Essential Licks - Yngwie Malmsteen

When Yngwie Malmsteen emerged, it was a shock. There were other players who played fast before but Yngwie played fast all the time. Clearly influenced by Bach, Paganini and Ritchie Blackmore, his technique opened a new challenge to all guitarists. He's got a lot of licks that are worh to be played, here are a few of them:

A classic simple lick:

Yngwie Intro

Black Star was a great piece of music to start with. Here is a fast E harmonic minor run:

Black Star 1

And, from the same song, a classic example of how to use the little finger:

Black Star 2

Yngwie created some great riffs for his group. Look at the Deja Vu, for instance:

Deja Vu Riff

There is no Yngwie song without arpeggios. And, because he deals with neo-classical music, diminished arpeggios are a must:

Diminished Arpeggio

And an example of how to play a diminished arpeggio on all the strings:

F# Diminished Arpeggio

He plays a very fast diminished arpeggio run in Far Beyond the Sun:

Far Beyond the Sun

Let's take a look at major and minor arpeggios as played by Yngwie:

Major and Minor Arpeggios

And, to finish with arpeggios, here are A minor and major arpeggios played from the low-E and A strings:


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