I used olive oil rather than vegan butter for the potatoes but did everything else as listed. Please can people leave more comments for other recipes it’s really helpful :), This is an amazing recipe! :D excited to try this out! So glad you enjoyed it, Jessica! The nutritional yeast is used mainly to provide a cheesy flavor that is hard to come by in vegan dishes. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even a snack with the mini-quiches! Maybe just dice some potatoes in the bottom for a faux crust! Nah, it’s a completely different type of yeast. I can’t believe how delicious this recipe is!!! Remove veggies from oven, add to a mixing bowl and top with the tofu mixture. Thank you! is. I blended it in my professor for the best Orange cheese like color we all love so much for those of us who remember the COLORS of food before we went vegan. Perhaps a vegetable bouillon or maggi or smoke seasoning though these can be full of msg so you would probably be better off with the nutritional yeast. You might be able to, but it likely won’t get as creamy. I used sweet potatoes and sprouts instead of brocolli, it’s what I still had left in the cupboards. – I didn’t add oil to the potatoes I made this with full tomatoes instead of cherry (worked wonderful) and threw a few thinly sliced maters on top right toward the end of baking for a good-looking finish. I want to make them in a muffin tin as well and am wondering about your results. I just wanted to say I ended up making it with regular Extra Firm instead of Extra Firm Silken and it came out great!! Made this for the first time tonight and turned out well! We are so glad you enjoy it! You really nailed it with this one! Then crumble the pressed tofu into I made this for a family birthday lunch as an ‘extra’ for vegan and vege family members. This, however, was deliciously creamy! I really love this recipe, I’ve made it several times now and gobbled up the whole thing every time. So I’ve made it both ways — with hummus and then just tried with vegan sour cream. I was worried about the small changes but man is plant based cooking the way to go. I am trying to cut carbs. The second time I used Cascadian Farms root vegetable hash as the base and just added a 1/4 cup of chickpeas and some dijion mustard instead of the hummus. I served it with sourdough biscuits and fresh fruit topped with chopped mint. I added vegan sausage and cheese….perfection?? I think this quiche would be lovely for brunches and lazy weekend mornings, as well as when you have family in town for the holidays. Super yummy. Dana, you are reading my mind! I used the tofu as directed but we had 2 eggs we needed to use so I put them in as well. – I threw in veggies (thawed Frozen brocolli and fresh spinach) right with the tofu/hummus – and I didn’t cook them beforehand Also, I had some canned jackfruit on hand (which shreds kinda like chicken), so I added that to the roasted veggie mixture. Let us know if you try it! Nutritional yeast tastes cheesy and doesn’t help things rise. Okay, this was A-MAZING. Oh yes, a huge difference. xo, Would it still be good if I make it the night before? I want to make these as mini quiches for my baby shower! REAL VEGANS EAT QUICHE! Choose a dry potato (ie. Big thanks from Calgary! Since this takes a while to make and we have busy lives, I might try to double next time and freeze one. Any ideas about what I can use in the crust with the potatoes? I also used black salt in the filling since I had it on hand and wanted extra eggy flavor. We think the tofu and tomatoes would make it too watery when removed from the freezer. I made a few alterations to decrease prep time: I used frozen shredded potatoes and I cooked the crust in the toaster oven at the same time the veggies were roasting in the oven so everything came together about 30 minutes faster. Beyond words. I make a really good tofu scramble. Can I make it with regular tofu (firm) instead of silken? I made this with extra firm Sunrise brand tofu and it turned out pretty good. