune, they never bypass Gilmour's solo.

The legendary Pink Floyd guitarist merges sensibility with megalomania in a special way. He was brought to Floyd by his crazy pal and diamond, Syd Barrett in the sixties.

Specific delayed + chorused on a Strat sound (see his rig), always ready to experiment, always ready to go back to traditional acoustic and electric sounds. Most of his work is blues influenced though he could abuse his guitar to serve the early Floyd experiments. His solos give an earthly, bluesy dimension to Pink Floyd's music. He has a very successful career also as a solo artist or in out-of-Floyd projects.

Gilmour has recorded two solo albums during periods of Pink Floyd inactivity - 1978's moody David Gilmour and 1984's more melodic About Face, the latter after the breakup of the Roger Waters - led lineup. Beginning in 1987, Gilmour has assumed leadership of a reconstituted version of Pink Floyd with Rick Wright and Nick Mason , as well as lending his guitar to a number of other artists' records, notably Kate Bush and Bryan Ferry.

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