Good Guitar Lesson using Maroon 5's - Sugar

As many aspiring guitarists know, it's always great to practice the basics again and again. So from constantly working on scales to studying guitar theory, fundamentals will make you excellent. However, the whole point of exercises and guitar lessons is to play songs well. What's more is that songs can also be a good training tool to make you better. Case in point, there's a great video out right now that uses Maroon 5's "Sugar" to offer some pointers. So if you're a guitar player who loves the song, or you're just interested in getting better, here's a breakdown of the video.

What to expect from this Video
This instructional piece, which has been put out by, opens with the instructor, Marty Schwartz, playing the guitar piece to Sugar. About 40 seconds into the video, he stops playing and begins describing what he'll teach: a 4-chord song for beginners.

Schwartz starts by putting the capo on the first fret so that beginners can stick with easy chords. Then he covers the chords that will be used throughout this guitar lesson. What's really helpful here is that Schwartz also gives some tips for how one can double up with the chords for a variation.

Awkward Moment
While this video is quite helpful, we must warn you that it gets pretty awkward at one point. Namely, Schwartz tries bellowing out a couple of lyrics from the song in a failed attempt at channeling Adam Levine. After clearing his throat, Schwartz makes a joke that it's his AC/DC version of the song. But it's highly doubtful that Brian Johnson would sound anywhere near this bad when singing the song. Well, the good thing is that Schwartz is giving a guitar lesson here - and a very good one at that - so he doesn't need to worry about the vocals.

From here on, Schwartz starts playing the song and saying the chords out loud while doing so. This is extremely helpful to any players who are still in the beginning stages and not 100 percent on their chords.

FInal Analysis
Overall, this is definitely a video worth checking out for anybody who's looking for a song to practice their guitar skills with. Assuming you can't pull it off quite like Schwartz, then don't worry and get back to the basics. With enough practice, you'll be able to do the beginner chords version in no time.

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