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The Basics of Sheet Music - Reading Rhythm

Music is dependent on rhythm; therefore, it is very important for composers to be able to notate it accurately. Rhythm is based on 2 basic properties, tempo and time-signature. The tempo is indicated above the first staff, on the practice sheet it is written as 80 beats pr. minute, abbreviated as BPM. This tells us that there is 80 beats or quarter-notes every minute, which means that we know now how fast or slow we should play the song.

The Basics of Sheet Music - Guitarists Guide to Sheet Music

You might ask me, why would you, a modern guitarist learn to play by sheet music. It is an old standard that people who play classical music use. I agree, but at the same time it is a very useful tool. Reading sheet music allows you to access an enormous library of music written throughout time. Additionally, and honestly more importantly, it lets you communicate musically with other musicians more accurately. Sheet music is quick, honest and accurate; therefore, it is almost always a requirement for session musician jobs.


EssentialLicks - John Petrucci

John Petrucci participated in several projects but he is best known for his part in the ambitious Dream Theater group. His digital-sounding runs and his guitar clinics made him very appreciated, especially by guitar students. We'll try to unveil some of his secrets.

Petrucci often uses fast chromatic runs like the 3-finger one from As I Am:

And a 4-finger run from Beyond This Life:

Good Guitar Lesson using Maroon 5's - Sugar

As many aspiring guitarists know, it's always great to practice the basics again and again. So from constantly working on scales to studying guitar theory, fundamentals will make you excellent. However, the whole point of exercises and guitar lessons is to play songs well. What's more is that songs can also be a good training tool to make you better. Case in point, there's a great video out right now that uses Maroon 5's "Sugar" to offer some pointers. So if you're a guitar player who loves the song, or you're just interested in getting better, here's a breakdown of the video.