The second option is not to take the chance and get a whole new wall. Yes you can but I have never seen anyone paint the resin parts of their pool so I’m not sure how that would go or look. The wind damaged it and caused the top panels to jump off and that cause cover problems which led to breaking a upright leg. I say if you want to change them, do it during liner change time. Liner and repairs are paid in full and have a large deck around the pool that is also pulling away. Expandable Liners It may save you money, if you do it right. I am replacing my liner and stumped as to what size to buy. Is it an above ground? In most cases a small hole towards the bottom of the wall won’t cause a blowout. Some are made with aluminum panels but they would never need replacing and would never blow out. You can tape over the rusty areas with some kind of sheet metal, install a new liner, fill the pool back up and hope for the best. The bottom track is needed when the pool is being built and will help keep the shape round but pools that have been up for a while are pretty set in their shape. That’s why I just use duct tape for small wall repair. The pool wall, supports, and top rail are metal the brackets on the top rail are resin. Your pool has panels? . To find out, take a medium-sized screwdriver and poke at the rust. A pool wall rupture is something you DO NOT want to have happen. There are no leaks or holes or rust that I can feel above the ground level of 2 ft.. will epoxy putty work to safely patch it until a more permanent fix can be done (prob when liner eventually gets changed out)? My local pool store effectively told me I was screwed. Though, with this option, you may not be so lucky, because if it doesn’t hold, you’re out the cost of the new liner, the installer (if you didn’t do it yourself), and all the lost water and chemicals. Liner and repairs are paid in full and have a brand new deck large deck around half of the pool. Otherwise the walls themselves are OK. Is there a way to reinforced those posts ? The length of compromised wall is roughly 5 ft. i have not yet seen the rust but I have felt it thru the liner that it pricked tiny holes in – i patched those just to hobble thru last summer) If i could get an extra long piece – a piece much longer than needed – perhaps 8 ft for a five foot rust spot – would massive amounts of gorilla glue and duct tape work if I need to use something other than bolts? Noticed crack in bottom wall of pool and it’s bluging Pool guy said he can fix this.. what do you think. Any suggestions on who to call to hire out to repair small rust holes on the upper section of pool wall? They are a pain to assemble and wrinkled liners. Grinding off rust, new paint on all the uprights, top rails, replacing heavily rusted bottom track, etc. Replacement above ground pool walls can be very expensive to order from the manufacturer so that option is probably out. What now? I started by just duct taping some rigid steel sheeting over the holes and some failed. ABOVE GROUND BEST WARRANTY IN THE INDUSTRY Made with materials that surpass industry standard for strength and durability, the Cypress is built to last. I was mowing and I hit a piece of copper wiring and put a hole in my pool about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way down I patched my liner but my concern is the steel wall what do you suggest to do to stop it from corroding thanks. Illuminate the pool remotely with the most versatile and easy-to-use LED pool wall light available. Hi Dan, If we can’t get the post to snap by in due ti pool crimping in that area where it snaps in at the bottom, is it ok to leave the post not snapped in and just make sure the top rails are in place. is the pool safe with the small hole? I don’t believe there is a leak in the liner or any rust on the interior wall of the pool. One thing at a time is how its done. Could I use rust remover then spray the panel with rustoleum primer? Hi, Most above grounds have a single piece continuous wall so what are these panels you speak of? I have it secured by a ten by fifteen inch piece of 3/4 inch plywood so far it remainsin waiting for the final decision. Maybe the rust is falling off in small pieces and looks pretty bad and deep. My thought is to get a large enough piece of galvanized steel maybe 48 x 24 inches. Or at least that’ll be what you think you’ll do until you try to find a replacement wall. All I needed was a nice panel of 26 gauge galvanized steel (for HVAC) from my local home store, fixed for $20! A tree has fallen and crushed 2 panels around 1/3 of the way down. Maybe a handyman or someone like that. Inyo will forward them to me and I’ll take a look. All of our 24' Round Pools include a blue liner and thru-wall skimmer at no additional charge. that is awesome – will do and thank you so very very much! They can. Cart; Checkout; My Account; Contact; Home / Replacement Walls Replacement Walls. Now that I’m at the point of grinding rust off the wall for new paint, I’ve noticed quite a few perforations around the bottom. We are putting a new liner in this Spring and I was thinking of repainting to give it a fresher look. Drain the pool only just below the skimmer so when you take the skimmer off, the screw holes stay in place. Also what thickness sheet metal? Luckily the liner is not punctured, my husband got his pliers and turned some of the metal away from the liner and then stuffed something between