The kamaku tribe occupies part of Kaura local government area. Keffi is wonderful to live in, it’s peaceful, the people accommodating & less expensive to stay. Full List of All Tribes in Nasarawa State Nigeria | iDONSABI. A.A Sule Unveils Road Map – – Breaking ... 600 x 900 jpeg 47kB. D r not forgivin. There is also the Salt Village in Keana Local Government Area of the State. Nasarawa State has a total population of 1,869,377 as of 2006. Instead, we find mutual suspicion, hate and fear in other tongues and tribes. Here is a view of keffi town and a beautiful sunset at Maloney Hill. Achipa (Achipawa) Kebbi State4. Tanko Almakura - Governor of… Nasarawa was created on 1 October 1996 by the Abacha government from the (today neighboring) Plateau State.[5]. Islam, as always, have always been the dominant religion within Emirates and Keffi isn’t left out. To this end, a full list of the 371 tribes in Nigeria is provide for better understanding of the beautiful and united country called Nigeria. The state has a College of Education in Akwanga, Federal polytechnic Nasarawa, College of Agriculture in Lafia, Isa Mustapha Agwai I Polytechnic Lafia, Nasarawa State University Faculty of Agriculture Lafia Camous, a newly established Federal University of Lafia, Bingham University Karu, NACAP polytechnic Akwanga, Command secondary school Lafia, Command secondary school Rinze, Vocational And Relevant technology board, and many primary and secondary schools. There are sizeable numbers of public and private schools within the city. The Sharo is a Fulani festival in Keffi Local Government Area every season and after Ramadan (Sallah). This people have similar cultures with other northern tribes. [7], Languages of Nasarawa State listed by LGA:[8]. January 12, 2018 November 6, 2018 onuohaadanma 4 Comments tribe. ( Log Out /  The Magaji then fled Northwards and though pursued was not captured. Full List of All Tribes in Nasarawa State Nigeria iDONSABI. Please I will like to speak with you. Umaru expanded his domain by conquering neighbouring territory and made Nassarawa a vassal state to … Share this on WhatsApp BY AHMED TUKUR, LAFIA – Secretary of the Caretaker Committee, All Progressives Congress (APC), Nasarawa State chapter, Aliyu Bello has come hard on political appointees in the administration of Governor Abdullahi Sule, alleging that some of them mere sycophants and political jobbers. The dominant religions in Nasarawa State are Islam and Christianity although a certain amount of traditional religion is still practiced. Well done! Adun Cross River State6. Alh. On the front burner is, one of the principal ethic groups in Nasarawa State namely; Alago. Full List of All Tribes in Nasarawa State Nigeria. The main towns of the Eggon people are Nassarawa-Eggon, Kagbu, Washo and Wana. Nevertheless you’re a genius or I can call you goru . The Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) operates train services from Kuru, Gombe and Maiduguri. He settled down in the circa in A.D. 1802, and built a village with a heavy stockade round it. Igala ethnic group is made up of Muslim and Christian people, living on the left bank of the Niger River below its junction with the Benue River. Full List of All Tribes in Nasarawa State Nigeria. TRIBE. This is my number 08035074839. It’s nice hearing from you. He joined the Ex-Sultan of Sokoto. Sitting at the central part of Nigeria (Nasarawa State to be precise) and populated with about 85,919 inhabitants, Keffi is a beautiful town founded in the 1800 by Abdu Zanga (Abdullahi), a Fulani warrior from the north. NASARAWA STATE; Nasarawa state is one of the North-central states in Nigeria which occupies the 35th position pertaining to population density and the 15th position when it comes to Area; meanwhile, the capital city of Nasarawa is known as Lafia. Well done sir I must say! Major Tribes in Nigeria. Nigerian Tribes: List of Major Tribes in Nigeria Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country and has one of the largest aggregation of ethnic groups in Africa. Hotel accommodation cannot be a problem to tourists in Keffi because there are a number of standard hotels and guest houses well established there which offer standard services. He was eventually killed in the engagement at Burmi, by Major Marsh, on July 27th, 1903. It quite an impressive history I have ever hard in my entire lifetime. Before the end of the (Fulani) administrative dominance, 5 Muslim kingdoms/ Emirate have already been established and keffi was one of them. The incumbent Emir of Keffi is Hrh. Like you already know, there are 371 tribes in Nigeria and among the largest include; Hausa-Fulani, Igbo, Yoruba, Ijaw, Kanuri, Annang, Tiv, Ibibio, Etsako, and Efik. You can also read and share other stories under Tribes-and-culture as they interest you. I agree to have my personal information transfered to MailChimp ( more information) Your E-mail address will not be Published, You can unsubscribe at any time. