Well, if you have not then it is time to sit up and take note. Wonder if you or any of the bloggers experienced this? The use of salted butter is a good choice as it makes for a more fragrant and buttery cake. Add the egg yolks, one at a time, and beat each one into the batter before adding the next. LOL, it’s ok. 8 large eggs, separated; 9 ozs (255g) castor sugar (Reduced to 220g) 12 ozs (340g) unsalted butter, softened Thanks & sorry about it. I figured it was what you were saying , I am really glad you have found a recipe that works for you , Hi is it possible to cream butter and sugar by hand whisk as I do not have a mixer like yours. Marble Sheet Cake Recipe. Now I gotta keep the cake away to stop myself from devouring the whole thing. A friend of mine made this for us when we visited her on Friday – sooooooo delicious! I suggest you buy an oven thermometer and check to see if the temperature is accurate. I try baking this marble butter cake the other day.On top of the cake crack,Not sure is it because of the mould I use. It tasted perfectly alright too. Thank you so much for sharing it! so i just baked it a few minutes more til the toothpick test came out clean. Bake longer if the middle of the cake is still wet. It is easy to make and is less likely to fail. Then using spoon or butter knife. Yes sure. Our easy sponges and brownies look (almost) too good to eat. Pour the batter without the cocoa in a lined and lightly greased 8″round pan. 5. My first solo book is coming soon! Thanks. I baked this today and it was delicious. Seems like I can’t conveniently take what is left in the fridge. This one abit different cause u need to separate the egg yolk n the white. Then all the milk. Or should I just use 130gm to the batter and 50gm to the egg whites. Hi..u mentioned for sugar, 50g to batter and 150g to egg whites? The height of my square tin is 7cm. Hi Eva no, because with so much folding your meringue will deflate and your cake will not rise very well. Thank you! Irene. Every bite is chocolatey, sweet and decadent. Marble Butter Cake Posted on 16 October, 2015 Yum. Will try your other receipe as well meanwhile happy baking and look forward to more yummy treats! Hi may I know can I use a 10inch pan instead of 8? Your email address will not be published. I am glad it worked out for you! hahaha . Marble Butter Cake (8 inch) Recipe from The Little Teochew Ingredients. My husband thought I had bought it from a bakery! It is… Fold in half the flour. Start making the crust. Hi Jen it sounds like there is a problem with your oven. We have similar cakes here in Switzerland and Germany and they are always too dense and dry! or this site may be reproduced without prior written permission. This is the easiest and the best marble cake recipe step by step, adapted from my butter cake recipe. Usually if the cake cracks it is because the oven is too hot – you will have to adjust your oven temperature. In a small bowl, stir together the cocoa, confectioners' sugar, butter and 2 tablespoons hot water … For an afternoon tea party, I recommend the following recipes. I liked it so much I simply do not dare to bake it too often because I would eat a quarter of a cake all by myself!! I want to know is there any difference if we mix the meringue to the batter, before we divide 1/3 part for cocoa part? //