… "@type": "FAQPage", "acceptedAnswer": { When I started training for track and field back in 1994, my coach quickly introduced me to circuit training. Circuit Training Workouts For Fat Loss By Craig Ballantyne | 01/25/2011 | 0 .
Does this movement look familiar? "author": { Power through this full-body workout to build muscle and burn fat in just 45 minutes. }] Let’s do some lunges!

Exercise #2: Sit to Stand

When you apply functional training to a high-intensity circuit, you set yourself up for an efficient workout that strengthens your muscles and promotes weight loss. While the goals of building muscle and getting cut may appear unrelated, they're actually intertwined. "name": "Can You Lose Weight with Circuit Training? Think about coming down like you’re bending to grab something (with perfect form, of course).

Step jacks are a great starter exercise as they get your heart rate up. Read on for a seven-exercise Warrior Made circuit routine that promotes weight loss. If you feel like you need a break before a sequence is over, honor that and rest!

Exercise #5: Mountain Climbers

At Warrior Made, functional training is the name of our game. ", And remember, feel free to jog in place, walk, or jump rope for a higher calorie burn during your rest periods.

Kneeling Hip-Ups, Left Side

For example, after completing a circuit of resistance-training exercises, hop on a cardio machine for just 3 to 7 minutes of steady-state, moderate-intensity exercise. Avoid injury and keep your form in check "publisher": {

This is the last set of exercises. We now know more about fat loss and muscle building than ever before. In our circuit training workout, you’ll alternate a resistance move with a cardio move. Not too shabby!

"@type":"BlogPosting", Make sure you’re not pushing with your knees, as this won’t help strengthen your muscles. "name": "What is Circuit Training? So instead of choosing your 6RM (that is, a weight that's about 80 percent of your one-rep max), I suggest subtracting an extra 5-10 percent, so you'd instead be doing 70-75 percent of your 1RM. Press your forearms into the ground and keep your shoulders in front of your elbows. Boost your natural hormone output and metabolism with this high-load training circuit. Then step each leg back, and walk them back up to squatting and stand back up. And of course, always listen to your body while working out.