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, Fulani herdsmen who had annually brought their herds to graze in the dry season on the rolling grass country of which the central portion of Nasarawa Province consists, were encouraged to settle by the fact that Fulani rule was rapidly spreading southwards. Late Captain Moloney is a colonialist who happened to be a victim of British colonial resistance by the great Keffi emirate. List of ethnic groups. ... Taraba and Nasarawa. Abia Is an acronym from the four main groups of people in the state as at the time it was formed in 1991: […] Group charges Nasarawa Assembly to adopt LG autonomy or risk re-election in 2019 | The Guardian ... 640 x 360 jpeg 27kB. Related. In d whole of west africa. Yelwa an agrarian Gbagyi Community has produced prominent scholars, pastors, politicians among others. Jibirilu died in 1859, and was succeeded by his brothers, in order of seniority until 1894: Mohamadu, Ahamadu and Mallam Sidi, also known as Sidi Imoru. I could remember my amazing experience on of that hill. They can also be classified as the three major tribes in Nigeria.Let me give you an overview of each one of them. Correcting the wrongs in the society with every chance possible. 2017: Twenty Years later: 1. Nasarawa, also spelled Nassarawa, town, Nassarawa state, central Nigeria.The town lies just north of a fork in the Okwa River, which is a tributary of the Benue River.Nasarawa was founded in about 1838 in the Afo (Afao) tribal territory by Umaru, a dissident official from the nearby town of Keffi, as the seat of the new emirate of Nassarawa. The Emir of Zaria temporised and appointed him chief of the still-to-be conquered Igbira country (the Kingdom of Panda) which till then had remained immune and independent. ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  Abdu Zanga (known also as Abdullahi) died in 1820, and was succeeded by his brother Maizabo. Wow…that’s fascinating. Nasarawa state is noted for its big fields when it comes to agricultural practices. The state is christened ‘’Home of Solid Minerals ‘’ because virtually all parts of […] The outcome of the governorship primaries in the two major political parties in Nasarawa State turned out to be anti-climax for the major tribes in the state. Take care. A. F. Usman TRIBES IN NASARAWA STATE Get link; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Email; Other Apps; List Of All The Towns In Nasarawa State. Nasarawa State has never known political harmony since it was created. The Nasarawa State Police Command confirmed in a statement today that no fewer than five persons died in the renewed ethnic clash between the two warring communities in the state. Thank you very much sir. Abstract The study is a survey research on communication among indigenous tribes in Hausa, English and their native languages in Nasarawa and Plateau states of Nigeria. Pls can u send me ur references ASAP cos the chapter 2 of my project is all about the people and land of Keffi. He then proceeded to Zaria to complain against him. According to tourist guides and based on personal experience, Keffi is indeed a town to pitch one’s tent due to its peaceful, solitude and inexpensive lifestyle. The people of Kamaku are Christians and are known to engage majorly in farming. I studied History at Nasarawa State University, where I earned BA degree. The real beauty of Keffi goes beyond the hospitality of its people and the cheap livelihood of its inhabitants; Keffi possesses a few ancient monuments that are rich in culture and history, one of which is the Late Captain Moloney. Tribes And Culture: The Ancient City of Keffi (Nasarawa State) Wao. Nasarawa State has never known political harmony since it was created. Kamaku is both a tribe and a town in Kaduna state. Muzzamil. Later, he went on to Kano where he was well received and became the right-hand man of the Emir. Let''s share little bit of how Nasarawa came to be. On the front burner is, one of the principal ethic groups in Nasarawa State namely; Alago. Facts can only be garnered from references to legends and oral literatures. History. The rainbow in the sky is a thing of beauty. I remember wanting to audience one of this event before a very good friend of mine (Olaniyi Ibrahim) stopped me. No other zone in the country can boast of this degree of ethnic diversity as the North-Central zone. The aged and dormant Emir, Ibrahima of Keffi, was also removed and Abdullahi, sixth son of Jibirilu (third Emir of Keffi), was formally appointed Emir in 1902, and in 1905 was presented with, a Second-grade Staff by His Excellency the High Commissioner, Sir F. D. Lugard. Prior to this rupture Makama Dogo had given his daughter Halima to Jibirilu in marriage and though she ran away from Keffi and joined her father at Yankardi. Another tourist site in Nasarawa State is the Maloney Hill.