Essential Licks - Buckethead

Buckethead's strange solos, his special technique and his outstanding stage act make him one of the most intriguing guitarists of the new age. His licks are not easy to handle, so take it slowly in the beginnining.

Let's start with a run from Jump Man. See the use of the patterns on various strings. Learn each pattern, then try the solo:

Jump Man

A bigger one in Bringe And Grab:

Bringe And Grab

Chromatic runs are one of Buckethead's trademarks. Try the solo from Revenge Wedge. It starts with three fingers chromatic patterns, then it continues with four fingers chromatic runs:

Revenge Wedge

Buckethead developed tapping technique to its limits but we'll start with a rather conventional lick:

Power Rangers

And now a short exercise:

Tap Short

Putting it in a typical chaotic Buckethead context:

Tap Chaos

Try the following lick with the right hand on the lower frets (marked with T) and with the left hand on the higher ones:

Tap Low High

And for the next one, use both hands simultaneously. Learn the left hand pattern at first, then add the right hand:

Tap Both Hands

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