Old Songs, New Solos

Let's take an exercise that is meant to test your musicality:

Take one of your favorite songs, a song that has a strong guitar solo. Look for its MIDI file (at http://www.myguitarsolo.com/midis.htm  or http://www.musicrobot.com ). Open the MIDI file in your music editor, mute the solo guitar track, play and record your own solo. Do it again and again until you are satisfied. Now listen to what you recorded and compare it to the original solo. Is it a valuable one? Is it in your style or it still sounds like the old one?

Suggestions? I'd try Dire Straits ' Sultans of Swing, Van Halen 's Jump, Yes ' Yours Is No Disgrace, Santana 's Europe, Yngwie 's Black Star, Deep Purple 's Blind Man, Metheny 's Are You Going With Me, Gary Moore 's Jumping On Shadows but it depends on the music style you like.

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