Essential Licks - Jimmy Page

One of the most important and innovative rock composers, Jimmy Page was also a very ambtious guitar player. Apart from Zeppelin's riffs that he created, Page's solos were carefully conceived. There is no rock freak that doesn't know by heart Page's solo in Stairway To Heaven, for instance. We'll see some of his most memorable licks:

Maybe the first Page solo that those who listened to music back then remember, is the guitar break in Whole Lotta Love:

Whole Lotta Love

The MIDI File

Another beautiful break is the one from Good Times Bad Times:

Good Times Bad Times

The MIDI File

But Page is not only about short breaks. He also created long, carefully conceived solos. Here is a lick from Black Dog:

Black Dog

The MIDI File

Dazed and Confused was an early ambitious project. We won't look at the bowed part but to a string of blues licks that Page and many other rock guitarists use frequently:

Dazes and Confused 1

The MIDI File

Also from Dazed and Confused, the next lick shows the preference that Page showed for free strings:

Dazed And Confused 2

The MIDI File

The solo at the beginning of Since I'be Been Loving You is of a particular beauty and emotion so maybe you should see it all:

Since I'be Been Loving You

The MIDI File

And a lick from the second solo:

Since I'be Been Loving You 2

The MIDI File

Heartbreaker was another daring guitar project. Page plays a series of licks with no accompaniment. This is the beginning:

Heartbreaker 1

The MIDI File

And here is another unforgetable part of the same solo:

Heartbreaker 2

The MIDI File

Of course, Stairway To Heaven is Zeppelin's greatest hit. Page knew that the first strike is very important:

Stairway To Heaven 1

The MIDI File

Further on, Page uses a repetitive blues lick that anyone who heard it, will remember it for ever:

Stairway To Heaven

The MIDI File

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