Web sites for individual units and commands of ground forces are found here. The WW II and Korean War battle honors awarded to the 25th AAA are now carried by the 5th Battalion, 6th Air Defense Artillery Regiment which is currently inactive. (The 12th AAA Gp also arrived in 1951; the 242nd AAA Gp was in shipment to Europe at the time the article was written.) 203 AAA Grp; 1st Bn redesignated 86th AAA (Gun) Bn; 2nsd Bn redesignated 592nd AAA (AW) Bn; 3rd Bn redesignated 299th AAA (SL) Bn. General Order Number 12, 1 February 1946, lists the units entitled to battle credit for the Guadalcanal Campaign as they appear in parentheses. The 88th Infantry Division was an infantry division of the United States Army that saw service in both World War I and World War II.It was one of the first of the Organized Reserve divisions to be called into federal service, created nearly "from scratch" after the implementation of the draft in 1940. quick and efficient manner in which the AAA units assumed their wartime role on December 7th. Back to all Army units 1st Infantry Division – Big Red One 2nd Infantry Division – The Indianhead Division 3rd Infantry Division – … The AAA Group served as the Headquarters for command and tactical control of two or more AAA Battalions. Units are listed as they were designated during the campaign, with later changes and redesignations shown in parentheses following. Submitted by Mrs. Joanne Emerick, Hoxie, Kansas. On 1 September 1963 the battalion was consolidated with the 6th Artillery Regiment. This section is under construction. Both these units were part of the 34th Brigade, 7th Army. 6 on on 26 July 44 and used to relieve other units at the Arno River line. 361st Infantry Assn WWII 364th Fighter Gp, 8th AF & Support Units Honington Eng WWII 390th AAA-AW Bn WWII 397th AAA Bn, 40 MM Anti-Aircraft Bn 413th/523rd Army Ord 435th OMS Enroute Maintenance personnel, Rhein Main AB, Germany 440th Signal Battalion, all eras WWII Japan Korea Germany Croatia 440th, 465th, 467th, and 472nd Sig Btn Based Upon "GENERAL PATTON'S SECRET WEAPON" by Werner L. Larson, Lt. Col., USA (Ret) Condensed and Edited by John R. Fisher, Lt. Col. (USAR) (Ret) Published in the USA By The 443rd AAA Association Posted by Bennie J. McRae, Jr.. DATA SOURCE: National Archives - Washington, DC/Suitland, Maryland (Note: For additional Armored units see also the Engineers, Field Artillery, Infantry, Medical, Ordnance, Signal, and Military Police categories.) Coats of arms of US Army units are heraldic emblems associated with units in the US Army.Under Army Regulation 840-10, each regiment and separate table of organization and equipment (TOE) battalion of the US Army is authorized a coat of arms to be displayed on the organization's flag, called the "colors". 197th Anti Aircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalion. US Army Table of Organization and Equipment Intro to TOE. on the 197th AAA AW BN of the U.S. Army - … 1391), IX Tactical Air Command (Decree November … So, I thought this would be a good opportunity to list the American anti aircraft units protecting Antwerp from German V-1 buzz bombs. I have his unit's itinerary from when they boarded the Niew Amsterdam in New York, debarked in Scotland, and crossed the Rhine. 93d AAA Gun Bn 204th Radar Maintenance Unit 7th AAA Auto Wpns Bn 2d Plat, Btry A, 295th AAA Search-light Bn Armored 706th Tank Bn (Medium) 708th Amph Tank Bn 715th, 773d Amph Tractor Bn Chemical Supply Tm, 1st Provisional Chem Det Co A, 88th Chem Mortar Bn Engineer Hq & Hq Co,1118th Engr (C) Gp NOTE: This summary of Army Tables of Organization and Equipment includes only combat and directly related major support units. 717), 3d Armored Division + certain attached units (Decree November 7, 1945, No. The War Department allocated AAA Groups on the ratio of 1 Group per 4 Battalions. You should also look at Military Organizations and the many resources of the other Olive-Drab.com History sections for further possibilities. 514) and some attached units (Decree April 28, 1947, No. The 260th AAA Group is a District of Columbia National Guard unit. 81st Airborne AAA AW Battalion U.S. Third Army [edit | edit source] LTG George S. Patton, Jr. 109th, 115th, 217th, and 777th AA Gun Battalions 456th, 465th, 550th, and 565th AAA AW Battalions 280th ECB - Engineer Combat Battalion - NON Divisional Unit (later assigned to the 9th Army) III Corps [edit | edit source] MG John Millikin. AA guns and move by train to Camp Pickett, Virginia. The main series of WWII Army unit records is the World War II Operations Reports, 1940-1948 in Records of the Adjutant General's Office, 1917- (Record Group 407). Strength varied from 3000 to 5000 men. These records consist mostly of unit historical reports, after action reports, unit journals, and general orders. 