Guitar Tips - What to Play

Many players are surprised when, in spite of the fact they make music exactly like the last hit on the market, nobody wants to hear them. Let's say you love Children Of Bodom, you made some songs in their style and your band plays like them. Still nobody wants you. Why? Because there is already a group called Children Of Bodom. Or, let's say you spent a lot of time to learn to play like Yngwie . Still nobody wants you because there is a Yngwie and nobody needs a second one.

The conclusion: enjoy other's music but make your own thing. Those that have idols don't make it. You want to be a real musician, be an iconoclast.

Don't restrict yourself to only one genre. Listen to blues, rock, jazz, fusion, classical and contemporary music, flamenco and raga. Only by having a wide view, you will be able to hear that new thing you are looking for and that sounds like nothing else heard before.

Your instrumental technique should serve the music. In order to be versatile, try to study guitar players that are very different one from each other. For instance: Steve Vai , Joe Pass , Stevie Ray Vaughan , Sylvain Luc , David Gilmour , Larry Carlton . For the beginning.

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