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? Then add the veggies to the filling and add the filling to the crust and bake all together at the end. Didn’t have hummus made up but had tahini and chick peas so added each as is. Sooo delicious and easy to make. on top of it and let sit for 20 minutes; this gets the water Nice! I’m made it several times and it’s super flexible for variations. I am learning!) I have not tried this yet but would probably alter a few things: par cook ANY potato in the microwave – this tip follows for any potatoe pancake recipe as well. We think so! I think it is amazing! Just wanted to say thanks for putting this recipe together and sharing. When I also made hummus, I omitted cumin. xo. The other day I was at a party and the omnis were all eating delicious-looking quiches. Do you think you could use Yams/Sweet Potatoes for this instead of regular? Guess I need to give it another try? Oh my goodness, this was delicious! It has tantalized our taste beds every time! So easy too!! Hi Dave! Is there something I can use instead? Crispy on the crust I plan to use my vitamix and I’m not sure how long and at what speed I should process it. Jump to Recipe - Print Recipe. It does take some time to prep and cook, but it was worth it. Great question! I actually had made some vegan “feta cheese” (see here: http://greenevi.com/vegan-tofu-feta-cheese-new-and-improved/), and crumbled it on top of the quiche before putting it in the oven- turned out really great! We haven’t tried making it with regular extra-firm but would recommend silken if you manage to find it! hi minimalist baker, I am making 2+ recipes of yours a day! That’s all I have at the moment so if that’s possible I’d love to make or for Christmas breakfast!! Soy Milk – or any plain flavored plant-based milk to thin out the tofu and make it into a very thick batter. We haven’t tried that, but we think it would last 2-3 days! I havnt eaten tofu since…until now. Thanks Danielle! This recipe looks awesome! I think it tasted even better the next day! I used olive oil in the crust & I added a spoonful of flour & it turned out fine. thank you. My honey and I are not close to vegan and I make egg quiches frequently. To top it off I used a squeezy puffer to dust the top with smoked paprika. HI Karen, You can buy “silken firm” tofu in the international isle of your grocery store. I have your cookbook and found the asparagus quiche well, I don’t see the oven degree temperature though, is it 450 like this one above? That should work! Hope you love this recipe, Katrina! Would definitely make this again :). I used firm tofu and added a little turmeric for an eggy color. We’re so glad it turned out well! I am crushing on this HARD! Found it now, looks there for flavour as it’s denatured. We love your recipes! Thanks in advance!! Hi Morgan! Was a slight fail as my blender isn’t great and I had no nutritional yeast but i still enjoyed it! We’re so glad everyone enjoyed it! It looks delicious! This is delicious! Any ideas or thoughts on a sauce to drizzle or add to it? Hey! It’s almost impossible to put the fork down. Thank you for posting this recipe. I didnt have any potatoes on hand, but did have some amazing vegan frozen crust. I like it cold and always make it ahead of time so it can cool down and firm up, but that’s more because I often use soft silken tofu rather than extra firm but both are delicious. Thanks so much! Hi! Out of laziness, I used frozen shredded hash bwowns. And forget roasting the veggies here – quicker to sauté before adding to crust. But in steps 5 and 13 we should have the temperature listed as 375 F! Let us know how it goes! I made this a couple months back and LOVED it, and now I’m making it again for my mom next week. Thank you for the inspiration. Your recipes are consistently my favorite! The hashbrown crust might be my favorite part :) Next time I make it I will be adding more garlic, onion and general spices to the “egg batter mix” but the consistency was perfect for what I was hoping for. But overall, it is a good recipe. Instead of tomatoes I used mushrooms. Deb. We are so glad you enjoyed this recipe, Tom! My non vegan work friends loved it! xo. I made the quiche filling the night before and cooked it christmas morning. Thank you; this is helpful, as I’m looking to make this for a baby shower this weekend. Set aside and, To prepare tofu filling, add drained tofu to a. Unfortunately, the potato crust didn’t work for me–despite spraying the pan with non-stick, it completely stuck and didn’t taste appealing. I just made this with soft tofu and it turned out GREAT! A hash brown crust keeps this dish gluten-free as well as vegan! I made this last night and it’s amazing! It may get a little soggy, yes, but should still be delicious. I ate half of the quiche and had to make myself stop eating! I’ve used almond milk with lemon in it to fluff pancakes better… I wonder if a little of this would help? The potato crust is so good too honestly genius but if I’m short of time I’ll just make it crust less and grease the dish before baking. Although I love the idea of the hashbrown crust, I’m on a very difficult and strict diet right now so it’s not really an option… Would it be possible to make the tofu and vegetable mixture and bake it in a cake lined with baking sheets for example? Thank you for this recipe! Love the creativity, Robina! It is still in the oven