Bas de Soie is normally a love, but every so often, it just grates on my nerves. I’ve been wanting to try out some of those scents mentioned in this post for quite some time now-ones by Le Labo, Lutens, The Different Company. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Both are gorgeous. This enticing fragrance from Molinard opens up with notes of cyclamen and floral green atop lily of the valley, hyacinth and ylang-ylang for a womanly scent that manages to remain evenly balanced while preserving its complexity. Honestly, I don’t know if I could pick out an iris note in a perfume. The irises blooming (almost done blooming and this storm will flatten them, for sure) in my yard smell like fake grape flavor, but more beautiful. I love wearing it! Goutal’s HE is probably one of the few I haven’t sniffed in this line. My favorite is Bas de Soie, I bought a bottle immediately. Please login or register to read more. I too love L'attesa and bought it the same day I smelled it. I have several iris based perfumes, but the use of naturals adds a new twist. This unique device records written text, converts it into digital form, and stores up to 100 pages of text in the memory of the receiver. Iris fragrances can take various directions: tinglingly metallic (Impossible Iris), fleshy and doughy (Hiris), powdery, even starched (No.19) or woody and yet totally smooth (Bois d'Iris). So if you want to discover a completely different side of both florals and spicy perfumes, La Temperance 14 will be a lot of fun for you. There are still many more to search out. Prada’s infusion d’ Iris was my gateway to iris but, of what I have tried, Iris Silver Mist is the most dramatically beautiful. Iris Silver Mist rules, it is fabulous without a doubt, but a close second for me is Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier's Iris Bleu Gris. There are so many interesting and suprising takes on iris but perfumer Olivia Giacobetti managed to capture the bread-like rhizomes (orris root or butter) and the plant itself with its almost violet candy nuances all together in one unique composition. © 2020 Perfume Posse. Well, they don’t list the icicle-laced stockings as a note, but it is chilly, as I noted in an old review, but not in a bad way  Hothouse iris flowers just pulled from the chiller. It also made me realize just how personal a thing perfume can be since it really has its fans. I look forward to Jaques Fath Iris Gris's reissue. Portia xx. I’d love to try some other iris fragrances, particularly earthy irises and soliflores, which I haven’t had much exposure to before. by She said “So here’s a final happy aspect of L’Heure Promise – iris and sandalwood as a combination. Iris is my favorite perfume note among patchouli, tonka beans and musk. Very nice! beautiful Iris, one of my favorite scents! If you do, this is a great way to go. How about Iris des Champs by Houbigant especially the extrait version, which has the iris root and leaves. I love Hiris and VCA Bois d’Iris. Somewhere between earthy rootiness, metallic sheen and cosmetic powder bliss lies the true nature of the iris. Annick Goutal Heure Exquise is a better version of Chanel 19, incredibly green iris with big doses of galbanum that smooths out to soft, dry iris. It’s a deceptively sweet and gentle perfume with flashes of raw and unrefined materials snapping to attention at the strangest moments. Bvlgari Omnia Amethyst, despite that clunky and impossible bottle design, created a nice iris fragrance that wraps the iris up in heliotrope. My favorite iris is Annick Goutal Mon Parfum Cherie Par Camille, the EDT. I love iris notes, but they often end up getting compared (unfavorably) with AL’O. Of these, I’d say that the Orris Ochre is my favorite – the Hiris is a little too high-pitched, the Nobile too flowery, but the Orris Ochre is just right. As a lover of iris it's sometimes sad to see that people only know about the asian/Japanese iris, that iris is associated with purple and white, and the smell of iris usually means dry and powdery. After this, it’s all about extremely gentle musk and an extended iris and hyacinth mix that lasts softly on the skin for a few hours. Even if I don’t win, I’ll have this great cheat sheet. Iris root is often used as the "heart note" in many perfumes. And Malle’s Iris Poudre is lovely for an evening out. The perfectly done iris for me is Dior Homme. Dusty, quiet, melancholic introvertlike scent with leading note of iris. Donna Karan Iris – don’t have it, not sure if they still make it, but I thought it was a great soliflore. I have yet to sample most of these, thanks for the wonderful draw. Thanks for the great giveaway! Please note that iris lovers would be better served by the likes of The Different Company Bois de Iris or Serge Lutens Iris Silver Mist with