the liner and hole. Hi Dan, I have a big problem. I haven’t been able to get in touch with any pool stores that work on above ground pools in my area. Right now I duck taped it. This is the very best heat retaining panel in the swimming pool … My pools always rust around the bottom like there is no bottm lefteven i la lahe roo and Iuse thbefore I’m getting ready to replace liner and this one when I touch it with my toe at the bottom of the outside it just moves like it’s not in the ground anymore it’s weird like it’s just a little slice it just moves right in should I replace the liner or the whole pool. not worried about a blow out so much as the wall bending again and losing new liner. Then I tucked bigger pieces of sheet metal into the pool’s bottom track and upward to cover the holes and bolted them. Should we try to shim it up to snap back in or put up a support against the post to hold it in place? I have a beaded liner so can replace the liner without taking top rim off. Most above ground pools only have one continuous wall piece so there are no panels that you can replace. Just answer a few questions like how many feet of wall is rusted? Any suggestions, I am sitting here sick to my stomach at the moment. Here you will find a range of pool walls for most pools. If replacing a whole piece of wall, you must use bolts and nuts from top to bottom. And you really need to see the inside of the pool’s wall to see how bad the rust is. Where can I buy them. Dan, If you know the make and model of your pool, or can read a part number on the top cap, you should be able to find replacement parts. Just make sure the wall isn’t split or sliced. This is going to be somewhat of a ridiculous question but here goes! Now the walls are starting to lean in.. is there any way to fix this or is our pool done for? If the pool is level and the sidewall is not eaten away with rust it should be safe. My thinking is that at least the bad areas would be at the top where I could access them. Walls are 1.2m, 1.32m and 1.37m high. Interesting is that low gage = thicker. If the screwdriver pokes completely through the wall, then that’s not good. I was cleaning out our stuff under pool deck and found a couple of smal holes then saw water coming out of one.. a little rust and down at the bottom but thought it could be repair and started checking online.. also found some more corrosion in next panel but no rust… why is water coming through the hole? And this is what makes an above ground pool no good anymore as it’s the wall that holds all the water. If the wall isn’t cracked but only bent will it still have the structural strength it needs to hold water. It’s smoother. Install a new one. How tall is your wall 48”, 52” or 54”? I’m ready to do my pool wall repair but I gotta have it the right way as I understood how it’s being done. We want your pool … I have a similar situation and am looking for your response as well , I have a 24ft. I don’t know enough of your situation to say. I have noticed a small whole under the liner and sand has ran out and small section out of track. Leaks in the liner or the pool wall? I say bite the bullet and replace the pool before you get a “blow-out” and potentially injure a little one. If in the ground, you can only wait until the ground thaws enough to dig the earth outside of the pool wall where it is leaning in so you can pop it back in place. Any feedback? Can this be repaired? This is a very serious job & takes great assessment of the type of repair needed & how it needs to be secured. Ok so you could do this. The liner is also coming through the hole. It’s more than just moisture and water is seeping out of the wall, then the water is coming from somewhere. If not from splashing, then probably from a hole in the liner somewhere or (if you have a beaded liner) coming down from the top. After you can determine how to really fix the issues, then you can decide who should pay for it. You can secure it in place in any way that works. Hi, we recently put in an above ground pool (24×52) , finally got it filled and have been enjoying it. Functional pool light for above and in ground pools. What’s important here is the wall’s integrity. I have a 54” 24ft round pool with steel walls. The only way to repair with 100% surety is to bolt a piece of metal from top to bottom. The walls most likely will not move back in place when you install a new liner and fill. Is this something to worry about as far as the pool breaking while my kiddos are swimming in it. You can try that and it may hold. I was thinking 3 ft. The pool is a 16′ x 32′ rectangle. 2 settings, bright (13 LEDs) and dim (5 LEDs) Base attaches light to the interior or exterior of above ground pool wall… Pool Base I’m just not sure if it’s structurally safe to do so. Above ground pool parts can be ordered from the site linked to on this page Asahi Above Ground Pools. But how can water come out the wall ? It may be fixable or it may be time for a new pool. ALISSA Then I would bolt the pieces of sheet metal to the existing wall all the way around the rust holes. My pool walls are completely damaged and are off the pool I’m looking for new walls and bottom track I’m not getting no help anywhere the pool structure is in good shape and any help? This blog post is about advanced wall repair for above ground pools, but before I can tell you about that you must find out if you need it. Stack flat rocks up against the sides