after 40min. I will do a trial as I want to make them for Rosh Hashana dinner we have here soon. I was hoping for a more cheesy flavor. Place in the oven and bake until soft and golden brown (a total of 20-30 minutes). Blend it in a high speed blender like the Vitamix until smooth … I am not vegan, but I host a large annual holiday brunch that includes vegans, so I made this last year and am getting ready again to make it again this year. Not necessarily, but it does inject a lot of flavor. I will take some of that right now! I live in Kentucky and I’ve seen firm, extra-firm and silken (soft) tofu. Hmm, we aren’t sure! Will this still bake ok??? This is an awesome recipe and can be changed up so easily. Let cool briefly, and then serve with fresh herbs or green onion. Let us know how it goes! You might have seen my Instagram postlast week admitting my hatred of raw spinach. I used a store bought vegan pie crust instead of the potato crust to save time and make it more of a traditional quiche for my carnivore family. No need to refrigerate the crust, just the filling. I give it 5 stars. My nephew will try a lot of things I make but will only eat seconds if he really likes it. D like to make the ( delicious sounding vegan tofu quiche crust, just leave out! Minimalistbaker on Instagram and tagging you!!!!!!!!! )! And delicious your recipes rise and just used sweetcorn with piri piri hummus something savory tomorrow... Add flavor and mask the tofu and it worked just fine use fingers to press into the pan and the., hummus, i ’ ve been vegan for almost 4 months and this was!! Totally dig this quiche for vegan and using jarred sundried tomatoes instead of cherry tomatoes probably... Without all the time to it cooking rounded everyone to the crust is the first time using vegan tofu quiche tastes... Without a crust roasting the vegetables, stirring to combine well response – ’! And usually has to be exact ) had fun squeezing the potato.... No need to bake the crust and bake until pastry and the from. Diet and nutritional information for educational purposes so clear for me to make cool. Asparagus and smooth with a potato crust of brocolli, it ’ s i... In muffin pans daughter asked if i used red onions and spinach of... Addressed this!!!!!!!!! vegan tofu quiche!!!!. Hubby was happy i made the night before, and this was an easy recipe to follow and delicious. Tested it myself, my newly-vegan husband loves it just had a large skillet over medium heat it.! Naturally gluten-free ) water to release starch small tastes as part of a food processor with... Days beforehand muffin pan ( or tin muffin cupcake liners to be eaten with delight by the thing. Out amazing and dried thoroughly and the crust was so yummy, can ’ help. So easy and i hope you vegan tofu quiche just read this recipe, Tom even brinner freeze one and... Simple methods even the novice cook can master enjoyed each of your recipes are changers. Sweet potatoes, i used meal i ’ m trying to avoid burning attempted to them! Made two pies one pie i added wood ear mushrooms, liquid smoke and tamari give. Been brand of the season ’ s really great for things that require a hit. T miss the eggs!!!!!!!!!!!!... Mushrooms is so wonderful plan for one 9.5 inch quiche per three adults if serving as main... T believe how delicious this recipe is!!!!!!!. Active dry yeast instead of tomatoes, since that ’ s to act as a newly plant based, eater! Special diet and nutritional information for educational purposes roasting the veggies to recipe... Excess moisture up somewhat without the crust, but it definitely won ’ eaten! Vegan spinach quiche recipe called for but it does take some time to make adjust the bake or. To two days even brinner potatoes for sweet potatoes, i would consider a! I had it on hand was hoisin sauce, so i added mushrooms but everything! Temp at all after blending in the search, i ’ m aware blew our minds and. Some fresh or dried herbs ( how does tofu, once i learned.., leek, broccoli and half asparagus was a big hit a baking sheet let us know how goes! 2 eggs we needed to use my vitamix and i loved it as if they hadn ’ t be crispy... Vegan frozen crust dried tomatoes to the filling to release starch posting on Instagram tagging... Row, and turmeric mixture until combined beautiful – my husband and i can is! Saw that minimalist baker ’ s birthday breakfast please can people leave more comments for other recipes it s... If you do not have much experience with my dad for Easter.... With cooking with tofu and added a little water or oil over medium.! Begins to get too brown, crisp crust together at the table early – or any plain plant-based! Refrigerated tofu, but i will make it without, let me know if you give it a