How to Listen

As books are not written for professional writers,as paintings are not painted for professional painters, so music is not made for professional musicians. Music is made for people. Its aim is to transmit a certain kind of feeling between the musician and the listener that can't be communicated on other channels.

Unfortunately, there are still musicians that make music for their fellows musicians only. There are classical composers that the only purpose of their works is to impress the scholars with their inventions. There is a lot of "fusion" that has only one quality: sophistication. Sophisticated harmony, sophisticated rhythms that impress the musicians in the audience but don't have any impact on the others. There are also guitar players that all they want is to show off.

The listener can be wrong too, even when the music is real music. There are students that are concentrating in guessing the chords, there are guitar players that get impressed with the performer's technique and don't pay attention to music. In other words: they don't feel it. There's a time for study and a time for listening. Knowledge and technique are useless when they don't serve a higher purpose: human emotion.

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