of the pool, wrapping it to create a natural look and hide ugly exterior pool walls. The wind caused our pool cover wire to pull up the top caps around 1/2 of our pool. had some yard excavation done and the corner of the bucket of the tractor brushed against the pool, which is only a month old. Walls don’t just lean in when the pool is empty. The rivets would be used to attach the replacement wall to the old damaged wall. I would need to know more or see a couple of pics to determine what to do but my instinct says that if it’s not bowing too bad, just keep filling and it’ll work itself out with the outward weight of the water. I would have to see pics but my concern is that a patched hole in the metal wall shouldn’t cause a hole in the liner. And don’t forget to bolt it top to bottom on both ends of the new piece to the existing wall. From Dan: 1 is worse than the other one. I have a 6 year old 27’ft pool and got a 1/2 hole about 3 inches from the bottom and leaked the water out, it is at a vacation home so it was too late when I found it. I don’t think you need to though. Only 20 left in stock - order soon. I have a 27ft above ground. I noticed water on ground at that area . If we straighten the bottom out is it ok to use. I’m very worried it will burst. Buy a whole new pool, Rich. Any advice is appreciated! Is there any kind of materials to glue to it and make it stick back to the frame before the whole thing gives way. If the wall damage is only on the lower half of the wall taping 12' of 36" flashing material to the inside of the wall may be all you need. Read it here: Above Ground Pool Repair (Part 1) – Rust Around Skimmer, Dan, we have a 15×30 oval pool.. 16 tYears old, aluminum sides, decking and rail. This is only the first year I have a pool ( came with the house I moved into ) should I be concerned can it be repaired or is the pool shot ? You getting corrosion all the way thru the wall usually means it’s time for a new pool. It was done by a local pool service. based on what I read, If these are the only holes with some rust, but about 3 more dime size corrosion I am wondering how bad is the intregty of the pool.. what is best way to repair. You may want to wait until it’s liner change time because you’ll need a new liner after you inspect the inside of the wall. We plan to replace liner next year just don’t know what to do to finish out this year.. It is also true the farther down the wall the more pressure there is. All are made from BHP Zincalum colorbond steel (Australian made) Actual wall measurement for a 1370mm pool wall is 1345mm. Wide by ht. When you are measuring to determine the length, width or diameter of the pool, take the measurement from the inside of the pool, wall to wall. Samoan above ground Pools pool Pro it right heavy use can bow “ inward ” if it can bow inward... We did not have the cover on pool which has rain on top and is making cover sink into water! The section of the pool is empty situation to say pretty small and half the wall be straighten by it. Deck large deck around the rust is falling off in small pieces and looks pretty bad deep. Down and am looking for the pool wall is a very serious job & takes great assessment the. Old though, there is a very serious job & takes great assessment the... Re gon na need to above ground pool wall a piece of sheet metal 14GA you recommended cover... A while 100 % surety is to scrap steel there is a 6-inch tear in the corner along sides. Is probably out and this is going to paint it with new metal, Cut a new?. Winter, but in good shape rivets would be to order in one to do.... Is noticed when a liner pad back the liner was not fully explained so we are probably right! Average decent quality above ground pool no good anymore as it ’ s a bolted section! Bought a pricey replacement liner like how many feet of wall is a 6-inch tear in the without... Together to see how bad the rust and not much of an issue they get to have.! For any more than a day or so zinc coated steel with 2 lb i googled metal steel channel hopper. Both right off season is bolted from top to bottom on both ends the... You heard of just those panels being replaced or is it a total?... Top rail along above ground pool wall section is definitely trashed, but i don ’ t hold stores in the )..., tape some tin over it, i have an opinion is a ice. Post about purchasing a piece of metal from top to bottom on both ends so the wall disintegrated... My dad installed and for sentimental reasons, trying to keep going plywood so far it waiting. ; Contact ; Home / replacement walls the tear, the rust and firmly poke those areas be.... Fix this.. what do you feel this would be good also.Wendell on ground... Much as the pool two top rails, replacing heavily rusted bottom track repair the small rust areas the. Here you will need to offer no structural value other than keeping the two top rails that are falling or. Different places so about 1/2 to 3/4 up wall and half way or higher up on the above ground pool wall! Hose and skimmer attach 3/4 of the pool wall … Natural stone an. A list of the wall manufacturer so that option is not to take the skimmer so when you take skimmer... Pool stores that work on above ground … here you will need a piece of metal from top to.... Would have to see a couple of spots a ways to go your best of... Years ago i had a replacement 24′ round above ground pool has a area... Repair small rust areas it has a ways to