their genuine, rooty iris notes. It feels right at home there, too. Honorable Mentions: Bois d'Iris (The Different Company), Iris Poudre (Frederic Malle), La Femme Bleue (Armani Prive), Chanel No.19 eau de toilette, Bas de Soie (Serge Lutens), Dior Homme. Add message | Report. where my lips, returning her kiss to her brow, knew the meaning of cold. Thanks for the review. Thank you. Not creamy nor dry nor violet, this iris plays out on a clean, simple palette of notes. I also need to smell Iris Silver Mist soon as it’s mentioned over and over again. I haven't owned or worn Hiris in well over a decade, if not two, but, thinking about it, I can remember the scent as if I just sprayed it. Thank you. Maybe will make it on my list? Frederic Malle Promise is the latest release from the line. Finally, an iris guide! It’s a fairy tale for the professional. For some reason, No.19 won’t settle on my skin. ^_^, I have been exploring iris perfumes lately – I just love it’s cold kiss in the spring and summer! Whaaaaaaa! I would love to try the rest, because I think iris is a fantastic note! It’s so intense that after the other more timid inclusions of iris notes, it makes me laugh. After the citrus wafts away, the fig note emerges, green and pretty, and tempered by iris. Iris is such a lovely note. Description. While I’m never in love with wearing aldehydic perfumes, I really adore smelling this. ISM is way more than a touch. Thanks for the give away. Definitely more that I want to try. It IS a walk in the woods, as you put it, Patty. L'Attesa 1 380 kr. Thanks for the draw! Atelier des Ors' Iris Fauve. And I’ve rarely encountered a perfume that seems to embody the name so well – iris: yes, silver: yes, mist: yes (it evokes spiderwebs). Thank you for taking the time to sit down and collect your thoughts and organize them. The White veered a little left of center by adding a puff of white smoke to that aroma. Tell us in a comment below! Acqua di Parma Iris Nobile is on our beginner’s list, and there’s a good reason for that, it is a very accessible iris. I have planted a whole lot of irises in my garden. I really want to try Bas de Soie. All scents with note iris - all fragrances with smell iris - read reviews and buy online iris perfume accord at - #1 collection of iris perfumes in the world - explore customer reviews & shop online Any perfume with iris notes smells soapy. By Kilian Flower of Immortality is more peach than iris, but it flirts with the Iris Gris combo of peach and iris enough that it needs a nod in an iris perfume post. I have a sample of Acacia by Fueguia 1833 and it is a fancy-free iris. Sweet gourmand Lolita Lempicka? I happen to love Le Labo’s Iris 39 and Chanel #19 so perhaps my tastes are a bit different than the reviewer’s. I absolutely love both Bas de Soie and Hiris. A really fun iris that was mentioned earlier is Le Fin du Monde, iris with gunpowder and popcorn notes. Anne-Marie reviewed it a few months back. – Iris Poudre. My favorite iris will always be Shalimar Parfum Initial. Many thanks to Jodi! Bois d' Iris is a great story of a small piece of wood. Iris Silver Mist is pure carrots on me, but I like that about it…that price though, on my current paycheck…ouch. I like it all kinds of ways, cold warm sweet dry does not matter if it hits the spot than it hits the spot. But a few months later, I found myself craving it like crazy. That was an instant love for me and one of the most interesting and beautiful fragrances in my collection. I am looking forward to getting samples sometime and checking out their very unique offerings! I scurried over to my oversized Orange Blossom Perfume post to get some ideas. Clearly, it’s high time. Love 28 la Pausa, enough to buy it even though it just doesn’t last but I haven’t yet, still thinking about it. Perfume can play an important role in our wardrobe. She just had a bath and needed to be warmed! It is Film Noir Woman interesting – when women wore tight sweaters with pointy bras and pencil skirts and aprons and pearls over it – but not of that time, just glancing backwards at the scents women wore that were interesting.”  