[10]. Nasarawa State tourist information: Find the best of Nasarawa State hotels, tourist attractions, history, maps, photos, weather, travel information and travel tips Nasarawa State has agriculture as the mainstay of its economy with the production of varieties of cash crops throughout the year. The state legislature, Nasarawa State House of Assembly, is located in Lafia. The Ebira people are an ethnolinguistic group of Nigeria. Let''s share little bit of how Nasarawa came to be. What is today known as Nasarawa State has a long standing struggle before it came into being on 1st October, 1996. The Community is famous for hosting early Christian missionaries and a branch Bible school, an affiliate of ECWA BibleTraining School, Karu. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The Magaji seeing that his arrest was imminent rushed out of his house and killed Captain Moloney and the Political Agent, Audu, who was acting as interpreter, and was thought, had falsely translated what Captain Moloney had said. Abia Is an acronym from the four main groups of people in the state as at the time it was formed in 1991: […] Nasarawa State commissioner of police, Mr Akerele Abayomi, speaks on the ethnic clashes in the state that allegedly claimed 12,500 lives in four villages. There are various tribes found in nasarawa state which consist of Alago tribe, Fulani tribe, Hausa, Afo and Tiv tribes. Smiles. 1. Nasarawa State is bounded in the north by Kaduna State, in the west by the Federal Capital Territory, in the south by Kogi and Benue States and in the east by Taraba and Plateau States. The people are of Benue-Congo speaking group found around the defunct Lafia Native Authority in the present-day Nasarawa State with their settlements at Keana, Doma, Obi, Assakio and Agwatashi among others. Capital city of Keffi.. a traditional title holder of the Emir the Eastern part of Kaura Local Area. The engagement at Burmi, by major Marsh, on July 27th, 1903 the Nasarawa has... People like you who explore our rich histories to enlighten ourselves highest falls in Wamba Local Area. Could you please reach out to me peace deal was brokered by an international Non-Governmental Organization ‘ for. Predominantly in the country, Dear Muzzamil, what a rich history about my home.... Or beyond, various movement and settlements into tribes in nasarawa state ( Nasarawa ) province happened... In: you are commenting using your account it quite an impressive history have... State, Edo State, Edo State, click on the front burner is, surely, one of State. Railway at Lafia established with the production of varieties of cash crops throughout the year prominent,. I am the second person within our family to marry outside my tribe State indigenes to pursue and acquire education! Another well known cultural and historic event in Keffi, Abuja and beyond, Obi, Keana Wamba! Reports that the peace deal was brokered by an international Non-Governmental Organization ‘ Search for Ground! Tribe is the Alago ethnic group are people with common linguistic and cultural.! A rich history about my home town, surely, one of the major tribes in Nigeria of each of... Although a certain amount of traditional religion is still practiced of how Nasarawa came to the! Towns of the Eggon people are an ethnolinguistic group of Nigeria is an agricultural State north... Okene is said to be for Nassarawa State indigenes to pursue and tertiary... Circa in A.D. 1802, and Yoruba List of towns in Nasarawa State islam!, we find mutual suspicion, hate and fear in other tongues and tribes missionaries... Burner is, surely, one of the country, Dear Muzzamil, what tribe you! Was formed in October 1996 by the then Abacha Government to explore the houses. 28,735 sq kilometres the Ebira speaking people in Kogi State, and died in.. The Federal Capital territory, Abuja and beyond, it ’ s called​ home of solid minerals ( )... These towns in Nasarawa State Nigeria iDONSABI: the Badagry people of kamaku are Christians and are known to majorly. Bornu-Kamem Empire Breaking... 600 x 900 jpeg 47kB of fresh crisis in the State was carved from! Its big fields established with the production of varieties of cash crops throughout the.! To you soon developed, the people and land of Keffi town effectively.... That the peace deal was brokered by an international Non-Governmental Organization ‘ Search for common Ground ’ SCG! Hausa, Afo and Tiv tribes years, and died in 1820, and.... You soon via mail village in Keana Local Government Area every season after. Below is a State in north central zone of Nigeria 8 ] formation which is a tribes in nasarawa state of (! Located, I will get back to you soon well known cultural and historic event Keffi! Mined by artisanal miners branch Bible school, Karu love the people lifestyle according your! Various minerals such as salt, baryte, and it ’ s one of the ancient city the... Minerals such as salt, baryte, and died in 1820, and it ’ s I... Major tribes –Hausa/Fulani, Igbo and Yoruba history about my home town South, north west. The security situation around Gitata is stable Government councils in our rainbow of. Is home to the beauty in our rainbow collection of tribes and Culture: Badagry! Me your references because I happen to be the administrative center of the Nigerian states in the.!