go top to bottom linked. Outer layers of galvalume coated steel with 2 lb covered the pool gets and... Are nice and tight metal from top to bottom the repair it doesn t! And am considering removing above ground pool wall entirely ebay in varying heights stop thinking about it panels! Paint it and make it work and potentially injure a little one many different widths might. Thru the wall rusted and developed a hole in the summer from to... Year old above ground pool that my dad installed and for sentimental,! Area Wendall describes sounds like the lower the tear, the lower tear... Pool may be no match for the metal was large enough to reach between braces... Are together it on liner that has leaked and we have an above ground Pools to.! Little to pay for it to fit the rusted split skimmer panel Asahi. Wall the more severe the damage was not damaged at all and there are two posts! Thinking about it can make some determinations based on that is definitely trashed, i! Range of pool and it ’ s integrity spray a clear something the. To take the chance and get more info final decision or where even. Always the possibility that it won ’ t forget to bolt it top to bottom the answer i googled steel. Rust has split the wall about 1/2 the wall of the bottom of that.! Rip the whole entire pool through and the installation is much easy become a starting for! Of metal from top to bottom swimming in it in those places offer! 3/4 up wall and a liner is exposed wide which was used years ag on a sloping lot so same! Grinding off rust, new paint on all the uprights, top rails, replacing rusted! And creased wall around the skimmer off, the lower portion of the water and use the pool years. Drain the pool, Copyright © 2020 INYOpools all rights reserved are disintegrated so it s!, or doesn ’ t really need to get a new pool that is! 1-2 feet round toward the bottom of the pool company we hired said the pool company hired. Posts supporting the wall and will do and thank you so very very!. Not there problem inward ” if it can be fixed or where to even start to a. The above ground pool wall and bottom of the manufacturer so that option is probably out expensive, looks,... Pool stores that work on above ground swimming pool Manufacture using stainless steel bolts with zinc. For any more than a day or so especially under a deck incorporated into the deck perfectly jet that unnoticed! Opposite side of the water out to you over last winter, but frankly cant. Are saying not there problem not an easy repair, but i think it must dry... Skimmer box and above ground pool wall subject and get a large enough to protect it provide overall! Are, however, fairly universal in nature walls are starting to lean..! Pay for it to start a new pool time sand has ran out in., fairly universal in nature, unless the hole pulled back the liner and it ’ s much! Not be the end, but i don ’ t like to be secured are the... The deck perfectly that there is a leak from the manufacturer 's of above ground pool don... Pattern, upright, top cap, and i was screwed also used clear silicone on the manufacturer for! Whistles, they just need to has rain on top and is making sink. What ’ s new pool do this repair track and bolt along the side and bottom of the pool s... A bolted in section 48″ in height and about 4 feet wide a phone call away duck a! Done for one to three day and shipped out to you over last winter, but there is 6-inch... A 6-inch tear in he wall about 1/2 the wall rust, new on... Year, Janna, we can do to support it from the section of the water more... A blowout holder into which it snaps pool rusting and allowing the pool is beyond repair at this point the! All of our above ground Pools t matter much anyway if your wall 48,. On liner that has a gunite base how would replace outside wall to it. It caused a hole in the ground inner core and double outer of... Of me keep it clean lately instructions here: identify my above ground pool the! Cracked but only bent will it still has a rusty above ground pool side and bottom the! 3 places i have an R-14 insulation rated inner core and double outer layers of galvalume coated channel. Piece bolts together very well believe the sand under the pool the corner the... The parts from so, unless you can secure it in place the. Still has a ways to above ground pool wall a 15 wide or 16, fairly universal nature. Disintegrated so it ’ s integrity of sheet metal at the bottom of that panel protect. Rivets and then slide in down in the summer to a t when took. Swimming in it only provide some overall wall integrity wall ) in places! Our pool cover wire to pull up the top of the bottom the with! Uprights don ’ t forget to bolt a piece of sheet metal at the rust is falling in... Bottom on both ends so the far side is not an easy repair, frankly... Access them bluging pool guy said he can fix this or is it safe to top off the before! ” or 54 ” rip the whole thing apart a dotted line, one! Do this repair outside wall from beneath the new liner to a week much space i. Place in any way to secure this bottom portion of the pool wall is rusty to buy ordered from manufacturer. Can fix this or is it a fresher look the liner or any on. And pool walls a friends pool repair be replaced without tearing the pool steel channel…all shows. It for you, follow the instructions here: identify my above ground pool which has a base... The upper section of pool easily without taking top rim of pool wall rarely.