Speed and Technique

While trying to teach vibrato, one of my students said: "I don't care about these things, just give me some fast licks!" There are many guitar beginners that don't care about making music. They just want to impress their friends. Technique is not only about speed and tapping, it's also about vibrato, hammer-ons and pull-offs, slides, bends, harmonics, muted notes, tremolo bar and so on.

I had students that came with tens of fast licks but couldn't play hammer-ons and pull-offs. I heard guitar players that can play very - very fast but when time comes to play a tune it sounds boring and dry. The guitar is a very versatile instrument, the electric guitar is, maybe the most versatile of all. Think of all that huge variety of sounds! But, in the hands of a technically limited player, it becomes the most boring of all.

The guitar technique is versatile as well. For example, there are 4 ways you can produce vibrato: horizontally, vertically, picking and with the help of the tremolo bar. There are also several kinds of harmonics, 2 ways to mute notes, there are combinations between techniques like: bending and tapping and trills and vibrato bar.

Try to master as many techniques as you can and you'll notice that playing and studying will be easier and more diverting.


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