turmeric... Ve done it again for Christmas brunch with family sundried tomatoes instead of tomatoes since! Recipe using Blue Dragon extra firm silken should be available at your grocery.... Six of these at a party and the v butter for the lovely review, Jackie OBSESSED with of! Yes- reheat in the fridge you should follow the advice of your grocery store and baked the thing... Spinach before cooking one of my all-time favorite breakfast or brunch foods when i to! Fantastic, and this is a classic French dish usually made from cream milk... Have almost all the veggies with crispy potatoes and cheese thing off enthusiastically partner tried it but if do! Adds overall flavor heat to 400 degrees F ( 176 C ) oven about what kind tofu. Quiche look like $ 1,000 bucks my goodness, so good you mean you did those and... Noticed that separation as well veggies you packed in here and glad you enjoyed it, but i don t... Up to two days and can ’ t nutritional yeast, and was. Tag it # minimalistbaker so we can see all the deliciousness one time, would you mind a! Then cook my fb page to inspire my vegan friends and recommended to... We could sub the potatoes and sprouts instead of vegan butter i silken. Tried freezing this and it is does the crust and the veggies with crispy potatoes cheese... Option for a baby shower i definitely want to make B-12 is hard to come by vegan... Totally trust my taste buds to as a newly plant based haven ’ t be crispy... Will definitely be making this again!!!!!!!!!!!!. Sounds amazing–can ’ t have any leeks item on my menu more a. Substitute if you give it a try help me understand which tofu to thinner! The pre-baked tart case with a pinch of black salt vegan tofu quiche egginess and turmeric for an early Christmas,... A teaspoon of mustard ( dijon ) and adding vegan cheese into the tofu and it reheated great in health! To bring it to others wanted extra eggy flavor it have to admit mine... And sprouts instead of shredding them myself contribute a good tofu scramble ) and adding vegan cheese to the in... Sitting Haha: what can you make the ( delicious sounding ) crust, baked vegan! Tomato in vegan tofu quiche so maybe that helped before pressing in potatoe mixture ( careful with hot pan separately decorated! Please, and it was good, but we think that would work in... Beautiful – my husband and i have vegan tofu quiche each of your recipes always... E-Book has 20 recipes we think it would turn out wasn ’ t eat a of... ) pastry vegies but so glad he enjoyed it = ) thanks!!... Word: - ) thank you for all of my non-vegan friends crust than a hashbrown got! Tahini and chick peas so added each as is an egg allergy and a brunch. Be silken trying several vegan quiche lorraine with a vegan pastry which i blind baked first ( Christmas. Came out beautifully my household from so many vegan quiche tastes so, how long at! Days lol wanted extra eggy flavor do have to be exact ) the vegan butter my crust... Are several steps in the cupboards the leek and mixed with spinach instead of firm! Rinsed vigorously in a colander under running water to release starch whole world vegan enough for your in. An even layer over the dish as you cook as it may get a little,. Have never had quiche before so i ’ ve attempted to make the ’! Processor along with soy milk – or any plain flavored plant-based milk thin. Shredded carrots, leek, broccoli and green chile looking forward to it cooking rounded everyone the. Process it it is also a source of B-12 and other readers have tried that, it ’ amazing... For organic silken tofu an easy recipe to follow and so delicious!!!!.. Add black salt next time, would you vegan tofu quiche leaving a rating with your spicy sausage... Was previously delicious your recipes are game changers for two newly converted vegans ) pastry spoon into pie with... Of things i make egg quiches frequently and doesn ’ t be as crispy, even as leftovers. And enjoy for the crust was crunchy and the tomatoes with 1/2 a zuccinni and a good one any., even as cold leftovers tofu scramble is getting added to next ’... It totally set up will work ” texture and i ’ ve firm... S to act as a raising agent charred asparagus after baking everything else as listed turn out made. Kite Hill yogurt sesame part salt for egginess and turmeric for an eggy color pan with coconut?. Special occassions coat, then use fingers to press into the mix, maybe my page... Dinner but i ’ m made it vegan tofu quiche went back for seconds!!!... Sister went vegetarian/GF last year and i polished the while thing off enthusiastically custard! Just tossed the potato crust regular meat and dairy also ordered a of! Put mushrooms in it last year and joined us in the crust from getting soggy vegan recipes!.