Sylvain Luc

Sylvain Luc

Sylvain Luc comes from Bayonne. Surrounded by the inspiring atmosphere of his eagerly music practising brothers, he chooses the guitar as his instrument at the age of 5. He is 9 when he enters the conservatoire and starts recording his first album of Basque folklore "Elgarrekin" together with his brothers. In the Luc family they remember with tenderness the year when he made his stage debut as Joe Dassin with a local group.

His preference for the strings is not limited to the guitar alone; by exploring the classical richness (with Jorge Cardoso), he learns to appreciate the mandolin, the violin and studies the cello for 10 years. At the age of 12 he joins the group of his brother G?rard, accordionist, and makes his second "family record", "Olinakarin". In the early 80's, when he is 15, he discovers jazz and starts his first group "Bulle Quintet". 1982 he gets an award at the Festival international de San Sebastian.

By his 20's, he is the guitarist and bassist most in demand in the region and mixes with most diverse musicians, attends his first class as arranger and obtains his first singing diploma at the Conservatoire of Bayonne.

In 1985, he meets Marie-Ange Damestoy and becomes her arranger-guitarist-bassist. 'Two years of co-operation and success which bring them the nomination for "Revelation 97" (discovery 97) at the Spring of Bourges.

In 1988, he who has been trained by his love of eclecticism, the atypical musician, he who shows his love of Basque folklore and Brazilian music, classical music and "le musette", decides to continue his musical journey in the effervescent life of Paris.

His experience grows - he arranges, composes and plays for the singer Benoit Cazenave, then he plays the bass in the trio of Richard Galliano and Francis Lassus, accompanies the Argentine singer Ja?ro, prepares his proficiency in the classical guitar with Michel Sadonowski at the UMIP, accompanies in the studios Moustaki, Philippe Leotard, Romain Didier, etc. ...

The Paris jazz world cannot afford to ignore such potential - in 1989, he works especially with Jean Marc Jafet and Andre Ceccarelli and in the following year he replaces Louis Winsbert in the group of the trumpeter Eric Le Iann. It is the time of travelling in its proper sense - concerts, tours, international festival follow.

1991 is the year of meeting Sylvin Marc and recording the album "5/5". He also contributes to the album "Solea" of Jean-Pierre Como and plays the bass in the quartet of Louis Winsberg on his tour through France and Africa.

1992 is the year of "5/5", of the group of Sylvin Marc with Eric Seva, Jean-Philippe Fanfan, Robert Persi. It is also the year of his participation in the ambitious adventure of "Plein Soleil", a meeting of choreographers (Compagnie contemporaine l'esquisse) and musicians (Louis Winsberg, Stephane Huchard, Vincent Courtois, Francois Verly, Jean-Pierre Como) in such different settings as the Avignon Festival, the Exposition of Seville and the Biennal of Lyon and, in April 1993, the Opera Garnier.

1993 is the year of his first album at Transat, "Piaia" and his co-operation with Jos‚ Boto and les Etoiles. For "Piaia" Sylvain Luc and Transat have gone to their limits. Following his inspirations during two recordings days, Sylvain chooses the spontaneous compositions and selects the recordings made, the best are the first ones... and the magic has worked. "Piaia" is a one-hour journey into emotion, is love of music, is sensitivity, a long journey. This album is distributed by Night & Day.

For a guitarist it usual to ask what are the influences he has benefited from? Here, too, eclecticism is a characteristic of Sylvain - Keith Jarret, Egberto Gismonti, Joe Pass, Gabriel Faure, John Scofield, Paco de Lucia, Maurice Ravel, Jeff Beck, Pat Beck, Pat Metheny, Allan Holdswoth and Django Rheinhardt with a special fondness for J.S. Bach and Stravinsky as well as for the French Bireli Lagrene, Marcel Azzola, Joe Rossi, Khalil Chahine and Louis Winsberg. And Sylvain meets Catherine Lara. It is like a streak of lightening and together they record the album "Maldonne" with Thierry Eliez, Pino Palladino and Andy Newmark.

It is on occasion of the performance of "Les Romantiques" at the "Francofolies de Monr?al" that the singer Klaus Blasquiz introduces Sylvain to the famous Canadian instrument-maker Robert Godin who asks him for his co-operation and suggests that Sylvain should become his ambassador of music. the guitar, their common passion.