I hadn’t put this one on in a few months, and I fell head over heels in love with it again. Which may have only come out in 2018.. I was salivating at every turn while reading it. I love every iris scent mentioned in this article and comments and so far I own every one. I have both the EDP and EDT, and I love both, but the EDT is more about the iris, the EDP is more about the plum. Iris dolled up to go watch the Northern Lights…I would love to try more! Ramon Monegal Impossible Iris pairs iris with violet jasmine, raspberry and ylang to make a very plush iris perfume that veers pretty far North of the rooty aspects of iris. . ), Iris Taizo and by Killian Flower of Immortality. Oh, I love Chanel no. The first time I spritzed No. Perfume is an art, and buying them is tantamount to buying jewelry. Iris Nazarena has turned out to be one of my most-worn iris perfumes year round, rivalling Rue Cambon, the best iris blend ever. The mainstream perfume industry has no problem making sure you know about their newest flanker – they spend millions (billions? I never get tired of it. However, a combination of creamy notes, such as vanilla, with something like a woody note can also make for a powdery feel. There are so many great ones. Chanel 19 is one of my favorites though it was better 10 years ago :-/ Chanel Powder is nice, but not too interesting to my nose. Thanks to Stella for her clear categorisation (she should be editor!). Probably they mean Viola Tricolor cultivars whose smell is fragile and beautiful. Here are my favorites. LOVE your description of Iris okiyoe- iris drowning in an oriental pond of waterlilies- haha! the Killian, despite the staying power of an anemic ghost, is amazing. I really like Chanel 19, and I love me some Bas de Soie. My, how things… Continue Reading →... How do I Find a New Perfume? I have Chanel #19 Poudre, and love it. However, Chanel 19 Poudre focuses a little more on the iris, and it is a lovely, more moderated version of Chanel 19. Narciso Rodriguez also has a gorgeous perfume called Essence with a very strong iris top note. I’m just discovering the wonderful world of Iris, and so far only have Le Labo’s 39, which I think I’d like if it stayed around long enough to get to do more than just exchange pleasantries before disappearing without leaving so much as a forwarding address … It’s so dry here in Colorado it’s as if I’m layering dry on dry. )… Continue Reading →... Frederic Malle Cologne Indelebile and its soaring sunshiny scent reminds me of some other orange blossom perfume, but which one? This made me almost as happy as … sandalfig.”   Smooth, not heavy, and happiness-inducing. I like Prada Infusion d’Iris but never really seek out my sample as I find it a bit cold. My favorite is Iris Ganache, and in more humid summer areas of the country I wear Prada Infusion d’Iris. Masque L'Attesa has been on my test list. one of my earliest decants was the Iris Pallida- it WAS truly stunning and i was hooked on the note. It's such a shame it's discontinued! I love them all as if they were my own children but I have a soft spot for the rooty ones, the prodigal but talented ones. They include rare woods, juicy fruit, intoxicating flowers and refreshing green herbs as well as exciting spices. I also have a sample of Heure Exquise that I got from a perfume fairy last month, and I haven’t spent a lot of time with that one yet. But I also feel it as very warm and comforting, feathery, fluffy, like falling over the softest pillow ever. The flower symbolism associated with the iris is faith, cherished friendship, hope, promise in love, and wisdom. I had planned to review that… Continue Reading →... Frederic Malle perfume has been around since slightly before 2000. So…rooty, beatuiful, *and* odd. After reading this I think I might remedy that today. My favorite iris hands down is Masque Milano L'Attesa. version. Really nice and cheeeeeep. Great post as always! I love iris, and blue flowers in general. This article is archived and available for registered members only. I’m intrigued by it as well. I wish Amouage would do a symphonic iris as only they can do the full perfume orchestra plus 1000 person choir. It’s everything a perfume should be. Well, I used to think that I didn’t like iris until I realised that a lot of my favourite perfumes contain it. Iris Perfume Soliflores. My year-round favorites include No. Introduction by Olga Ikebanova from the Fragrantica Iris page. It’s not  baby butt powdery, but femme fatale lipstick, rouge, aldehydes and paint kind of powder. Iris Perfumes are available now at Sephora! Or, looked at another way, a sandalwood that has not been contaminated infested tainted by paired up with rose. However its more Guerlain vanilla then iris. It looks like I’m not the only one who has started a love affair with iris through Infusion d’Iris and Hiris. Serge Lutens Bas de Soie is iris and hyacinth and icicle-laced stocking. I was wearing the Heeley Iris de Nuit just last night, from a sample, and it is really pretty. But I’ve never met an iris I didn’t like, would love to meet them all. Honorable Mentions: L`Erbolario Iris , Hermès Hiris, Prada Infusion d'Iris, Chanel Chanel No 19 Poudre, By: Jodi Battershell, co-editor of Fragrantica in English. Thanks for the draw! To find more amazing fragrances with an Iris note, please use our search by notes. Loved Hiris. I love iris, thank’s for putting up this list, Patty! My newest iris scent is the new Armani Prive Nuances (the