Professionalism vs. Art

Any normal human being can be a professional. There are a lot of schools and a lot of tutorials to learn from all over the place. Who are the professional musicians? The sidemen we see in pop bands playing for Enrique Iglesias or Gloria Esteban, the instrumentalists playing for the Chicago Philharmonic, the jazz musicians playing for Las Vegas-style crooners. A professional is taught to satisfy the demands of his/hers employer and is easy to be replaced by machines. A professional musician is taught to satisfy the demands of the record company and is easy to be replaced by computers. Professionals will never create, they will only execute. They become less and less necessary.

Artists are those strange people who can't live without creating. Literally. Creative musicians won't hear in their heads the last Bon Jovi hit or the smashing Petrucci solo on the last Dream Theater record. They will hear instead melodies never heard before, surprising harmonies, complex rhythms. They will invent instrumental techniques to fit their vision.

Is creativity some kind of illness? Maybe. Most of the artists have a lot of social and financial problems because of their obsession. But they are the ones that make us step forward. Music can do well enough without professionals, it will be a bore without artists.

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