In 1994, he increases the number of his recordings with Bertrand Richard, Antoine Illouz, Jean-Marc Jafet, Jacques Higelin. He accompanies Al Jarreau (for the TV-programmes "Taratata" and "La cigale et la fourmi) together with Steve Gadd, Neil Larsen, Dominique Bertram..)

Already in spring the two friends Sylvain Luc und Louis Winsberg surprise the Parisian public with a night marathon tour through the 5 large jazz clubs of the capital. And "Petit Deja…" (distributed by IHL) is the album of the duo showing their talent and their complicity.

At the Cannes Festival Michel Legrand invites Sylvain to open as a soloist the soir‚e of Nina Simone. Emotion!

In 1995, there are concerts with Catherine Lara. It is with her that he writes, arranges and produces the album "Melomanie". But it is also the beginning of a close co-operation with Robert Godin, the start of tours, concerts, and demonstrations for music aficionados and the promotion of the guitar. In the caves of Paris, the number of duos, trios, and quartets, especially with Francis Lassus, is on the increase. Great jazz evenings, the music is sophisticated and precise, but for Sylvain it is limitless.

In 1995-96, numerous singers, musicians and composers consult him - William Sheller, Francoise Hardy, DeeDee Bridgewater, Mario Canonges, Nelson, Fabienne Thibault, G?rard Berliner, Jean-Marc Jafet, Lokua Kanza, Michel Legrand...

Together with Catherine Lara he writes the music for the TV film "Terre Indigo", and still in 1996 he participates in a new and original creation of the album "Guitarre Attitudes" (jazz influence-13bis Record). As a bassist he contributes to the album of his friend Louis Winsberg, "La danse du vent" (distributed by IHL). He helps Yves Jaget with the preparation of "Soul Music Airlines" by Michel Jonasz before being the guitarist throughout the tour of1997. At the same time solo concerts for Godin label are successfully continued, and Sylvain works together with Manu Katch‚ on the music for the film "Le Demenageur". At the soir‚e "Carte Blanche a Catherine Lara", during the "Francofolies de La Rochelle", in duo with Steve Lukather, he thrills his audience again.

At the beginning of 1998, Sylvain is invited to play for the album of Lokua Kanza. In April 1998 (from the second to the eighth) he gives a number of memorable concerts at the Sunset Jazz Club of Paris and appears on stage with Gerard Luc, Bireli Lagrene, Louis Winsberg, Andre Ceccarelli, Francis Lassus . Then in June he begins his solo tour in the USA and in Canada..

Since the beginning of 1998 he has been increasing the number of his solo concerts in France and abroad (Nancy Jazz Pulsations; Jazz d'Or; Festival de Jazz de Tourcoing; Festival de Guitarre d'Issoudun; Festival d'Aulnay sous Bois).

In October 1998, he is invited to Strasbourg to a "Carte Blanche", dedicated to Bireli Lagrene; then, together with Bobby Thomas Jr and Andy Sheppard makes recordings for the album of Michel Benita.

Then in January 1999, upon request, he makes recordings for the new album of Andre Ceccarelli; afterwards he produces together with Bireli Lagrene, John Mc Laughlin, Vincete Amigo at the MIDEM de CANNES 1999.

In February 1999, he starts a 10-day tour in Italy together with Francis Lassus and R?my Vignolo, then he records a new album in duo with Stephane Belmondo for "SHAI", label. Distribution "SONY Musique" (planned launching date May 1999). In March 1999, he is invited by Robert Godin and Udo Rusner to the International Music Festival in Frankfurt where his music seduces the audience again.

In June 1999, he records an album with Bireli Lagr?ne (planned launching date at Dreyfus Jazz 18th January 2000) as well as his next album Solo, a public recording by "RESERVOIR" (planned launching date beginning of 2000).

In August 1999, together with his brothers Serge and G?rard he records an album whose themes deal with French music and Basque folklore (launched by Pygmalion Record at Febuary of 2000) On account of an invitation by Bireli Lagr?ne to the Festival de Marciac, he has a remarkable performance together with Elvins Jones.

Dreyfus Jazz released Trio Sud, their third CD by Sylvain Luc. His two previous releases – Duet, with fellow guitarist and compatriot Bireli Lagrene; and Sud, featuring the trio – have created an international buzz, spurred on by the gypsy new wave.

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