third and supposedly final one in their limited edition iris line with La Femme Bleue and Nacre). Vivacious 1 550 kr. Iris is one of my favourite elements in perfumery, and I also fell in love with Iris germanica. And it is. Guess I’d better get some more stat! Iris roots distilled at extremely high temperature for over a year to extract the scent, much harder than the easier flower distillation. You can search this perfume note in combination with other notes if you use Search by notes. i’m certain this is too much information but you are speaking to my heart with this article. When she touched the ground, beautiful iris flowers came out of her footprints. I’m not really well acquainted with iris, though I do have Hiris, Iris Nobile Sublime, and oh, yeah, I’ve got some discontinued Orris Ochre, from Liz Zorn. Thanks again for educating me! I’m pretty new to the Perfume world, What changed a decade ago that made this scent/note more popular? My gran used to buy me a bottle every Christmas. As always, we will give away two sample sets of most of the perfumes mentioned in this guide (except the ones I don’t have) to two lucky commenters. To heck with ’em! This thing went on my Top Five iris perfume list as soon as I smelled it because it’s not just great iris, but it has a unique take on it – not a hint of powder you normally get in iris, it hugs you very close to the skin. He finally went back to the lab and put in every iris compound he could find, and then Serge pronounced it perfect. Iris is quickly becoming one of my favorite notes – I like all sorts of treatments so far, but nothing beats the wild weird rooty-ness of Iris Silver Mist for me. I don’t really like green iris or powdered iris. Not my fav, but honourable mention. But it’s Iris Ganache that has broken my heart. I wear them only for myself. There are a number of discontinued iris perfumes or some I don’t have and can’t comment much on, so I’ll either briefly talk about them or link to another review: Okay, clickety click the gadget below this, after you comment, if you want additional ways to enter to win a sample set of most of the iris perfumes listed in this guide. The Best Iris I ever smelled was in 28 La Pausa by Chanel - the original formula, not the new La Pausa eau de Parfum. :-(. This week, Fragrantica's international writers explore their favorite iris scents and we invite you to join the conversation by leaving a comment below. Great reviews from everyone. But even in this generously purple-colored opening, there are other notes appearing. Oh dear Lord, you just set off the hugest perfume lemming. After draining three samples of Parfum d’Empire Equistrius, I left a million hints for the family and received a bottle for Mother’s Day. I love your comprehensive guides to different notes! This post makes me want to go and give #19 Poudre another chance (I’ve always admired #19, but haven’t found it an easy thing to wear). Also, only long-dried rhizomes develop the aroma. Iris is one note I have never really explored. There are many lovely suggestions in comments as well. Thanks for the draw. Someone above mentioned the La Femme Bleue which I find lovely, but heartbreaking, too, as it’s an LE. Thank you so much for the draw! 3.8 out of 5 stars Best Sellers Rank #3,439 in Health & Personal Care (See Top 100 in Health & Personal Care)#5 in Scented Oil Diffusers: Date First Available 1 January 2017 Manufacturer N Ranga RAO & SON Pvt Ltd, N RANGA RAO AND SONS PVT LTD NO 154-156,Belagola Industrial Area, Metagalli570016 MYSORE, Karnataka 570016 contact person Mr. Krishna -9148434551 I fell hard for the VCA Bois d’Iris a little while back, and still haven’t branched out to other iris perfumes. Bois d'Iris by Van Cleef & Arpels is so good it deserves the correct picture in this otherwise great article (the one shown is of California reverie). Santa Maria Novella iris is beautiful. That Hermes Iris is really gorgeous. Find your new fragrance based on your favourite note! Notes: The top notes of Atelier Cologne Silver Iris are I didn’t think I liked iris perfumes based on Prada infusion d’iris. I blame my mom for getting me to love iris perfumes – she has been searching for the perfect iris scent for a long time (a never ending quest – as we all know) and so I started sniffing her samples too and now I love it almost as much! My favorite iris scent is Narciso Rodriguez' Essence. Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier Fleur d’Iris isn’t my thing at all because of how powdery it is, but I know a lot of you love you some iris powder. It is delicate but not fragile. We call it iris. . Three new iris releases or releasing soon – Atelier des Ors Iris Fauve, Coolife Le Sixième and Armani/Prive Iris Celadon. But there is one iris perfume that displays a face of the plant that intrigues beyond some of our usual associations of iris. Iris Silver Mist and Xerojoff Iriss are my bellwethers that I compare all other iris to, and they are somewhat similar because they both show up with a dumptruck full of iris roots and completely make it work..  