01.03.1944 = March 1st, 1944] Army Groups Navy ship web sites and aviation units are found in the corresponding history sections of Olive-Drab. Distinctive Unit Insignia Infantry Unit Rosters and Unit Photos. Hello all- I'm searching for information on my father's unit-Btry C, 815th AAA AW Bn. Please note: dates given are day-month-year [e.g. Title Seeking records of 448th AAA AW during WWII D C Jan 8, 2020 7:19 AM Seeking information on 448th AAA AW (mobile) in the Metz, France area during the time of October and November 1944. Many AAA battalions were disbanded to provide replacements in … ETO, AAA Organization and Equipment of AAA Units Author: United States Forces, European Theater Subject: European Theater Board Keywords: Reports of the General Board, World War II, WWII, European Theater, European Theater Board Created Date: 7/5/2002 11:18:16 PM This site is to collect/share/discuss information/pictures etc. There it was reconstituted as the 443rd AAA AW … At the Regiment level, AAA units were organized as either mobile (T/O 4-11) or semi-mobile (T/O 4-111). When we can find the time, and get enough response from enthusiast people who like to contribute to the site with information, scans etc., this site could grow into a marvelous reference work on World War II military history. All other units from different countries can be included in due time. AAA Units in the ETO. Many of these units were later formed into the 473rd RCT(see below). It was the first NG unit assigned to NATO to arrive in Europe. Formed in 1945 from HQ 2nd Armored Group, 435, 434, 532 and 900 AAA Battalions: Tank Battalions: Independent armored units that were assigned as support units. Generally, the files do not include any personnel or medical information. AAA Image Gallery Image 1: The 197th AAA AW Bn shoots its way onto Omaha Beach, D-Day, 6 June 1944 (click to enlarge). The 25th AAA Battalion was inactivated in Germany on 1 September 1958. 1330), 9th Infantry Division + certain attached units (Decree November 20, 1945, No. Previous divisions were composed of either Regular Army or National Guard personnel. Item No. Since AAA units usually wore the patches of larger units to which they were attached (the 225th wore both the insignia of the 9th USAAF and the 1st Army, for example), such patches are both rare and colorful examples of unit pride among antiaircraft … WELCOME! 443rd AAA Automatic Weapons (Self-Propelled) Battalion; 455th AAA Automatic Weapons (Mobile) Battalion. The 443rd CA AAA AW Battalion of Fort Sheridan, Illinois, emerged as the nation’s number one unit and in August of 1942 it was ordered to turn in its towed, 37 Mm. US ARMY/AIR FORCE? 3864), XXIX Tactical Air Command (Decree July 7, 1945, No. Military Unit Histories & Websites. Links to Other AAA Units. The son of a GI in the 184th AAA Gun Battalion and I have been emailing recently. He had a question about one of his father's ribbons. units, as well as some of the G-2 periodic reports, include map overlays, and many of the reports also include maps. Brigade level AAA units were organized under T/O 44-10-1. The maps have been transferred to the Dwight D. Eisenhower Map Collection. The cantonment camp included the 45th AAA Bn. Photographs depicting unit activities and unit personnel, including many high-level officers, have been A 'Korean-War' draftee in 1953 with AAA-training at Fort Full 'O Bilss, Texas, I was assigned to the Hq and Hq Battery, 27th AAA AW Bn in Vogelweh (Kaiserslautern) Germany, and was deployed there between August, 1953 until Sept, 1954. Edward G. "Ed" Boyer was wounded near the end of the war, and flown to Valley Forge General Hospital after losing an eye. U.S. ARMY UNITS STATIONED IN THE PACIFIC THEATER WORLD WAR II/AFRICAN AMERICAN BASED IN THE PACIFIC. WWII/Post/1950s? 572 likes. I am not a collector and am unsure of exact time frame, how the item is described and where and how it was made - please use pictures and your own personal knowledge to verify what you are bidding on. However, this massive buildup of AAA units became largely redundant when another formerly poor relation of the US Army, the Army Air Corps, wrested command of the air from the Luftwaffe in 1943 and 1944. These units were first commanded by the 53rd CA Brigado (AA). THE DAVE KAUFMAN AAA PATCH COLLECTION The following pages are devoted to antiaircraft artillery (AAA) patches of the Second World War. 2d Armored Division (Decree May 22, 1945, No. The Hawaiian Antiaircraft Artillery Command was activated on March 16, 1942, and commanded by Brigadier General Harold F. Nichols. Formed by IV Corps Field Order No. Formed from the 45th AAA Brigade, 91st, 107th, 434th AA Groups and 751 Tank Battalion and Co. B of 805 Tank Destroyer Battalion. Tank Battalions that served in Italy: 751, 752, 756, 758(Light), 760: Tank Destroyer Battalions: Independent units that were assigned as support units. 204th Coast Artillery Regiment (Anti-Aircraft) Louisiana NG Insignia authorized 1942, approved 1943 Constituted as 204th CA (AA) Regt, LA NG and organized from elements of the 156th INF Regt, LA NG. THE HISTORY OF AN UNUSUAL WORLD WAR II UNIT. The 34th AAA Bde contains both heavy gun (90mm) units as well as mobile automatic weapons units. PATCH-Unknown Unit/Sqdrn "1-AAA" ORIGINAL!