For Gateron, this rate is 35g for one of its linear switches. They are credited with inventing much of the mechanical switch industry. Actuation Force: Medium: Tactile Method: Metal Leaf: LED Styles: SMD RGB w/o lense Single color thru-hole RGB thru-hole: Tactile Peak Force ~63 gf: Actuation Force ~46 gf: Bottom-Out Force ~60 gf: Spring Force ~60 gf: Overall travel ~4 mm: Tactile event ~2 mm: Actuation ~2.7 mm: Cross-point: Unplated cross-point Linear red switches offer a classic feel. Operating force: 55±15gf. End force: < 110gf. Also, for the highest pick force, Gateron comes in at 80g for its Green Clicky, while Kailh stands at 60g for its Box Black. Gateron is also noted to have a slightly more recognizable bump sensation on actuation. Gateron Yellow switches are the fastest Gateron optical switches available. Hold a silent snap than others. Table of facts Stem Actuation force Feel Key travel Black 60 cN Linear 4.0 mm Yellow 50 cN Linear 4.0 mm Red 45 cN Linear 4.0 mm Clear 35 cN Linear 4.0 mm Brown 55 cN Tactile 4.0 mm Blue 60 cN Tactile (audible) 4.0 mm Green 80 cN Tactile (audible) 4.0 mm GATERON is located in Zhongkai High-tech Zone. Gateron blues have been reported to have slightly more key wobble than their Cherry counterparts. On the other hand, some users prefer the stiffness of Cherrys. Gateron switches, as counterparts of certain Cherry's switches, are usually accepted to be smoother and have a slightly higher actuation point than Cherry's. AT THE END OF THE DAY IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN A SWITCH OR SPRINGS, JUST BUY AND TRY THEM OUT :) Cherry switches do have a noted scratchiness. Gateron Silent Red | 45g Actuation Force | 2.2mm Actuation Point. You can easily press the key without having to put any stress because of the low actuation force of this switch. Main point before you start to read my subjective rant:-Gateron yellows feel like lighter BOX Black switches from start to finish.-60g SPRiT springs feel like slow curved Mx Reds - slightly higher initial starting force. While some users claim that the scratchiness decreases with use, there are several disappointed Cherry users that aren't able to adjust to the scratchy feel. -->. The way the user types is probably the most significant factor. While Gateron began its life simply producing Cherry MX clones, they have taken a more innovative role in the market more recently. These switches offer a satisfying bump on actuation, without the loudness of clicky blue switches. The answer to this ultimately comes down to personal preference. Lasting Value. Winner: Gateron; The actuation force varies widely. Gateron Optical Yellow. Cherry switches are sometimes reported to require relatively more actuation force near the bottom of the keystroke, thus allowing users to more easily avoid bottoming out. For some people. Since its establishment in Huizhou, Guangdong, China in 2000, it has grown into a factory with more than 500 employees and more than 10,000 square metres. We have prepared the best couriers for you. Well, the Gateron Yellows break that very convention, being a mass-produced great linear switch at an affordable price point, satisfying everyone's craving for an authentic linear experience. Across its entire range of switches, Gateron clearly focuses on producing a key switch that is smooth and comfortable for its user. HuiZhou is under 100 km away from Hong Kong. Gateron Silent Clear | 35g Actuation Force | 2.2mm Actuation Point. Huizhou Gateron Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Actuation Distance – this indicates at which point the switch is pressed down hard enough to translate information from keyboard to computer. Gateron Switches. Gateron MX switches , Optical Switches Transparent switch Lifetime: 100 million cycles Available in Black , Blue, Brown, Red, Clear, Yellow, Green Gateron switches are smoother and have a slightly higher actuation point than Cherry Mx Switches Cherry began producing its MX switch in the 1980s. Not only are they great from the box, but their characteristics are slightly different, having a slightly higher actuation point and sometimes can be even smoother than their more expensive competitors. Winner: Gateron; The actuation force for both switches is similar along some lines, but the Gateron stands out with the lowest actuation force many gamers and typists will appreciate.