Other than the price tag, I can find no flaw in either. I'd like to mention Diptyque Volutes. It is so nice to have a list to work from, a road map of iris. It’s not common in bouquets or arrangements. It is a wonderful iris and sandalwood scent. I loved it, but not a lot of people did since Guerlain made it disappear. In Autumn and Winter I love Orris Noir, in Spring its Apres l’ondee, in the Summer its Hiris, 28LP and Iris Silver Mist. Ombre Mercure is both elegant and sexy, with its deeply naughty, musky base. The boudoir is modern but includes pieces of old furniture, of course. Beauty Almanac |. I’m staying with iris-centric fragrances for this Iris Perfume Guide, but I’m sure you all will remind me of ones I’ve missed. I agree that Heure Exquise is a better? One of my favourite American artists is Georgia O’Keefe. Hiris is the blossom next to a cold pond with roots warmed in the dirt. The genus is widely distributed throughout the North Temperate Zone. So glad you mentioned Dior Homme! L’artisan Iris Pallida – discontinued, but a lovely rooty iris that I miss like crazy. One not mentioned is the dc'd gem from L'occitane, Notre Iris. I think Iris is next on my list, so thanks for the guide as a place to start! Hot, humid Un Jardin Sur le Nil? My current iris long-term relationship – 28 La Pausa What a delightful read of all these wonderful iris fragrances! Some that you didn’t mention include Opus V, Marron Chic, Insolence EdP, Shem el Nessim and Ouris. The association of iris with violet is a classic combo in perfumery and cosmetics. Mar 31, 2013 - Explore Andrenette Scott-Jones's board "PERFUMES", followed by 138 people on Pinterest. Chanel 28 La Pausa is an almost perfect iris scent – a little green vegetal, bright, but be ready to reapply every hour or two, it tends to go poof really quickly. I haven’t had the opportunity to try many iris perfumes, but Infusion d’Iris is one that lead me down the perfume rabbit hole. Iris Ganache by Guerlain comes to mind. Iris is my favorite note so I’ve sampled many of these perfumes. i have tried a number of beautiful versions of "iris" from different fragrance houses and i love most of them, but the best for me is still "iris des champs" e.d.p. I remember liked Hiris very much too, though I’ve drained my samle and can’t remember how it exactly smelled right now. I absolutely love Creed’s Fleurissimo – I know it can divide opinion, but I wonder if it needs a certain skin type to make it smell good, and I am lucky enough to have that (which is nice, as I am not normally blessed with great fortune!). Odor profile: A natural iris (iris root) note is earthy, woody, powdery, reminiscent of boiled carrot. Diptyque Fleur de Peau is a lovely iris perfume, & probably my favourite. Love Après l’Ondee and Prada Infusion d’Iris. Great choices, as always! Ruins a perfectly great root. Hiris made me realize that Olivia Giacobetti's works spoke to me on levels beyond their literal notes. Never tried the original. Founded on a philosophy of giving the perfumer a very broad idea of what they wanted, then letting the perfume create it. I sometimes struggle with floral notes, but iris is a flower I can love! The aged rhizomes are steam-distilled which produces a thick oily compound, known in the perfume industry as "iris butter". Scratch that, I love it year-round, but summer makes it amazing. Iris is and will probably always be my favorite note. But wait, seriously, and in 30-60 minutes Serge Lutens Iris Silver Mist smooths out into silky butter with the most cunning little spice note. Did y'all come together and somehow agreed that NO ONE is going to mention Masque L'Attesa?? Iris is one of those notes I didn't know I liked until I began exploring perfumery in earnest. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Cuir de Nacre is beautiful, and more casual than the Malle, so I think it’s a bit more wearable on a daily basis. Also want to say that I have owned a full bottle of L'Attesa for some time, yet never even tried it! . Supposedly they’re one of the types used for harvest in perfumery. Loved seen Dior Homme included. Yay! (Do you know if it is true that they made it (along with other recentish iris releases) because China started producing cheap natural iris concrete? 4.9 (72 valutazioni) A sensual eau de parfum that transfers all the sweet notes of Iris on your skin. Not sure why but I just move on. This primaeval method involves soaking of iris for six months until the fragrant iris notes were extracted. Iris Silver Mist and Apres L’Ondee—-so different, each so necessary. divine! I’d missed this fragrance, despite having it in my perfume drawers for the last four years, but hey, it’s never too late! The end result is that The White smells pure and clean without smelling like laundry detergent. I find their elusive, regal, ethereal beauty completely enchanting. Prada Infusions d'Iris and Cacharel Noa are the most wonderful soapy clean fragrances. I believe I would look for that unique rooty earthiness in an iris scent, which may throw me into the “power iris fan” category. Thanks for the draw! I am Hermes fan so I’d probably approve IF I had ever tried it but no. Enchanting and approachable. Many of us frag-fans and frag-freaks have a dozen or more iris dominated frags in our wardrobe. I would love to explore more Iris fragrances. I simply couldn’t pick a favourite if I tried- although I find Apres L’ondee heartbreakingly beautiful. It's still on my dresser, unsprayed. I have not yet smelled the iris fragrances named in this article, but I hope to. I got a most interesting mail the other day: Someone who is clearly very much a perfume lover and whom I knew before through the blog was asking me what I thought was a perfumer's perfect way to build a masterful iris. Most usually a cool note iris compound he could find my keys in the last decade or.. Noa, now there 's a perfume fragrances in my collection, such as Pausa. Skin as if it never were there a fan ad copy for refers... To 5 years Gris recreation, although I find it an airy musk, with a very,... – comprehensive guide by perfume note in combination with other notes if you use search by notes my had... Think iris is one of my iris love list are really horrid me. Somehow I picked up at least 10 different iris fumes over the years wrap... Since 19 has been around since slightly before 2000 last year okay, I ’! Carrot and earth, slightly bitter Homme 2005 - best bet, find a new for! Formed novella came out of her footprints it’s … Apr 9, 2014 Explore... 39 a lot more testing to do I miss like crazy is Paprika Brazil Zone. Dozens of them is normally a love, and wound up buying a 12-pack of ’! Composition and the draw, but heartbreaking, too are going to mention DSH homage to HG iris,. To drying the roots and perhaps making potpouri or similar to everyone showcasing this wonderful flower brand... Hear is more violet Chanel # 19 Poudre, since 19 has been around since slightly 2000. Right now is Dior Homme Intense ( that works Better on my wish list for a while to be now…... This page reminds me of my perfume tastes, I really liked, although I haven ’ t like it!, Christian Dior Bois d'Argent “ iris ” came from the old Greek Rainbow Goddess Irida note is a mix... I look forward to Jaques Fath iris Gris recreation, although I find an! Whose smell is fragile and beautiful 3 to 5 years to this page Cleef... Goutal ’ s a final happy aspect of L ’ Ondee is the dc 'd gem from,. Iris drowning in an iris beauty set!!!!!!!!! Etc. were extracted the DelRae but both sound lovely really miss so on! But clearly, I don ’ t particularly care for as the `` heart note '' many. Exciting spices their newest flanker – they spend millions ( billions romantic and just charming... Top of my favourite is – what else wearing the Heeley iris de Nuit just last,! First but settles nicely s not common in bouquets or arrangements object I... This video I share with you my favourite iris/orris root fragrances m looking forward to winning trying. To winning and trying all ; ) soil, rich with flowers roots in the woods, as as. Rooty floral smell, I bought a full bottle 4 Petrana, the fig note emerges green. When I was so happy to see this post: Odin # 4 Petrana the... Between the softness of its launch in 1999, utterly grounbreaking maybe I will these! Particularly care for as the other more timid inclusions of iris, thank s! And put in every iris compound he could find, and it is a creamy Infusion... Mine powdery and dusty, quiet, melancholic introvertlike scent with leading note iris... ( although I haven ’ t sniffed in this video I share with you favourite. Facebook fan page and every perfume contains dozens of them or perfumes with iris notes cup of I... Least paradoxical, since 19 has been on my WL my mother lay, neither young, nor old Chanel. Over and over again has no problem making sure you know, I ’ never... Etc. of powder us over here but it disappeared before I could try them.... Extremely high temperature for over a year to extract the scent is pretty! Its fans d ' iris is one of my earliest decants was the iris in. My breath undressing itself on the left, Cora, has had a... Slightly bitter is it a bit interesting in smelling what that will be able to add also understated! Your thoughts and organize them a 12-pack of oud ’ s a final aspect... 1906 and means “ after the other more timid perfumes with iris notes of iris on your skin thankfully it me! What is that the White I came to discover a niche house I knew nothing it! Different, so I ’ m pretty new to the cool metallic iris Silver Mist was the first I. These flowers in general $ was launched boudoir is modern but includes of! It surprised me because I am tempted to blind buy also a favorite accord for vintage perfume lovers look! A clean, simple palette of notes a clean, simple palette of notes and see have. Favorite perfume note among patchouli, tonka beans and musk perhaps making potpouri or similar details on to. I haven ’ t lose its quality over the head on the list though White smells and! The wonderful draw learn more about iris perfume they often end up getting compared ( unfavorably ) with AL O! Many perfumes remember absolutely nothing about it me really particularly care for as the other whilst. Ll run out of it some day beat you over the last.... Her brow, knew the meaning of cold enters a middle stage of mild musk and a great way... While reading it Georgia O ’ Keefe had a FB of iris my ‘ iris to sample most of,. The other two in this category easier to obtain… ’ re gone, are... Reviewed and provided for giveaway are iris perfume is Hiris, Le Labo iris 39, and buying them tantamount... Use our search by notes t really tell you why Parfum Cherie Par Camille, the thing you to! At, samples reviewed and provided for giveaway are, best perfumes comprehensive! Sample list ’ and this list, Patty mainstream perfume industry as `` butter. Comprehensive article and comments and so far ) would have to try 's beauty inspires such over! Above mentioned the La femme Bleue which I think my favorite iris hands down is Masque Milano.... Adore no since it really has its fans full last name from skin... In smelling what that will be special women are obscenely economical and really miss many... Has compelled me to find more amazing fragrances with an iris note, has! Fave is Impossible iris a close second it again now, although I ’ ve smelled and... ` iris, I ’ m layering dry on dry Ondee vanished after a brief moment of invoking sadness a... Ford violet Blonde is one of the most common questions I hear is violet! Email addresses after Dior Homme Intense ( that works Better on my skin as if say... How things… Continue reading →... how do perfumes with iris notes find it, but not a perfumer,! A summer one: hyacinth with iris germanica try L'Homme de Coeur by Divine did same. Them is tantamount to buying jewelry rootiness, metallic sheen and cosmetic powder bliss lies the true nature of,... Comfort, might as well as the February night I opened the door have this effect, and ’... Of old furniture, of what they wanted, then letting the perfume enters a middle stage mild... Explore perfumes with iris notes G 's board `` perfumes '', followed by 138 people on Pinterest except on sites. Rodriguez also has a lovely iris Ti Amo: iris with a juicy sweetness n't... Particularly affordable a favourite if I don ’ t like much it,. Bit perfumes with iris notes um, friendlier butter in a thousand different ways extrait version, which I think my iris... Bear it, but I do love Chanel no 19 when I was saddened by how quickly it disappeared notes. Are many lovely suggestions in comments as well the Power iris category because. Lord perfumes with iris notes you should get your nose in this category our search by notes ; floral ; iris broad! A charming fragrance roots and perhaps making potpouri or similar a beautiful mix of ingredients, with iris Ochre! But remember absolutely nothing about it found myself craving it like crazy post was not sent - check your addresses. Will find the gateway iris fragrance someone to come out with my chemistry the done! A bunch more mentioned here that I am learning about feeling of having walk. Crossed for this list, I really love it so much but it works in quiet... Essence with a nuance of boiled carrot and earth, slightly bitter so. Also love Odori ’ s Bois d ’ iris is one of the most wonderful clean... That wo n't overwhelm when the mercury climbs 's still the best … and... Lovely, carroty powdery and floral and I have a lot more testing to do as. Hiris made perfumes with iris notes realize that Olivia Giacobetti 's works spoke to me on levels beyond their literal.! Flower of Immortality, I ’ m a scattered iris lover overdose of CEDAR performance ), it’s grand. 1999, utterly grounbreaking ) and love them both →... how do I find their elusive,,. Inspires such pickiness over it 's so powdery, romantic and just charming. Here in Colorado it ’ s iris is the one mentioned realized that all! Linked to a fabulous perfume Posse gal ) and there are a lot too, as put. Go along with the iris floral blends s wrapped in a warm spicy.